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La Lovely Vintage
3040 Blake St #100
Denver, CO 80205

La Lovely VintageIn our ongoing series of Sizzlin’ 6 Summer Questions with various fashion businesses around the city, we bring you our interview with Tara, brains behind La Lovely Vintage!

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tara for the past couple of years. We are in an entrepreneurial / spiritual book club together and have been there to support and encourage one another on this journey of life. It’s been an honor to see her passion evolve. From doing markets and shows, to having a little camper for her boutique, to officially opening up a brick and mortar shop, her evolution is inspiring.

How long have you had a penchant for vintage?  

I have been fascinated with vintage and antiques since I was a little girl, their story and history inspires me. I’ve always been attracted to the look and feel of vintage the same way many people are attracted to designer names. I started buying vintage around the age 12, this is when I bought my first baby blue typewriter. 

La Lovely Vintage

Give us a brief history of how you started La Lovely Vintage?

 La Lovely Vintage started in my closet! I opened an online shop through Etsy in 2011 as a fun way to express myself creatively by combining my love for vintage, design and photography. In 2013 my vintage vision went mobile with the intent to share my love with my city. I always knew I would own a small business but to be honest the traveling and selling at markets I copied from my grandparents (the real OGs) who traveled the United States in a mobile home selling jewelry.

 What are your fashion inspirations?  

I’m mostly inspired by the people walking around who dare to create their own style. I want everyone to be able to dress in a way that reflects their personality and mood in confidence. Seeing that inspires me to follow my own style.  

 What is the inspiration behind what you select for your boutique?

My mother mostly. I’ve always been obsessed with my mother’s vintage wooden box collection, jewelry, books, crystals and plants. Today I just select what I find unique, beautiful and useful. I’ve always been inspired by the diamond in the rough, seeing potential in items most people would overlook, do to their location. In a consumer driven and wasteful age, being able to give vintage a beautiful and useful second life is exhilarating.  

La Lovely Vintage

How would you describe your style?

 Free flowing. Timeless. I love the 70s! I’m all about natural tones with pops of color. I like to think I remove the frumpiness but combined the elegance and comfort of vintage into a lovely but also realistic style that can be worn today. 

What’s coming up for you this summer? 

This summer I’m taking a break from markets and shows to focus on my new storefront (3040 Blake St. #100 Denver, CO) and the Rino community. I see this summer being full of events at the shop. I want to connect and grow this community before I hit the road again in 2017.

La Lovely Vintage

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