Multiblazer Announces Launch Of Homegrown Blazer

Innovative Mash Up Of Colorado Art And Apparel

DENVER, CO – Multiblazer, a Denver-based innovator of custom men’s and women’s blazers, today announces the launch of their Homegrown menswear line. Homegrown is the evolution of a popular theme found in local apparel, where elements of the Colorado state flag are incorporated in the design of the blazer.

Maintaining its tradition of creating custom looks for clients, a limited run of 100 Homegrown blazers will be available for purchase online and at various Denver based apparel stores.

homegrown-1“The Homegrown multiblazer is a project that started with a Facebook promotion, where we gave away a free Colorado themed multiblazer,” said Luc Cisna, Co-Owner at Multiblazer. “That promotion gained a lot of attention from our fans so we decided to develop another sample with the Fashion Design Center Denver which was finished just in time for for the 2015 Urban Night’s Fashion Show. When it was shown there, it got a huge round of applause and a ton of post show interest from everyone there, so we decided that the Homegrown will be our next line of multiblazers to produce.”

About Multiblazer

Fashion independence artisans since 2010, Multiblazer unites bleeding edge with tried and true. The company creates custom blazers for men and women that enables clients to express their personal sense of style in a new, creative way. Multiblazer’s most recent blazer launch is the culmination of research and design development spanning the last 3 years. Multiblazer’s quest to create and grow a new category of jacket – the multiblazer – is proven with the release of the Homegrown blazer. Multiblazer’s vision of fusing together that which is cool and new with that which is established and accepted, transcends the routine style that is typically found with the standard blazer.

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