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Jackalope Fair

December 9th/10th, 2017 – Handmade and local was all the rage this past weekend at the Jackalope Market held at the McNichols Building in Downtown Denver. Sponsored by The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, Denver Public Library, Hello Fresh, Willow, LowBrow, Studio Colfax, and Yelp, this was a fun, family event to attend.

All photos courtesy of Sydney Scarola

From the moment you walk in, you’re faced with an extremely tough decision: what do I want to buy? Because this fair hosted over 150 vendors, each stand was unique and Colorado proud. I loved these hand drawn maps and pictures.Thalken jewelry was my favorite jewelry stand at the event. Their dainty, delicate pieces were elegant yet sharp at the same time. For me, I am in love with small necklaces as I think they do a lot by being little. They can add to a look or tie together clothing pieces by breaking them up (contradictory statement, I know). Based out of Lousivilletheir pieces would be the perfect gift for a loved one.

Sweet Caroline Confections added a completely unique and satisfying touch to the world of lollipops. These sparkle lollipops were gorgeously crafted and could work as the perfect stocking stuffer for any person, any age! I was so impressed by the rare spin these seemingly simple treats took. They even offered a slew of flavors, from Champagne to Nutella, these lollipops not only looked gorgeous, they tasted even better!

The Sleep Over Stick was a huge hit for my family and I. Knowing what skin junkies we are, it was hard to walk right past so we had to stop. We were impressed to learn the idea behind it – a simple but genius one. The package comes with two sticks that are meant to be used on the go. From the gym bag to a sleepover, the cleansing stick will help you stay fresh while the hydrating stick restores the necessary moisture back into your skin. Sold in stores like Anthropologie, this is a necessity for all skin lovers!

Who knew that cookies could be such a beautiful art form? Sweet Treats by Melissa showed me an art I had never seen before. These cookies were stunning, and I mean STUNNING. It was true art in an edible form, what more is there to love? All handcrafted by the talented Melissa, these sweet treats are almost too exquisite to eat.

The Jackalope Fair was quite the event. Between all of the talented vendors and unique ideas, my family and I had a wonderful afternoon. I know all of these companies will be successful with their extraordinary ideas.


Luxe 303 Fashion Show

December 8, 2017 – Miami flavor hit the heart of Denver on Friday night with the Luxe303 fashion show at Nativ Hotel. With cuban food, tasty drinks, hot music, and trendy clothing, this was not an event to miss.

All photos courtesy of Sydney Scarola

One of the first few outfits to walk out struck the crowd with a flavor they couldn’t resist cheering for. The owner and creator of this line, Dani, stepped out on stage to model her own design. A light electric blue lace jumpsuit took center stage. Paired with a small belt to cinch the waist, this combination was nothing short of flattering. Extra fabric flowed off the sides of the legs to give it that va-va-voom. The high neckline and snug fit offered a sexy look while still keeping it sophisticated. 

The menswear was classy and proper, it impressed me to say the least. Perfectly tailored suits seamlessly flowed down the runway. The structure was perfect and created an elegance. This gorgeous deep blue blazer with a dainty pattern on it mixed the right amount of proper and casual together. It fit the model like a dream and accentuated the shoulders, arms, and midsection just right. “Male model off duty” was the perfect way to describe this look. The light outerwear coat was simple and understated, perfect to pair with any look. The marbled buttons gave it some detailing and when paired with the multi-toned scarf, the model was ready to take NYC by storm.

Up next, a unique style strutted down the stage giving Denver something it has never seen. A jumpsuit with a mesh underlaying formed to the body while long fringe hung off in tiers. The long thin straps offered a low back, showing the perfect amount of skin. Fringe was the star of the show and it danced beautifully as the model glided down runway. 

Casual men’s streetwear took off with a twist. The Miami flavor had taken over with this look. A black long sleeve button up was complete with some color blocking near the beginning of the sleeves. When paired with it’s reverse, a white jean with distressed knees and black paint like strokes nearing the bottom, this look screamed night out in Miami. These slick pieces were universal and could be styled a multitude of ways.   

Between the next three suit looks, my jaw was on the floor. Not only did these look INCREDIBLE on the models, the construction of them was something not often seen in Denver. The color coordination was powerful and the tailoring made the men look smooth and stylish. Between the blues, reds, and blacks, these men looked nothing short of dapper and complicated. This is the “I-effortlessly-pickup-ladies-everywhere-I-go” look.

This next piece was a show stopper. Between the color blocked sequins and bright colors, this dress was turning heads. Short and flirty, it elongated the models legs. It was the perfect dress to rock at the club on a warm, summer night. The plunging neckline complimented by the change in color to black and gold was sexy and classy at the same time.

One of my favorite women’s pieces of the night was a ravishing two piece set. Embroidered lace and gorgeous ivory and fleshy tones complimented the feminine, sophisticated look. The scalloped detailing on the pants and sleeves added another womanly touch. This set would be perfect for a summer brunch with girlfriends or a night out.  

