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LUV More Than the SURF

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My family is on our annual vacation in San Diego for the 11th consecutive year and as usual I am very excited for all the little shops and boutiques that line the beach! My typical boutiques have been shut down or converted to rental shops so I was ecstatic when I came across this little place that actually had some cute clothes and accessories in it! LUV SURF had EVERYTHING. From high-low skirts, studded jean shorts, crop tops, and feather earrings to comfy cotton t’s, yoga pants, and pet accessories! After just opening less than a month ago the shop has a distinct flare that has something for everyone.

All the clothing was made from quality materials, soft cottons, and the accessories were unique with a fun twist, not to mention their adorable leashes, collars, toys, and dog bowls for your little pooch! If you’re in the Mission Beach area I advise poking your head in because you will fall in LUV!

The front of the store located at 3816 Mission Boulevard

Just a few of the cute goods the store has to offer!

Tips on How to Dress Fashionably Without Dropping A Lot of Cash

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I had a request to give some tips on how to find the latest trends and styles without overspending, so I thought I’d do just that! As a college student living in Southern California I am constantly surrounded by fashionistas who have no problem going and spending to their hearts content, but on my budget that just won’t fly. I’ve learned how to get the pieces I’ve been desiring without breaking the bank and the secret is: persistence and patience.

1. Get on the email list to your favorite stores.
-I’ve joined the mailing list for all my favorite stores because then I always know when there’s a sale and usually stores let you in on the secret of their sales first.

2. Buy at a discount.
– While places like Nordstrom Rack can be a headache and extremely overwhelming, shopping there can be of great reward. Never go on the weekends and give yourself plenty of time to shop. It’s generally not an in and out shopping trip.

3. Shop online and use coupon codes.
– Most places have coupon codes for shopping online. All you have to do is google “online coupons for (insert brand here)”.

4. Keep going back.
– Sometimes it just takes returning to the store over and over to finally get that dress you’ve been wanting (but can’t afford) on sale!

A few of my many successes:

$6 floppy hat on sale at Forever 21
$35 Free People top (originally $90) from Nordstrom Rack
$15 gray dress from TJ Maxx and $45 sandal (originally $90) from Steve Madden

Fashion Tips for Keeping it Cool at Work

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1. Glasses! No one can resist a businesswoman who works her glasses with confidence!

  • The frame shape should contrast with the face shape.
  • The frame size should be in scale with the face size.
  • Eyeglasses should repeat your personal best feature (such as a brown frame to match brown eyes).
Boss, Brandi Shigley, is hard at work in her oh-so-chic glasses!

2. Blazers with skinny white jeans and colorful flats or pumps give you a creative and classy edge in the office.

3. Satchels are a stylish and cool way to carry all your office supplies to work!

4. As always, you can never go wrong with a cute flowy top and capris for that easy summer look!

Summer intern, Katherine, poses for Fashion Tip Monday!