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Always Dying My Hair… Why?!

Hot pink, bubblegum, rose gold, magenta, lilac, icy blue, aquamarine, and silver. As crazy as it sounds, these are all of the colors I’ve ever dyed my hair. I will be the first to admit, it can come off as quite puzzling if you aren’t well acquainted with me. There are plenty of reasons I choose to dye my hair every color of the rainbow, these are just a few of them:

As it might become apparent, I am interested in the overarching realm of art. In my opinion, all things beauty and fashion related fall into the artistry category. It’s a tough thing for a multitude of people to understand because it is often misunderstood as something that requires little skill or intelligence. Being heavily involved in the industry myself, I can attest to the true talent and diligence it takes to become successful in the field. There are endless opportunities that can take you down very different avenues. From fashion marketing to hairdressing to becoming a makeup artist, you can find and pursue a career out of a diverse pool. For these reasons, this field has always sparked heavy interest with me, allowing me to become who I want to be.

With that little bit of contextual stuff out of the way, coloring my hair has truly molded into apart of my identity. It allows me total freedom of expression and I am able to continually change my hair to fit my evolving personality. I feel the ability to show others that, while my hair might not dictate all of who I am, it exhibits my expressive, creative, fun personality. I enjoy experimenting not only with my hair, but who I am, what I like, and what best displays ME! It creates a sense of self, much like the way I identify with clothing.
Along with the idea of expression, I have always been an individual before anything else. Of course I went through my stage of conformity when I was young and impressionable, but as I have grown older, I have come to the realization that I like to stand out. Not for any vein, selfish reasons, but it just feels right for who I am. I am unapologetically me and will always be, no matter what anyone thinks about me or my hair.

I have noticed immense changes in the professional industry in regards to colored hair as well. Especially with the field I am hoping to one day be involved with, the preconceived notions of dyed hair are radically changing. As the times, and with that society, continue to shape and form around new ideas, people are beginning to realize that colored hair doesn’t deem you as an unprofessional employee. I get compliments from people of various age groups, often receiving the most positive feedback from older people. Thankfully, the fashion industry is so accepting of free expression that I will (hopefully) be able to keep my hair for as long as I want.

As much as I don’t like to admit it, there will be a day when I have a normal hair color. This day is not anytime soon as I plan to keep experimenting with my hair. To some people it might seem absurd, understandably too. But to me, it makes me happy and it helps create a sliver of who I am. I can thank colored hair because, even one day when I am without it, it helped shape apart of me that I will carry on forever.

-Sydney Scarola

Spring 2018 Couture

February 2, 2018 – Structure, texture, form – these three words perfectly describe the mere essence of the designs that took over the runway in the Spring 2018 Couture show. Taking place in none other than Paris, the week of January 22, 2018 – February 1, 2018 was an unforgettable week featuring some of the world’s most renowned designers. There were a plethora of designers that showcased their best work, but I am going to be examining what makes my favorites, my favorites.

All photos courtesy of Vogue.

1. Viktor & Rolf

I would describe myself as a person who falls into the fashion category of more grungy, streetwear style. Rarely do I wear pinks, frilly dresses, or girly ensembles. In spite of this, Viktor & Rolf’s designs blew me away. The bright and vibrant color palette mixed with the sophisticated structure was a recipe for an intriguing show. Their innovative play on structure created a recognizable look, especially from this specific runway presentation. vikto & rolf 1

This pale pink woven mini dress hit all of the areas for me. Between the perfect fit to flatter almost any body shape, the open neckline, and a finishing detail of the lavender bow, I was taken aback with this piece. It caught my eye online and from there on, I was hooked.

The other thing Viktor & Rolf did well was the use of three dimensional elements and structure. The use of roses peeking off of the mask was innovative and made the design stand out. Not only did the roses extend and elevate this outfit, the bows cinching the front of the dress gave a gorgeous structure while adding size. Though this isn’t a casual outing piece, runway designs are meant to be artistic, creative, and innovative. The pastel green mini dress was my absolute favorite. Again, the use of the flowers gives the dress a distinct dimension and creates an elegance to the look. When mixed with the deep purple choker-like necktie, the dress felt a heavy juxtaposition in color and this WORKED! I think Viktor & Rolf’s pieces did it all. Every single one of them.

