“SPA”-A-DAY: Kai Med Spa


Business: Kai Med Spa

When were you first inspired to open Kai Med Spa? Ted Lin is the owner of Kai Med Spa. His inspiration came through working in his general practice of medicine. He worked with a patient who was ailing for months. She was not responding to any of his physical treatment suggestion and she talked a great deal about a mark on her face at each appointment. Dr. Lin did not ignore the comments about the mole, but he was not listening in a way that he could understand the sort of image problems it was causing. Finally after months, he agreed to remove the spot. An unbelievable transformation occurred afterward. Her entire demeanor changed. Her physical health improved drastically and her self esteem and self image increased. It was then that he realized that sometimes there are things about ourselves that can hinder growth on the inside. It inspired him to listen closer to his patients but to also pursue the business of a medical spa. The connection between paying attention to what is going on with the outside of your body can absolutely affect the health of the inside as well.

What will you be showing at Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market? We will be featuring our product line Eminence Organics and giving out samples, gift certificates, and discounts for our services.

Why should people come see you at the Fashion Denver Holiday Market on December 15th? We are a med spa with a luxury feel that focuses on educating and informing our customers the importance of maintaining healthy skin. Our products are incredible and all natural. They have a dramatic effect and are great gift ideas/stocking stuffers for anyone–men or women!

From your collection, what would be the perfect holiday gift?  Combination of a facial with a product. We will have the esthetician at the event to educate people on the best product for their skin!

Learn more about Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market here!

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