Fashion Denver presents Instructions Designs Couture. Photo by Nathan Leach-Proffer

Sizzlin’ 7 with Instructions Designs Couture aka IDC

We are so excited to introduce Instructions Designs, a first time Fashion Denver Bonanza market participant! Our fashion community continues to grow, adding such a diverse group of designers to our thriving fashion scene! Welcome to the family Crystal!

Crystal Garcia, designer behind Instructions Designs Couture
Crystal Garcia, designer behind Instructions Designs Couture

What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

Gem & the Holograms! I was 3-4 years old and I remember these dolls that wore their bad-ass on their clothes & hair! Whenever I got to pick my outfits I would try my hardest to match their color schemes and embellished ruffles! I think I’ve gone through all of their hair colors now that I think about it! 

Instructions Designs inspired by Jem!
Instructions Designs inspired by Jem!

What motivated you to start your own fashion business?

I really wanted clothing made the way I wanted to experience it. In my view clothing is an experience, when I feel fabulous in what I’m wearing that’s the vibe I give out as well. I want everyone I dress to be able to experience that.


Madeleine Chéruit (French, 1906–1935)
Madeleine Chéruit (French, 1906–1935)

Tell us one of your fashion icons or designer influences?

Madeleine Chéruit – Her designs are still relevant in today’s fashion, she was one of the few that paved the way for women in our industry of fashion. 

What inspires your designs? 

People watching. Something about the realness of everyday people walking down the street always captivates me. I play a little game and ask “What would you change?” “What would I have looked like in it?”. My fashion mind is always working so I take bits and pieces of everything and piece it all together. 

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver?

I’m still new to the fashion scene here in Denver so I’m still learning about other designers and shows. I really feel like it’s growing and with each show I have seen there are some very unique designers with some breath taking designs.     

Instructions Designs outfits. On the right “Tie Me Down” and “Lace Me Up” outfit. Photo by Nathan Leach-Proffer

What is one of your favorite pieces that you have ever designed and why?

My favorite piece was the Tie me down pants with the Lace me up bralette. When you guys did the photo shoot with it you tied it with this jacket and it was at that moment it became so universal! I fell in love with it all over again! Aside from the model wearing it and adding her fabulousness to it I just really love how it can stand alone or be dressed up with a few simple pieces.

 3 Things if stranded on an island?

1.) My best friend Chucky

2.) A compass

3.) A fishing boat (To sail the 7 seas of course!)


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