2. A.F. Vandevorst

Doing a complete 180, this designer focuses heavily on the depths of design. From deeper colors to a completely different complexity to the pieces, A.F. Vandevorst is a memorable designer. AF Vandevorst 4

I want to start off this look by pointing out the insanely amazing corset belt the model is wearing. Featuring an abundance of pockets with zippers, buttons, and flaps, this piece alone will change the way purses and handbags are worn. This slow transition from purses to wearable storage items is becoming apparent with many mainstream trends already. As we have seen a lot, (too much for my liking) the fanny pack quietly made its way back into the trend circle this past year. Though not everyone was on board with it, it will alter the perception of other forms of the fanny pack. As shown above, this fanny pack-esque belt will possibly become a new way to store your items as opposed to a purse. Though there will probably never be a permanent or complete shift out of purses (since they do add so much elevation to an outfit) there will be a shift in more casual ways to carry personal items. I also appreciate the all black, grungier look. The leather arm sleeves with a cotton upper hoodie was the perfect way to incorporate a little bit more into a casual piece.

3. Alexandre Vauthier
Alexandre can make anything work. And not to say that his trash bag styled dresses aren’t complex and futuristic, he just truly can make anything work. From exaggerated over-the-top dresses to stunning monochromatic looks, it earns a million checks in my book.

Recently worn by Bella Hadid for their runway show as well as Rihanna and Hailee Steinfeld for the Grammy’s, Vauthier is everywhere. Structure is the characterizing quality of his work. This first look features the most beautiful mix of a muted emerald with a hint of blue. The heavy draping of this dress flowed in such a complicated way.  Every piece has an elaborate form to it and he is always introducing unprecedented styles to the fashion world.

A model walks the runway during the Alexandre Vauthier Spring Summer 2018 show as part of Paris Fashion Week on January 23, 2018 in Paris, France.

Red was Alexandre’s COLOR! The quality and radiance of these reds are incomparable, like nothing I have truly seen before. Once again, it is evident that structure plays an essential role in making his pieces notable. From a viewer/consumer perspective, the construction of his looks is incomprehensible; plain and simple. Alexandre Vauthier is probably my favorite runway designer right now, for good and obvious reasons.

4. Chanel

Finishing off, I will stick with an eminent figure in the fashion world since the beginning of time – Chanel. You don’t have to be heavily involved in fashion to know that Coco Chanel is one of the reigning leaders in this industry. The timeless, classic designs are what will never outdate the brand and keep fashion-savvy people around the world yearning for a piece. This runway presentation took place in a French-style garden; what could have been better for this line? Texture was obviously an important part of this season’s looks. Tweed was the main texture Chanel’s line played around with this year, though it is always incorporated as apart of their signature look.

chanel 2

Tweed from head to toe. Even the shoes! This ensemble looks like it came straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. This look really emanates the stereotypical 1940’s “brunch with the girlfriends” – which I adore. The color palette is absolutely exquisite and the rage of structured shoulders is coming back. Finished off with a beautiful flowered veil, this whole look was a hit.

Like mentioned before, Chanel is timeless. If that isn’t obvious enough from these photos and designs, the elegance of patterns like sheer overlays and beautiful beading should be enough to tell. I can’t ever say I am blown away with Chanel because, in all honesty, they do it right every time; they are just expected to be exceptional.

The Spring 2018 Couture runway presentations prove once again that fashion is always evolving and molding as a product of its time, but can be such a timeless source of art as well. There were so many different styles and designs that took over Paris this past week and it enthralled me to say the least. I am so excited to see what the rest of the fashion weeks have in store this year.

-Sydney Scarola

Justin Great Season 2 Release

January 20, 2018 – Is it good? Well it’s never good enough for Justin Great. The energy was sky high on Friday night as people flooded into the Justin Great Season 2 Launch Party. Hosted at Urban Mix in Denver, the party was bound to come alive with food, drinks, music, dancing, and fashion.

