Frost featured designer: Enzen Designs

Featured Frost Designer taking place Thursday, December 8th at Green Spaces! 

Designer: Josh Enzenjosh enzen

To me, fashion is an expression of ones self that invokes a feeling in ones self and others. 

I have been building my brand for over two years now, and my collection can be found at, or ENZEN.designs on instagram which also has all of the limited editions that I have create.  

Inspiration can be seen in my designs based on where I live, friends, family, or simply random thoughts that pop in my head. 

EnzenWhen people wear my designs and my brand, I want it to be an expression of them. While I do express certain things when making my designs, ultimately people wear them differently and express them differently. 

In the street wear world, addidas has always caught my attention with their designs and I think they would be awesome to collaborate with. 


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