Sizzlin’ 6 with Stylish Sparrow’s Lisa Sharpe

Lisa Sharpe of Sparrow Designs
Lisa Sharpe of Stylish Sparrow

I first met Lisa Sharpe of Stylish Sparrow last summer and really fell in love with the eye that Lisa has for style and the services that she offers to others. This will be Lisa’s 2nd time doing one of our markets and it is truly a joy to have her light shine at our events. Come see Lisa next Friday at our Fashion Denver 13th Anniversary Bonanza!

For me, the most important thing in life and in the world, is people. All people.”- Lisa Sharpe

What inspired your pop up? 

Synergy is something that fuels my work with people and fashion.   Collaborating with people who are fun, free spirited fashion lovers is inspiring!  Celebrating special occasions ignites a little fire in me, brings joy and results in a little more excitement as I prepare for an event.  All of these elements will come into play as I select the merchandise I’ll bring to the 13th Anniversary Fashion Denver Bonanza! 

Stylish Sparrow at last summer's White Party
Stylish Sparrow at last summer’s White Party

What inspires what you carry in your collection and where do you find your goods? 

My colllection comes from adventures in thrifting in Denver, Miami and Orange County.  I look for pieces that speak to me and capture my eye.  If I can visualize a great way to style the item and convey the outfit to the client, then I know it’s a winner.  I also source my collection from clients’  closets when I am working with them during wardrobe consults and personal style appointments.  I apply the same criteria to my purchases from clients’ closets.  It is a thrill to see who each item goes home with, and I love seeing the delight on clients’ faces as they discover these treasures for themselves.

Stylish Sparrow at last summer's White Party
Stylish Sparrow at last summer’s White Party

What was your first memory of your love for fashion? 

Creating Barbie fashion shows (I had some killer Barbie dresses that were hand-me-downs from my cool older neighbor Susan).  I remember the black sparkly strapless fishtail Barbie dress, and the pink ruffled off the shoulder dress, and the white gogo boots…(I was a child of the seventies)  And I loved creating outfits with my Fashion Plates set: mixing and matching patterns and items of clothing to create my own outfits on paper, and then coloring them with colored pencils.

What are your thoughts on the Colorado fashion scene?

Colorado is a great mix of style, with individuality at the center.  Because Denver is a melting pot of people from all over the country, the fashion reflects this diversity.  Personally, I enjoy the freedom of dressing up or dressing down, depending on my mood, as opposed to dressing within the confines of “the rules.”  Whether I am overdressed or underdressed, there is always someone else at the event below or above my level of dress.  I find much comfort in this freedom, because I grew up in a traditional setting that was more about “the rules” when it comes to dress than it was about expressing oneself. 

What is one of your most treasured pieces that you carry? 

I’d have to say 2 vintage special occasion dresses.  One is electric orange, with a beaded bodice and pleated crinoline skirt, midi length.  The other has a beaded magenta top and chartreuse long silk chiffon flowing skirt.  Very Mrs. Brady in a glamorous sort of way!

3 things if stranded on an island?

My husband Jason, because he is like MacGyver and can figure anything out!  Plus we have a lot of fun together.   Marlee, our daughter, keeps everything light.  And our dog Jack likes to be on a boat, so he would do just fine if we ever escaped from the island.  Although, if we established a Swiss Family Robinson type treehouse, we may never come back!  

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