New to the Denver scene but not a rookie when it comes to the fashion scene, Justin wanted to leave his mark with his newest line. The main style idea his clothing reflects is streetwear. I was initially intrigued by this because I’m quite invested in the streetwear culture myself. Not only this, but streetwear isn’t as prominent in Denver as it is in New York or LA – places Justin has worked before. The unique ideas surrounding streetwear create shifts in culture and allow people to be creative and open when it comes to expressing their style. Streetwear normally aims at both comfort and individuality – an appealing combination to many people interested in the realm of fashion. It is continually evolving and new concepts are introduced regularly to allow a diverse style to come to life.


Overall, my favorite concept from his work is the idea of a more unisex line that is simple and effortless. Streetwear can generally be made for both men and women because of the oversized fit and gender neutral designs. These cropped crewneck sweaters were simple and understated in the best way. With the slogan “GOOD IS THE ENEMY OF GREAT,” an encapsulating quotation that his line heavily revolves around, it kept it interesting and unique while still being effortless. These pieces are easy to wear, something Great was striving for when creating this line. When asked what one overarching statement was that really captured the essence of his line, Great said, “[it’s] Effortless. You can put it on and you don’t have to think.” This concept was quite popular with the crowd too. People loved the idea of an easy-to-throw-on piece that complements any outfit.

My personal favorite was the “White T-Shirt.” The white-on-white with the basic white scoop neck tee was genius. Sometimes less is more and this piece made that evident. The simplicity of this shirt is what gives it meaning. This piece is easy to throw on but will add extra detail to an outfit in substitution to a plain white shirt. I could definitely see the influence of other notable streetwear brands in this specific piece. Justin Great could pick out many different brands he identifies with but the three he rocks with the most are Ralph Lauren, Greg Lauren, and Off-White.  An essential combination, these three brands/designers seem to influence Justin’s own pieces.

The event itself was an interesting concept that shed a new light on fashion events in Denver. The show was prerecorded in a concrete basement and projected on a screen on loop. Instead of the traditional show, this spin on it was new and refreshing to see. Though I would have enjoyed watching people sport the clothes in person, this alternative was creative, something that captured the attention of the viewers. The visuals matched the rest of the Justin Great vibe, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing. I will have to admit, this idea won me over even though I wasn’t so sure about it to begin with.

Once again, matching the general aesthetic of Justin Great, the logo was clean, professional, and sharp. I appreciated the look because it could easily one day be an iconic logo, one that is recognized whenever it’s seen. The quality of his denim products was unmatchable. The stitching and line work was nearly immaculate and the designs were innovative and creative.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the uniqueness of the event. Justin opted to not only create an impressive clothing line, he hosted an interactive affair as well. A local dance group wowed the crowd with an energetic routine. Cheers echoed through the room as people were astonished by the moves this group had. Happening about midway through, Justin knew this would get the people in even higher spirits. It worked. The people loved it and it elevated the event to an even higher standard. Justin, being a man of many talents, decided to share another aptitude he possessed. He performed a new song that he had just released. I was so impressed with the drive and work ethic he had to not only limit himself to one area of creation, but to expand on many others.

The Justin Great Season 2 release event was one for the books. Between his awe-inspiring clothing line and ability to throw a killer show, he really did it all. I will be sure to look out for more clothing and events by Great in the future. Congratulations on such a successful turn out, Justin!


More photos from the event:

“This garment was carefully crafted by JUSTIN GREAT with high quality materials for those who DO NOT accept good as the standard.”

What I’ve Been Loving Lately

January 18, 2018 – Life is charging full speed ahead again as the holiday season comes to an abrupt, and seemingly too short, end. With that comes picking out outfits on the go and possibly for the cooler temperatures. I will be sharing what clothing items I’ve been loving lately and how they fit as the perfect puzzle pieces to my ever-growing wardrobe.

All photos courtesy of Nathan Daine. 

As we experience our first (or what seems like the first due to this insanely warm weather) snow of the winter season, it is obvious that a coat is a necessity to taking on the frigid temperatures. A coat is often the most essential part of a winter outfit because it is the outer most piece of the entire look. Unfortunately, for most people the coat is often thrown on the back burner. Because it is a heftier piece of material, it is usually a pricer piece that should be invested in. Coats aren’t usually seen as items that can enhance and elevate a look, just as something to keep you warm until you get somewhere you can take it off. For me, not until recently did I understand how important it is for my coat to not be neglected as apart of my outfits. Since I have come to this realization and have started investing in nicer coats, I have noticed that I am happier with my outfits, even when it is freezing outside.

