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New York City – Outfit Adventures

December 28, 2017 – New York: A place where stars are born, the food is delicious, and the shopping is fabulous. With a family of eight and a filled itinerary, there was plenty to get done in the Big Apple. From the Rockefeller tree to a few Broadway musicals, New York was nothing short of magical. And of course, as always, the outfits were dazzling!

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Knowing I was heading to the fashion capital of America, and hopefully my future home, I made sure I was properly prepared with every oversized sweater and trouser pant I could find. The essentials to almost every outfit included: a long camel coat, tights, a turtleneck, and some comfortable but unique shoe. I love to be myself when it comes to my style and being myself usually means accumulating and wearing unique clothing items, so New York made me feel right at home. I wanted to make sure I was classy and trendy while still beating the frigid temperatures.

The first full day was packed with items we wanted to check off our list such as: Little Italy, the Chelsea Market, and some yummy lunch. Preparing to walk all day, I made sure I had on a comfortable pair of shoes, even though I am willing to endure a little bit of pain to look stylish. With my signature white snakeskin Freebird’s on, I felt ready to take New York by storm! I paired with them a long camel coat from Cabi, I tucked a knit grey turtleneck dress from Dolls Kill into a pair of vintage black velvet straight leg trousers from Ann Taylor. Underneath my trousers I layered a pair of leggings to sustain a normal body temperature. I added a black Chanel bag to complement the neutral tones of the outfit. Overall, I stayed fairly warm even in the freezing, windy city.

Transitioning into the evening was when the outfits got fun. Our plan was going to a Rockette’s Christmas Eve show so I wanted to make sure I looked like a holiday special. The star of my outfit was a gorgeous sheer black spaghetti strap dress with stunning metallic silver dots all over it. Meant more for the summer, this elegant dress from Nasty Gal looked spectacular when layered over a black turtleneck. Once again, I made sure to layer tights and some simple black strap heels from Steve Madden.

The following day was Christmas and the wind speeds were full blown outside. Attending a Christmas mass and going to view the 9/11 Memorial were on our day time schedule. This day I opted for a similar look to the day before with my long camel coat over a black and white patterned turtleneck from J. Crew tucked into the same black velvet trousers. I switched out my Chanel bag for a black velvet clutch, simple and elegant yet the look of a clutch does all the work on its own.

Christmas night was upon us and we had reservations to an upscale Italian restaurant in the city. I wanted to pull out my long creme Free People dress that was woven with a flower embossed texture to it. The turtleneck, though a COMPLETE HASSLE to get over my head, gave the dress a timeless look. Snug on the top of the body, it fit beautifully as the lower half of the dress transitioned into a flowy masterpiece. This outfit around, I decided to be fearless as I wore my open toed heels from Steve Madden with nothing underneath. I grabbed my clutch to give my outfit a simple finish to it.

Following Christmas day we had another day full of New York bucket list items. We started off the day by visiting the Museum of Modern Art in SoHo. My outfit was a crewneck sweater from GCDS that I wore as a dress with my sparkly black tights from Nordstrom, a long grey and creme blanket scarf from Asos, and my Freebird’s. Styling this long scarf with just a simple thrown over the shoulder look was effortless and it kept me warm. I decided to wear my Chanel bag with this look as the single shoulder strap kept it simple while adding a little something.

The Museum of Modern Art had something for everyone! I was surprised and satisfied to see that there was a fashion display on the top floor. I saw gorgeous, unique, intricate designs that left me inspired and beaming. Famous Alexander McQueen shoes and dashing Giorgio Armani suits covered the floor as they gleamed under the light. The puffer coat dresses made me want to take one right off of the model and run out in it. I was in my dreamland and I felt so complete after venturing through the floor.

Our final morning was reserved exclusively for shopping in the SoHo district. We made sure we stopped into stores we didn’t have in Denver such as TopShop, Zara, Acne Studios, and all of the designers stores around. My outfit had to be comfortable as I was traveling back that day as well. A black turtleneck was tucked into my black ripped jeans from Hudson, my white platform velcro sneakers from Rachel Zoe, a brown belt and my blanket scarf from Asos, my camel coat, and my Chanel bag.

All together, I managed to stay as warm as I could in those freezing weather conditions. If I move there next year, I know I will definitely have to build up my winter wardrobe over some time. I felt so at home in the city and it was great to see all of the individual styles people wore. From daring and trendy to simple and classic, New York has it all. I left some of my heart in the city but I came back with some amazing inspiration for the New Year!


(All links are the closest, if not exact, dupes I could find of the products I mentioned)