What I’ve Been Loving Lately

January 18, 2018 – Life is charging full speed ahead again as the holiday season comes to an abrupt, and seemingly too short, end. With that comes picking out outfits on the go and possibly for the cooler temperatures. I will be sharing what clothing items I’ve been loving lately and how they fit as the perfect puzzle pieces to my ever-growing wardrobe.

All photos courtesy of Nathan Daine. 

As we experience our first (or what seems like the first due to this insanely warm weather) snow of the winter season, it is obvious that a coat is a necessity to taking on the frigid temperatures. A coat is often the most essential part of a winter outfit because it is the outer most piece of the entire look. Unfortunately, for most people the coat is often thrown on the back burner. Because it is a heftier piece of material, it is usually a pricer piece that should be invested in. Coats aren’t usually seen as items that can enhance and elevate a look, just as something to keep you warm until you get somewhere you can take it off. For me, not until recently did I understand how important it is for my coat to not be neglected as apart of my outfits. Since I have come to this realization and have started investing in nicer coats, I have noticed that I am happier with my outfits, even when it is freezing outside.

For this first look, believe it or not, I THRIFTED this insanely exquisite and unique coat.
  This is my newest edition to my closet and possibly a new favorite. For obvious reasons, this jacket is capable of potentially taking over the world. To begin with, its thick, puffer like material has been keeping me extremely cozy the past few days. I must look super comfortable because I have gotten a fair share of comments on how snug I look. Its distinct color combination of an emerald green and sapphire blue with an almost metallic finish are bound to stand out in any event. The mid length and (perfect) oversized frame of the coat flatter my small legs without swallowing me up. The best part is surely the top back of the jacket where a funky greenery pattern accompanied by a velvet finish swirls over top. To finish off the amazingness of this jacket, a thin gold braided strand complements the tones of the jacket while making it stand out just a little bit more. Since this jacket was the star of the show, I decided to pair it with a plain black turtleneck, some vinyl/leather pants from BlankNYC, my blanket scarf from Asos, and a pair of sock booties from EgoOfficial.

My next look focuses on the oversized sweater. I opted to tuck this specific one in because I was wearing a checkered belt that I wanted to peek-a-boo. This white, fuzzy sweater is from TopShop. It hangs perfectly in all the right places and can work well as a staple piece or can be styled as a statement piece with other accessories. I opted for an all black and white outfit to keep a smooth and clean look. I paired the beret because I liked the juxtaposition of the moto/edgier pieces (the belt, shoes, and pants) with the softer pieces (the beret and sweater). This outfit combined two different styles that I often tend to lean towards.
For the third look (Note: this set of photos is provided by me hence the not as quality pictures) I have been obsessing over this burgundy velvet quilted jacket from Zara. Its long length and shapeless figure drape on my body quite nicely. Although the jacket is a deep burgundy, the velvet reflects the color off and gives it an almost shiny vibrance. Because it is long and the color is radiant, I tend to pair this jacket with all black to make it the statement piece. It is a lighter material so it’s good for the chillier days that don’t require a heavy duty jacket but it can also layer on top of things. Once again, I am happy I invested in this jacket.

It’s safe to say that coats and jackets have been my go to for making an outfit on the go not only fabulous but warm as well. Those are the few things that I have been loving recently.

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