Name: Kim Tinnell

Business: Perfect Tin

When were you first inspired to design? I got my undergraduate degree in studio art with a focus on mixed media. I really enjoyed taking everyday objects and turning them into art. One day I was perusing a vintage shop and came across an old 1950s tin Band Aid container with a woman on it and I thought, “That would be an awesome bracelet.”

What will you be showing at Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market? I will be showing my upcycled, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. All my pieces are hand cut from vintage tins. I have earrings, bracelets, and necklaces.

If you had to pick one piece from your collection that most represents your personality, which would it be?  I made a bracelet out of a vintage Curad tin (circa 1950). It is playful, yet refined. The bracelet reminds me of the Pop Art period, when a lot of artists used imagery from advertising. This is one of my favorite movements in Art History.


Why should people come see you at the Fashion Denver Holiday Market on December 15th? It seems like everyone has or knows someone who has a vintage tin (or an entire collection of vintage tins). They are pieces of nostalgia. I have taken these familiar objects and repurposed them into something you can wear. As such an environmentally conscious city,  I think the people of Denver appreciate the recycling and upcycling aspect of this work.

From your collection, what would be the perfect holiday gift? I just completed a series of earrings made from plaid tins, which are perfect for the holidays and the winter season. They make great gifts and are all priced under $30.

 Learn more about Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market here!

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