For this first look, believe it or not, I THRIFTED this insanely exquisite and unique coat.
  This is my newest edition to my closet and possibly a new favorite. For obvious reasons, this jacket is capable of potentially taking over the world. To begin with, its thick, puffer like material has been keeping me extremely cozy the past few days. I must look super comfortable because I have gotten a fair share of comments on how snug I look. Its distinct color combination of an emerald green and sapphire blue with an almost metallic finish are bound to stand out in any event. The mid length and (perfect) oversized frame of the coat flatter my small legs without swallowing me up. The best part is surely the top back of the jacket where a funky greenery pattern accompanied by a velvet finish swirls over top. To finish off the amazingness of this jacket, a thin gold braided strand complements the tones of the jacket while making it stand out just a little bit more. Since this jacket was the star of the show, I decided to pair it with a plain black turtleneck, some vinyl/leather pants from BlankNYC, my blanket scarf from Asos, and a pair of sock booties from EgoOfficial.

My next look focuses on the oversized sweater. I opted to tuck this specific one in because I was wearing a checkered belt that I wanted to peek-a-boo. This white, fuzzy sweater is from TopShop. It hangs perfectly in all the right places and can work well as a staple piece or can be styled as a statement piece with other accessories. I opted for an all black and white outfit to keep a smooth and clean look. I paired the beret because I liked the juxtaposition of the moto/edgier pieces (the belt, shoes, and pants) with the softer pieces (the beret and sweater). This outfit combined two different styles that I often tend to lean towards.
For the third look (Note: this set of photos is provided by me hence the not as quality pictures) I have been obsessing over this burgundy velvet quilted jacket from Zara. Its long length and shapeless figure drape on my body quite nicely. Although the jacket is a deep burgundy, the velvet reflects the color off and gives it an almost shiny vibrance. Because it is long and the color is radiant, I tend to pair this jacket with all black to make it the statement piece. It is a lighter material so it’s good for the chillier days that don’t require a heavy duty jacket but it can also layer on top of things. Once again, I am happy I invested in this jacket.

It’s safe to say that coats and jackets have been my go to for making an outfit on the go not only fabulous but warm as well. Those are the few things that I have been loving recently.

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SIE Phantom Thread Screening Party

January 10, 2018 – 1950’s everything was all the rage on Sunday evening when the SIE Film Center and Denver Film Society hosted a special screening of the movie Phantom Thread. Starring Daniel Day Lewis in the 1950’s London fashion era, he played a renowned dressmaker who crossed paths with a beautiful young woman, one that eventually changes his bachelor confirmed ways. Twists change the predicted plot line dramatically throughout creating an unforeseeable movie. Fortunately, we got to spend the evening with timeless fashion as styles hit the red carpet, daring all their best designer wear. Here are some of our favorite looks:

Kicking off the evening was the exuberant radio and TV personnel  Denise Plante. Her gorgeous vintage inspired dress was perfect to steal the spotlight in all night. The black mesh overlay created the perfect voluptuous flare to her tulle skirt. The white polka dots were the cherry on top; not to mention black and white polka dots are totally back in style RIGHT NOW! And she could never forget how important it is to make sure her dress spun perfectly under the right circumstances. 

Judith Boyd, better known as Style Crone, took over next. It was hard to decide what piece I enjoyed best from her fabulous ensemble. Between the matching satin ivory headpiece and glove set to the stunning silver metallic ballgown, Style Crone was poised, elegant, and sophisticated – everything a 1950’s inspired fashionista should be. 

This stunning couple waltzed down the red carpet like they belonged there. Kiri’s gorgeous black satin peplum dress flattered her so perfectly for the occasion. She didn’t stop there though. Paired with a dainty but stated necklace, a faux fur overlay, satin gloves, a Beauty and the Beast-esque clutch, and black heels, she came prepared to strut the carpet. 

