Denver Fashion Weekend Night 2

November 11, 2017 – 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend was among us. From luxurious fur coats to carefully constructed designer loafers, each person’s individual style carried such a unique presence. This is what fashion is all about, the ability to express one’s self through clothing. As a rookie, I couldn’t wipe the beaming smile off my face. This was everything I expected it to be… and more. Truth is, fashion is my passion and I was truly in my element. This was where I was meant to be. National designers and brands featured their work on the runway Saturday night, curated by the amazing boutique Garbarini (located in Cherry Creek North). From Paris to Australia, each designer’s unique brand stood out in a multitude of ways.

All photos taken by Christen Weaver of Weaver Photography.

Byron Lars out of New York took the stage first. I have to say, he started the show off with a bang. Metallic beaded pants and skirts flashed under the light to be paired with simple, contemporary styled black tops.

The two piece blazer co-ord was structured so well and sat beautifully on the body, not to mention the elegant similar toned pattern subtly printed on the set. Bryon’s designs were the perfect blend of timeless business woman and trendy standout lady.

Milly took over for the next set and opened up with a gorgeous snug patterned dress that blended two toned floral patterns with a hot pink palette. Following that outfit came one of my favorites of the night: the florescent pink turtleneck tucked into black high waisted trousers. The fit of this outfit was flattering and elegant, the pants cinched the waist at the perfect point and gave a beautiful shape to the model.

Up next Zadig and Voltaire took over. It was the first brand of the night to carry a casual streetwear look to it. From leather and denim jackets to metallic pants and tops, Zadig and Voltaire made a subtle statement for a model off duty look.

Have you ever thought that skier chic could be a look? Well now it is. Add Down blew the crowd away with its ability to turn winter coats into runway material. I had never seen puffer coats look so high fashion before. Even when paired with leggings the look carried far more than just the jacket. After seeing this I was truly inspired to turn my “stay warm” outfits into “stay cute” outfits for the winter.

    L’atelier took the runway next as they strutted down universal looks for all. I would say that this line had a piece for anyone and everyone. Whether your style consists of all black or a gold shimmer, L’atelier had it for you. This brand also featured a gorgeous two piece blazer set that was nothing short of classic and chic.

Growing up, my mom had always been a Trina Turk fan so seeing her name and watching her styles walk down the stage was amazing. My absolute favorite piece was the opener – a gorgeous dress plastered with deep blue and hints of firework like gold details. This piece was definitely a opener and it blew me away. Though it was so busy it was designed in all the right ways.

Knowing Diane Von Furstenberg’s designs were going to be shown was exciting for me and she didn’t let me down. I have always been abig fan of her’s and she lived up to everything I have ever seen. I was most amazed by her pajama-chic looks she created with two outfits. The first being a long sleeve striped dress that almost resembled a nightgown due to its loose fitted shape and color palette. Black flared trousers were paired with a black collared shirt with white lines to create a casual pj set look. It was creatively genius and pushed the limits of everything fashion while fitting into the trend of the sleepwear streetwear.

Another one of my favorite brands Theory continued next. A beautiful brown toned red blazer set floated down the runway with a brown toned gray hat. If you get the hint by now, blazer sets are extremely in this year but are also one of the most timeless trends of the years. This will never go out of style but only continues to progress and change to mold the specific trends of that year. Another favorite piece of mine from Theory were the plaid flare bottoms. These look like they were pulled straight from the 70’s or 80’s and it was a full circle trend being brought back on stage in 2017.

One of the best pieces of the night, in my opinion, was from Haute Hippy. A GORGEOUS, and I mean gorgeous, multi-color blocked fur coat took over the runway as the crowd bursted into an array of cheers. Oranges, whites, tans, and greens seemed to mesh together so well. Once again we saw bell bottomed jeans, floral patterns, and long fur vests to bring back that old school look into a modern trend.

Camilla closed the show with nothing short of a true ending. Bold patterns, prints, and sparkles made a statement as they dashed down the stage. I could see the Australian influence heavily saturated in these pieces.

An experience for the ages. Denver Fashion Weekend was nothing short of a true fairytale, not to mention the season’s styles were incredibly rich in modern trends and timeless creations. Hopefully I will see you in the spring, DFW.