DRESS DRIVE: Call out for designers, artists & crafters!

After visiting my orphanage in the Philippines last month, my heart has a new purpose and it is to share with those in need as much as I possibly can! I met a wonderful bunch of children at my orphanage and was overjoyed by the wonderful staff and their kindness.

My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City
My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City. Photo by Derek Reinhardt

As I incorporate this life changing trip into my life here in Denver, I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to give back to my roots AND incorporate Fashion Denver than to partner up with the Urban Angels and Studio Salon for a dress drive! I am so grateful to the Urban Angels for letting me team up with them on this project to give back to the orphanage in which I came from! THANK YOU!

Here’s how it works!

directions1) Make a dress: Click here for directions!

2) Drop off dress to Fashion Denver with your name in it. (we’ll provide the sew in label) Dresses are due June 12th!

3) Dress will be sold at our event June 14th  at Studio Salon with a suggested donation of at least $20.00. The money from the dresses will go to Haiti for food to feed those in need through the non-profit organization Love A Child and the dresses will be divided up to go to children in both Haiti and my orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City, Philippines!

We would LOVE to have your creativity in making this drive a success! We’ll feature all of the donors and their dresses right here on our Fashion Denver page!

My Urban Angels
My Urban Angels

The Urban Angels are two women Peggy and Mary, whom I met 5 years ago when I ran our Fashion Denver retail boutique. They would stop in and support the business and our local designers. I began to see that they would happen to pop in when I needed some inspiration, hope, and encouragement. They were my angels! Peggy and Mary have done so much in our community working with the homeless and have done so much globally as well! Their focus as of lately is working with the homeless, communities in Nepal, and feeding and bringing joy to Haiti!


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