Michelle Baldwin, @viviennevavoom, must have pulled out her most overstated shirt in her wardrobe but I couldn’t have loved it more! Her diner-esque multicolored button down was styled ever so perfectly with a black flared midi skirt cinching the waist… of course – its the 1950’s! A little black hat and purse topped off the entire look. She grazed the carpet with such grace, a true beam of light. 

Our very own Brandi and Christen rockin’ the photos!

I wish we could bring back the popularity of ringlet updos and high waisted slacks for men. The 1950’s era of fashion is sometimes looked over but always remembered as timeless. Today, I find that my personal style is often inspired by hints from this era as its classic style offers a full range of styling options.

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2017 Fashion Trends in Review

January 4, 2018 – As 2017 comes to a close, the trends of the fashion world are reviewed and even predicted into the new year. Are these trends still around? Will they be around next year? How did I feel about them? Upon assessing and analyzing this years craze, I am looking forward to the unique, funky trends 2018 will bring.

The Baker Boy Hat – This was easily the biggest rage of 2017. The Baker Boy hat was seen on every celebrity, influencer, and person this year. Because of its ability to elevate an outfit by just a simple touch (or possibly cover up a horrid hair day) this trend looked so cute with even the simplest outfit. Though this trend stayed afloat for an extensive amount of time, it recently has declined in popularity throughout the past few months. This trend probably won’t be following us into 2018.

The Beret – Speaking of hats, the beret made a name for itself universally this past year. Known for its French origins, the beret became a trend worldwide. Lucky for me, I had been to Paris a few years prior so when I saw this trend on the rise I instantly pulled that baby from my closet where it was tucked away. I loved seeing this trend internationally, it just shows how quickly fashion flows from one place to the next. This was a quick trend to come and go though. I think it is a lot more timeless when compared to the other trends so I am sure it won’t necessarily completely disappear.

The Puffer Jacket – As winter made its way into the fashion scene this year it brought along an old classic. Puffer jackets were all the rage this season. Being a coat that has already been around for plenty of time, it was nothing new to the fashion world. This time around, though, it offered more than just protection from the cold. When worn with track pants, a turtleneck, and tennis shoes, it can be a casual streetwear look but easily transformed with some nicer trousers and a pair of sock booties. It plays the role of both warmth and style in one. I predict this trend continues through the 2018 winter season but probably subsides when the next winter comes around.

Yellow – It is clear that yellow became the new IT color in 2017. Its vibrancy and radiance allows it to create moody vibes as well as happy ones. It worked well in the summer for the brighter season but transitioned seamlessly into fall with puffer coats and bags. The it color is always changing so my educated guess would lead me to believe there will be another color trending soon.

Small Sunglasses – From oversized aviators in the previous years to small vintage sunnies, this trend took over 2017. A few years ago everyone couldn’t stop wearing their favorite pair of oversized glasses because of that too-cool-for-you look it offered. Now small sunglasses are all the craze. The vintage look and timeless frame choices flatter almost anyone without engulfing the entire face. Usually worn down near the tip of the nose, they still give one that too-cool-for-you look without swallowing the face.

Gingham – The new plaid you say? This trend took over every platform and space in the fashion world. From pants to dresses, this craze was all the rage this summer especially. It was simple and easy to style with white platform tennis shoes or thick heeled booties. Layering jewelry was a popular paired choice to help upgrade the pattern. This trend is not seen anymore and lost prevalence  following the end of the summer. It was a quick trend and probably won’t be seen for many years to come.

Work Attire – MODERN work attire is the key to this one. Trouser pants and blazers flooded the fashion market and could be found in any store. From stores like Zara to designers like Alexander Wang, youthful business attire was a defining moment of 2017 fashion. Because of the classy, timeless look, it has always been around. But the contemporary twists and even more casual hints have transformed the work look into something for anyone, it no longer requires a corporate desk to rock.

Personally, I love the yellow trend as well as the work attire trend. Yellow is so fun and my absolute favorite color not to mention. It adds a level of dimension to any outfit. As much as I love a classic all black outfit, I think the yellow is different and unique to rock, it definitely will make you stand out in a crowd. The business casual looks help me stay clean, polished, and professional all while keeping up with the trends. Overall, 2017 offered a multitude of trends that quickly became my favorites. As I do see some trends fading in the near future, style is always about what you LOVE TO WEAR! I know that, although the color yellow might not be the color of the year by this time next year, I will still be rockin’ it!

