Sizzlin’ 6 with Michelle Hale of M Designs

Michelle Hale, designer of Designs by M
Michelle Hale, designer of Designs by M

For the people who love and dance and be free, do we have the designer for you! Michelle Hale, climber, spa & boutique owner, designer extraordinaire, and Burning Man woman, will be featured at our 13th Anniversary fashion bonanza June 16th! 

Here are a few questions with Michelle!

Who were a couple of your fashion icons growing up as a kid and teenager? 

As I kid I loved Cher.  What an icon….and all about fashion.  Then of course we move into the Madonna phase

What inspired you to start designing? 

It probably began with getting more decadent at Halloween.  My 1st trip  to Burningman was huge for inspiration and to motivator me to start making my own clothing.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

To this day I still get highly inspired from festivals such as Burningman.  I also use fashion magazine’s like Vogue and Elle  for inspiration 

Haley wears Designs by M (Michelle Hale). Photo by Nathan Leach-Proffer
Haley wears Designs by M (Michelle Hale). Photo by Nathan Leach-Proffer

Tell us about your Headquarters (shop and beauty shop) 5) 

I have a small skincare and permanent makeup boutique in Boulder called The Beauty Spot where I have been lucky enough to have the space to display and sell and of my designs.

What has been the most challenging obstacle that you’ve overcome as in independent designer?

Finding good local contract workers like cutters!  

3 Things if Stranded on an Island

My kittens, music, and a lover :))) the human touch is unbelievably important to me


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