How to Find Your Individual Style

Style. A word of many meanings. What does it really mean though? According to its technical definition style is “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.” When applied to fashion it is normally a means of categorizing the way that someone dresses by using one word to describe the typical clothing pieces they wear. I always think that this is an unfair way of describing style. Individual style is so much more than one word but how does one find their personal style? Sometimes it can be confusing and hard to try and categorize your style under one word because it doesn’t have to be just one word. Though I feel like I haven’t necessarily “perfected” my individual style, I have learned a lot about myself and the way I choose to express myself over the past few years. (Side note: there is no way to perfect a style, the only way is to feel comfortable and confident with your own!)

The first and easiest way to get you on your path to finding your personal style is getting inspiration.

Whether that is a celebrity you’ve eyed for months or a distant college friend, finding someone that inspires you and your outfits is important. It gives you guidelines to work off of and if you see an outfit on Instagram you love, you can think of ways to recreate it while adding a personal touch. That way you have an idea from someone else but it still screams YOU!

Patterns! No, not the patterns you like most on your favorite pair of trousers (ok maybe that too) but the patterns of what you wear the most. What do you constantly find yourself reaching for in your closet? Is it that pair of sneakers from 3 years ago that might just be a LITTlE worn on the sides or is it that tight little black dress you can wear with anything? Personally, I am always pulling out my perfect pair of black jeans. They fit me like a glove and I know when they are finally too worn to wear anymore I will probably cry. I also know that I can create a thousand different outfits with that one pair of jeans. Whether I want to go for boho girly or trendy chic that day, I know that my favorite pair of black jeans will never fail me. If you like to wear leggings the most, create your style incorporating them instead of wearing things you’re not comfortable in because that’s just not you.

Another question to ask yourself is what trends you like most. I know that when I see a trend I really like, I think about how I can mix that piece or trend into my closet and make it my own. Just because I see a beret on a blogger doesn’t mean I style it the exact same way she does. I take a universal trend and I put me into it. I make it me. Because while millions of other people might be wearing that piece, there is only one you wearing it.

One word: Accessoriesshoesbagshats. Accessorizing your look is KEY. One thing I have focused on improving over the past year is how I style my looks outside of just the clothing pieces themselves. Adding a cute bag and throwing on a hat may not only distract from that stain on your pants or cover up your bad hair day but it also levels up your outfit. From just a t-shirt and jeans, adding a belt, cool hat, bag, funky shoes, and a few pieces of jewelry instantly changes the entire look. But hey, some people like simple and that is ok too!

I just figured out I am not simple and simple is not me when it comes to style.

One of the absolute hardest things about finding your personal style is figuring out what flatters your body and what you feel most comfortable in. Because we are constantly being shown other people on the internet, we don’t realize that what may look amazing on them doesn’t do us much justice. Many times this lets us down. But what we also have to understand is that the t-shirt we wore yesterday flatters us more than it would that girl on Instagram. It is all up to each person’s body and what they like and feel comfortable in.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY! This is definitely the most important one. What you feel most confident in is what you are going to look the best in. Period. Wear what you love. Often we forget that what we love the best is going to give us that confident glow. It’s going to make people wonder what moisturizer your using or what supplements your taking – vitamin U! Being confident can be the stem of your style and the roots of your happiness.

It is safe to say that personal style is not figured out over night nor is it ever perfected. Fashion moves so quickly and what you love is always going to be changing. You’ll see your child wearing the same things you wore when you were their age. Point is, style is up to you. It is your own interpretation of self expression and you are your own artist. I hope these tips can help tap you into your inner fashionista!