Happy Birthday Hailee Grace!

I first met Hailee and Grace at a trunk show a couple weeks ago and quite honestly, just absolutely LOVED hanging out with these young and fashionable entrepreneurs!


At the trunk show, I only got to get a tiny glimpse into what they carried at their boutique so it was quite a joy to walk down from the Fashion Denver headquarters, through the streets of Denver, into Larimer Square and find their stylish boutique nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of a Denver evening and full of beautiful spring fashions.

Hailee Grace

Hailee Grace

Hailee Grace was full of stylish fashionistas and the lines to the fitting rooms were full with arms piled high of affordable fashions. That is one thing that I love about this boutique! You’re not breaking the bank to look like a million dollars!

Their neighbor TAG provided delicious appetizers for all those that came to this event AND… YUM!! The most beautiful looking cake was waiting to be cut!

desertI love celebrating the success of small business and I look forward to seeing their business unfold… literally 😉

Hailee Grace
1423 Larimer Square #090, downstairs
Denver, CO


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