Frost featured designer: Stephanie Victa

stephanie1) What is your earliest memory of loving fashion and how did you express yourself as a child with your own fashion?

12 years old, I started to master the art of simplicity with a pop of something interesting. I knew I wasn’t ever going to keep up with fashion trends. I used a lot of basics interchangeably with another garment that had great color or texture. I was more interested in slow fashion and wearing something that would endure the seasons. I was also obsessed with doing my nails to match outfits.

stephanie22) In 3 words, describe your aesthetic with your designs.

Simple, sophisticated hip, comfortable

3) What differentiates your collection?

The sizing is designed for curvy ladies and is somewhere in between model sizing and plus size.

4) How would you describe Colorado style and what do you do to contribute to that style in your designs?

I would describe Colorado style as having the ability to be layered because of the temperature swings, natural colors for the great outdoors but there’s also that special twist people put on their style here with color and pattern. It seems to be a lot about discovering the details.

My designs are definitely meant for layering. The designs work well together as garments and the color palate. If we’re talking about a pop of color or detail then I’d have to mention any items I add lining to; they’ll add some contrast in color or texture.

stephanie35) What does the upcoming year hold for Victa Designs?

Victa Designs is growing! We’re putting our big girl pants on to get organized and add ten more boutiques to our stockists. We’ve just designed our first men’s garment to try out. There’s also a collaboration in the works for a painters’ designs on our garments. The most exciting thing happening is the year long sewing class we do in Jacmel Haiti, ‘One Stitch at a Time,’ that will be finishing up in the summer. Graduates will be working on some designs that will make their way to Colorado markets.

6) Where can we find your designs?

In the Studio at 888 E 50th Ave, N2  Denver, CO 80216

Online at

In stores:

Fancy Tiger
Denver Fashion Truck Brick and Mortar
I Heart Denver Store- Southwest Plaza

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