Meredith Harris captures the red carpet moment

Fashion Camp: January 27th

Fashion Camp for kiddos 5-13!
Saturday, January 27th 2018
2875 Blake Street

Brandi Shigley leads Fashion Denver's fashion camp
Fashion Camp is seriously one of my most favorite events!!!

Join the Fashion Denver team for Fashion Camp 2018!! 

Fashion Denver’s fashion camps are designed to unleash the creativity for kids interested in the fashion world. With special guests from the Colorado fashion community to hands on activities in designing accessories and an outfit, our campers end the day with a walk down the runway in their design that they created.

We have an amazing crew of creative designers leading this fashion camp as Megan Timlin, Duane Topping, Tennisia Littleton, Ruth Peterson, Scott Young, Meredith Harris and the crew from Floyd’s 99 Barbershop bring creativity and fun to the day!

This one day camp includes the following:

Kindness coordination activity: This camp, I’ll be doing a “getting to know you activity” as an icebreaker for the campers get to know eachother, make new friends, share goals and fears, and most importantly, understand that fashion, beauty and style is from within and that each of them are beautiful human beings.

Colors/ brainstorming / drawing: Artist and interior designer Ruth Peterson along with artist Scott Young, will be leading our campers on a creative exercise playing with color and art. This activity is designed to get the creative juices flowing as they begin their day.

Artist Scott Young at Fashion Denver's fashion camp.
Artist Scott Young will be a guest at fashion camp. You’ve probably seen this piece of art on the roof top of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Megan Timlin will be at Fashion Denver's fashion campMegan Timlin is going to inspire the campers with hats and will be doing an interactive activity of Styling Hats Through the Ages. She’ll be bringing a trunk of all different kinds of hats and sharing her career in fashion.

Design and create with Duane Topping: The incredibly talented designer Duane Topping will be sharing a little bit about his career in fashion and will lead the campers on an adventure as we deconstruct a t-shirt and see the endless possibilities of transforming this tee into a beautiful and unique fashion piece.

Duane Topping will lead our fashion exercise at fashion camp
Duane Topping will lead our fashion exercise at fashion camp. This moment captured by Robin’s Photography at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend.

Model coaching: 
We bring in the absolutely talented Tennisia Littleton, model and fashion event producer to work with our campers on how to walk with confidence down the runway and how to pose in front of the camera. We believe that models should be all shapes and sizes and that truly that beauty is captivated in the uniqueness of all of our campers.

Tennisia Littleton teaches our campers how to walk the runway and feel confident.
Tennisia Littleton teaches our campers how to walk the runway and feel confident.

Hair & makeup: Our campers get pampered when we partner up with Floyd’s 99 Barbershop! Their creative team will be doing hair and makeup with each camper making them runway ready!

Floyd's 99 Barbershop at Fashion Denver's Retrocon fashion show. They'll be joining us for Fashion Camp!
Floyd’s 99 Barbershop at Fashion Denver’s Retrocon fashion show. They’ll be joining us for Fashion Camp!

Debut on the runway:  At the end of fashion camp, we roll out our red carpet and campers get to show off their designs that they’ve been working on. It is so much fun to see their creativity and heart on the runway!

Meredith Harris is there to capture the red carpet moment!

Meredith Harris captures the red carpet moment
Meredith Harris captures the red carpet moment

Fashion Camp is a day to remember! With new friendships being formed, creativity exploding through fashion, and confidence coming out as each hour goes by, it truly is a joy to witness. We strongly encourage parents to stay for the fun and participate!

We are so grateful for the volunteers who help to make fashion camp possible!

Fashion Camp July 23, 2016
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