Spring Fashion Market Designers: Catwalk Clawz

As we are nearing closer and closer to Enchantment, we are bringing you more designers that will join us on the Byers-Evans front law on Sunday! We are pleased to announce that Catwalk Clawz will be among the many designers joining us for Enchantment!

Everyone loves shoes! The right shoes make us look good and feel better about ourselves. But, if we don’t walk with confidence in them 1429734607because their slippery soles make us unsure, then all is lost.

That’s how Catwalk Clawz came into play. Catwalk Clawz add traction to the soles of your pretty shoes for more stability on any surface, so you can walk easier and not worry about embarrassing moments of slipping and possibly falling.

Catwalk Clawz are also cut into an adorable design to add style to the bottom of your shoes and prevent the soles from wearing out too quickly. Never sacrifice style again searching for shoes with tread. Buy the shoes you love and add your Catwalk Clawz! Own YOUR catwalk!

To learn more about the company, visit their website at http://www.catwalkclawz.com/index.html.

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