Black Friday Savvy Shopping Tips

Black Friday is the time of the year to score awesome deals, buy new things, and maybe get in a few fights along the way. The only thing you need to know is how to appropriately shop and find the deals that are ACTUALLY good deals. Here are some tips I have come up with over the years:

  1. Prioritize your list and create a budget – Decide which places are most important for you to stop at first and make a list. Having a list of things makes sure you stay on track and know what is of most significance to you. Having a budget is a smart shopper word of advice, especially when there are deals on deals on deals.
  2. Allow yourself to get off track… A LITTLE BIT – Though this seems to contradict the prior tip, it is another pointer I’ve found to help get the best deals of the day.  Black Friday is a universal day across the nation where almost all stores put on deals so if there are things you have been wanting for a while, allow yourself to buy them.
  3. Go earlier OR go later – Black Friday has turned into Black Friday Week/Weekend. Most deals these days start at the beginning of the week and run all week and weekend long. A lot of people start waiting in line early afternoon of Thanksgiving day to secure their shopper’s spot. Sometimes it’s even better to go later Friday or through the weekend because stores want to keep consumers in the stores all weekend.
  4. Bring a friend – Not only is going with a friend or two more enjoyable but you can divide and conquer. Get your friend to take on one section of the store while you get the other.
  5. Wait for Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday may arguably be one of the best creations of the internet era. There are many perks of waiting until Monday: being able to stay in PJ’s, easier to navigate the sites, and you don’t have to deal with other angry shoppers.
  6. Other occasion shopping – Many times when I go Black Friday shopping I try to think of any and all upcoming occasions that may require gifts. This time is good for birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations so you can get discounted gifts that are still nice.
  7. Not everything is really a deal – I have seen this personally many, many times. Just going on one of my favorite online shopping stores, Nasty Gal, they are claiming to have awesome Black Friday deals (50% off) when they actually have that deal almost every other day of the year. People who never go on this website might think that this is a score when in reality it’s their usual discount. Shoppers be weary.
  8. Be prepared for a marathon shopping day – If you don’t prepare yourself for a day full of shopping, if that is your plan, you might find that you get tired out quickly. Shopping is a SPORT people. You have to be prepared to be quick, be smart, and last long.
  9. Reward yourself – This may come off as a silly trick but it is one that often gets over looked. After a long, hard day of shopping like Black Friday, make sure you provide yourself with a good meal and a good nights sleep.

Black Friday is one of the craziest day of the year and you must prepare yourself for what may lie ahead. Hopefully these tips and tricks come in handy and you find yourself heading home with a car full of goodies!