2018, I hope you have some funky trends in store!



New York City – Outfit Adventures

December 28, 2017 – New York: A place where stars are born, the food is delicious, and the shopping is fabulous. With a family of eight and a filled itinerary, there was plenty to get done in the Big Apple. From the Rockefeller tree to a few Broadway musicals, New York was nothing short of magical. And of course, as always, the outfits were dazzling! Continue reading New York City – Outfit Adventures

The BEST Christmas Present an Aspiring Fashionista Could Ask For

Christmas is quickly approaching and with that creative geniuses are booming. Do you have someone is your life that adores fashion? Aspires to design or maybe even market one day? Fashion Denver’s fashion camp is no doubt the perfect gift for them. Not only will there be a plentiful abundance of beads, glitter, and every single type of textile they could ever want, they will also get the chance to let their creative juices flow around others with interests similar to them. Fashion Denver’s studio space is also an innovative place for them to create. From designing to the actual making process, they get to be hands on in developing a dream vision of theirs. Guests will also make appearances to help encourage and facilitate the creative geniuses, but the creation is all in their hands. Come join Fashion Denver and give your fashionista not only a gift, but a fabulous experience!

How to Stay Cute and Comfy in the Winter

December 20, 2017 – As we start seeing a few predictions of snow in one week, it’s clear… winter is coming. Though it has been unusually warm this winter season, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to start getting chilly SOMETIME soon. It can prove difficult to try and balance a cute outfit with a warm, cozy one in the freezing temperatures. I have come up with a few tips for creating the perfect balance:

  1. LAYERING IS KEY! This is the most important tip in the winter when dressing. When layering, you have the ability to take articles off and add them. So when you get indoors, you can take off your coat and scarf and still have a cute sweater underneath and, depending on how cold it is, maybe even a turtleneck under that. Your outfit will still prove to be cute even when you shed the layers. Then when you need to head back outside into the frozen winter wonderland, you can utilize your adorable winter coat to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

2. Make use of hats. Hats, while being a major fashion statement        can also be an essential to keeping one warm. They create a warm environment for the ears to stay toasty in, which I always find get super cold super fast. Especially since a lot of trendy hats have been circulating in the fashion world lately, there are a lot of styling options that a hat can be implemented into.

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

3. Keep heavy articles of clothing at the center of your outfit. Always pick up those thick knit sweaters or that heavily lined trouser that you love. Not only are these probably some of your favorite articles in your closet (I LIVE off of chunky sweaters in the winter) but they are going to keep you the warmest. Plus, it’s more than likely that they’re going to lay perfectly on your body too, giving you a flattering shape. I always size my sweaters up to achieve maximum chunkiness and the cutest look, in my opinion.

4. Winter accessories are your best friend! Believe it or not, scarves were originally made to keep the neck warm, not for fashion. Now, it’s obvious that they have transformed into more than just a piece of cloth to keep you warm. They aid an outfit into a stronger fashion statement while still saving you from the cold. Along with that are gloves, ear muffs, and adorable thick socks. The greatest thing about them is they can be so stylish while adding to the level of warmth you experience.

5. Layer with your jeans. An odd tip that not a lot of people seem to think about is putting leggings under jeans. Sometimes in the cold winter weather, jeans can be uncomfortable and can get cold quickly. Throwing on a pair of leggings under a solid pair of jeans (remember to make sure your jeans don’t have rips unless that’s the look you’re going for) can elevate your comfort level to its absolute max!

6. A seemingly not effective tip to staying cozy in the cold is wearing tights. Tights are timeless, classy, and so chic, they will never go out of style. I’ve always noticed that even though tights seem like they don’t do much, the difference between bare legs and tights is immense. And, like all of the other tips, these will upgrade your outfit with the simplest touch.

One of my favorite looks, can’t you tell?!

I hope some of these tips can help keep you cozy in the winter and most importantly STYLISH. Although it may be a challenge, it can be done. Don’t ever let the cold keep you from showing off your style!