Idlewild Designs by Tina Jolliffe

Featured anniversary designer: Idlewild Designs

Designer Tina Jolliffe of Idlewild Designs
Designer Tina Jolliffe of Idlewild Designs

I’ve known Tina Jolliffe, designer behind Idlewild Designs  for many years and have always been inspired by her style, kind soul, and talent. When we (Fashion Denver) opened up our first boutique on 11th and Cherokee, Tina was part of the growth of that and then eventually ended up taking over the space as her own studio, boutique and office.  Tina left Colorado for a little bit, but boy are we happy to have her back! I’m so excited to feature her designs at our 13th Anniversary. Get ready to get your #SummerDressGame on!!!

Let’s get to know Tina, shall we?

My first memory of fashion inspiration would probably be a combination of my Mother and Grandmother. When I was young my mother made all of my clothing, I always thought that was amazing! As I got older I would search through all my grandmothers closets and storage room for vintage clothing she was willing to part with. I would alter them to fit me, then soon after I was making my own creations because things I could buy in the stores were never 100%

What motivated me to start my own fashion business was this great girl who owned this cute shop in Sacramento CA while I lived there for an extremely short period of time. Maybe a month! It was this great little boutique that she repurposed vintage clothing. I was talking to her one day, I said how I wish I could have a shop like this one day and she just said “do it then” like it was so simple. But then one day I did, and that was rad!

Idlewild Designs at Fashion Denver's 13th Anniversary Bonanza
Idlewild Designs at Fashion Denver’s 13th Anniversary Bonanza

My main inspiration behind designing clothing is mostly just making ladies of all shapes and sizes feel good! I like making things for others to appreciate. I enjoy creating pieces that can make you feel like you!

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver?

I’ve been out of the loop the last couple years. But it seems to keep growing and that’s wonderful! When I first started designing clothing in Denver about 10 years ago it was a small group of designers and most of us knew each other, planned small event together, and now it’s grown so much! I’m excited to meet so many new talented people who share similar interests.

One of my favorite pieces was designed for this Vitamin Water event. Mondo was one of the judges. My best friend Cassie was my model and it was a contest. I can’t even remember what the winning design got (I obviously wasn’t the winner) but it was a really fun night!

Idlewild Designs at Vitamin Water fashion competition
Idlewild Designs at Vitamin Water fashion competition

If I was stranded on an island and got to bring 3 things the first would be GB (Kyle Oppold) my partner. I never get tired of him, he is great entertainment, he can sing awesome songs, and he can help me build a boat to get off the island. Or help build a house so we can stay on the island. The second thing would be an amazing unbreakable knife. For all my chopping, carving and whittling needs. The third thing I’d like is a female sheep so I can use its wool to spin yarn and make fabric by knitting or weaving. Also I’m going to make cheese some how with that sheep milk.

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