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Blue Valentine Special Screening at the Mayan

We love our friends at Allied Integrated Marketing! They’re always giving us fun opportunities to send our Fashion Denver followers to the movies!! Read below and download your free screening for 2 to Blue Valentine!


You and a guest are invited to a special advance screening of BLUE VALENTINE on Monday, January 10th at 7:30pm at the Landmark Mayan.

Please print off your pass by following this link and bring it with you to the theater.  Each pass admits 2. You can print off however many passes you need to accommodate your party. *Pass does not guarantee admission. Theater is overbooked to ensure capacity. Seating is on a first come, first seated basis. ARRIVE EARLY*

See the movie that got Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams a Best Actor Golden Globe nomination!


In theaters January 14th


BLUE VALENTINE is the story of love found and love lost told in moments past and present. This honest and moving portrait follows Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams who star as Dean and Cindy, a married couple who spend a night away from their daughter in an attempt to save their failing marriage. Juxtaposed with playful scenes that trace their romantic courtship six years prior, Gosling and Williams journey through the brutal heartbreak that comes with fading love and broken promises.

Our look of the day!

Our look of the day on this GORGEOUS Colorado Day!

What a beautiful day it is today so obviously, I had to create the look of the day outside in the sunshine. Today’s look consists of a Fast Geek Boutique dress paired with so whimsy belt and bag. Top it off with a beautiful wood link necklace with key byFreedom Star ! Peep inside the bag and you’ll find a copy of Modern In Denver, one of our favorite local magazines!

New Years Eve outfit?

I’m about to embark on a chilly journey to the mountains and realized that its’ going to be chilly and I may not be able to wear the cute cocktail dress that I wanted to wear! But then I thought to myself, “hmmm… I’ll just need to winterize the outfit”. With the help of my loooong, down jacket with hood and cuffs with thumbholes, that I will indeed be able to wear my cute little cocktail dress! It’s basically like wearing a sleeping bag… so warm!! The only thing that I’m NOT going to be able to do is wear cute heels, but that’s okay… hopefully my accessories will make up for the lack of cute shoes 🙂

So! My question is, how do you winterize your cute outfits?

Here’s a little outfit created by Young Blood Couture paired with a Hot Pink Mustache necklace and fun New Years Hat! We are loving Young Blood Couture’s line of lingerie! This set is $55.00 and necklace is $12.00.


This morning I took our in house French designer Raphael to the airport as he ends his journey in Denver. He designed some beautiful fashions, did some custom orders, and got to learn a little English. We’ll miss his quirky energy but I know he’s got a new sense of inspiration and is excited to get back to Toulouse and get back to creating.

While at the airport, I realized that 7 out of 10 women were wearing some form of Uggs.  Whether pairing with sweatpants or cute jeans, they seemed to be everywhere!

To be honest, I always thought that Uggs were kind of ugly.  And it wasn’t until I recently slipped on a pair that I realized, holy moly! They’re not only comfortable and warm, but they’re kind of cute!  I got some black ones for Christmas and had Raf paint them to make them my own.  As I head up the mountains for the New Years weekend, I’m actually thankful to have a pair of comfy warm boots to lounge and relax in.

It’s funny how you can change your mind once you try something on.

What are your favorite pair of boots?

Fashion Denver is ready to bring in a new year!

With 2011 right around the corner and the celebration of being in our new space for 1 year, we are super excited to get 2011 started! We have so many exciting things planned beginning with adding color to the boutique, adding more designers, offering more business consulting services, along with many exciting fun events!!

When I first started my first business (b.shigley designs) over 11 years ago, I had no idea that I would have a shop 11 years later and I had no idea that I would get to spend every day surrounded by other designers! I’m so grateful for all of the things that being an entrepreneur has brought me  and will bring me and Fashion Denver in the future!!

One of my goals is to help get our Colorado designers out there nationally and internationally via media and boutiques! Denver has been working VERY hard creating a community of creatives and it’s time our talent is getting national and international recognition! I am so proud of all of the creativity here in Colorado and feel blessed that I can make a contribution and provide a space for our creatives to shine!

In house designers Francis Roces and Sahar of Freedom Star

Hello Denver!

Fashion Denver bridges an avenue between designers, small business owners and the fashion-forward consumer by creating a network of fashion enthusiasts unlike any other in this thriving city. The Fashion Denver showroom houses designers from over fifteen lines but the core backbone of the business is to provide business development while hosting and creating fashion markets and shows throughout the city.