Adobe Illustrator Masterclass for Fashion Designers

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Adobe Illustrator Masterclass for Fashion Designers
Taught By Heidi B.
Online Anytime

One thing that inspires the heck out me is to see designers grow there business and take things to the next level. I first met Sew Heidi years ago when she first started out her fashion business making dresses out of vintage fabric. Now you can find her in New York City, taking her fashion experience to the next level by helping other designers grow their business. What’s even cooler is that you don’t have to fly out to NYC to take one of her classes (although that would be pretty fun!), you can take her classes in the comfort of your own home!

Sew Heidi

Designers, as you know, Illustrator is an important for fashion design and often times it can seem like a nightmare to work with. Heidi shows us how to maximize our time and really make the most of the tools that Illustrator provides.

Click on this link to get all of the details and to sign up for this online course! 

Illustrator for Fashion Designers

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