Classic and tasteful – what better way to describe a dress like this one? Although all of the trendy pieces were to die for, sometimes it’s good to see that original, classic black dress. With its long length, fitted form, and high neckline, this dress screamed ball gown to me. With the added flare of the almost hip high slit and lace detailing down the sides of the slit, this piece still offered a little bit of Miami. 

One of my favorite ending pieces was a dazzling metallic gown. The brown-gold color was unique and the sparkle that the dress emanated left the model looking radiant. Another almost hip high slit was charming and added an enchanting component to the dress. All together, this dress was a dashing success.

Between the classic items and the more trendy pieces, Miami definitely left its mark on Denver. Luxe303 is going to continue with its success, leaving a little bit of Miami spice everywhere it goes.


Jackalope Denver

Jackalope Denver Returns!

Highlighting Over 150 Trendsetting Vendors From The Handmade Community.

December 9th & 10th, 2017
Fair Hours: 10am – 5pm
 McNichols Building, Denver

The Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair announces the return of its fall fair, with over 150 curated booths to fill Downtown Denver’s McNichols Building.  This free and family friendly event takes place from 10am to 5pm both Saturday, December 9th and Sunday, December 10th.  Jackalope offers attendees a perfect place to find a unique holiday gift for everyone on the shopping list, as well as a place to participate in DIY crafting workshops.

In addition to the 150+ indie artisans that will be selling their wares, there will also be a full schedule of art focused workshops for attendees to take a dip into the DIY crafting world.  Artisans will be hosting creative workshops, allowing attendees to get a better idea of the craftsmanship that goes into the one-of-a-kind handmade goods and products found at the fair. There will be activities for all ages available throughout the weekend.

Join Jackalope Arts on December 9th & 10th at the McNichols Building for a unique, curated shopping experience featuring the top trendsetting makers & designers of local goods.

How to Find Your Individual Style

Style. A word of many meanings. What does it really mean though? According to its technical definition style is “a distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.” When applied to fashion it is normally a means of categorizing the way that someone dresses by using one word to describe the typical clothing pieces they wear. I always think that this is an unfair way of describing style. Individual style is so much more than one word but how does one find their personal style? Sometimes it can be confusing and hard to try and categorize your style under one word because it doesn’t have to be just one word. Though I feel like I haven’t necessarily “perfected” my individual style, I have learned a lot about myself and the way I choose to express myself over the past few years. (Side note: there is no way to perfect a style, the only way is to feel comfortable and confident with your own!)

The first and easiest way to get you on your path to finding your personal style is getting inspiration.

Whether that is a celebrity you’ve eyed for months or a distant college friend, finding someone that inspires you and your outfits is important. It gives you guidelines to work off of and if you see an outfit on Instagram you love, you can think of ways to recreate it while adding a personal touch. That way you have an idea from someone else but it still screams YOU!

Patterns! No, not the patterns you like most on your favorite pair of trousers (ok maybe that too) but the patterns of what you wear the most. What do you constantly find yourself reaching for in your closet? Is it that pair of sneakers from 3 years ago that might just be a LITTlE worn on the sides or is it that tight little black dress you can wear with anything? Personally, I am always pulling out my perfect pair of black jeans. They fit me like a glove and I know when they are finally too worn to wear anymore I will probably cry. I also know that I can create a thousand different outfits with that one pair of jeans. Whether I want to go for boho girly or trendy chic that day, I know that my favorite pair of black jeans will never fail me. If you like to wear leggings the most, create your style incorporating them instead of wearing things you’re not comfortable in because that’s just not you.

Another question to ask yourself is what trends you like most. I know that when I see a trend I really like, I think about how I can mix that piece or trend into my closet and make it my own. Just because I see a beret on a blogger doesn’t mean I style it the exact same way she does. I take a universal trend and I put me into it. I make it me. Because while millions of other people might be wearing that piece, there is only one you wearing it.

One word: Accessoriesshoesbagshats. Accessorizing your look is KEY. One thing I have focused on improving over the past year is how I style my looks outside of just the clothing pieces themselves. Adding a cute bag and throwing on a hat may not only distract from that stain on your pants or cover up your bad hair day but it also levels up your outfit. From just a t-shirt and jeans, adding a belt, cool hat, bag, funky shoes, and a few pieces of jewelry instantly changes the entire look. But hey, some people like simple and that is ok too!

I just figured out I am not simple and simple is not me when it comes to style.

One of the absolute hardest things about finding your personal style is figuring out what flatters your body and what you feel most comfortable in. Because we are constantly being shown other people on the internet, we don’t realize that what may look amazing on them doesn’t do us much justice. Many times this lets us down. But what we also have to understand is that the t-shirt we wore yesterday flatters us more than it would that girl on Instagram. It is all up to each person’s body and what they like and feel comfortable in.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY! This is definitely the most important one. What you feel most confident in is what you are going to look the best in. Period. Wear what you love. Often we forget that what we love the best is going to give us that confident glow. It’s going to make people wonder what moisturizer your using or what supplements your taking – vitamin U! Being confident can be the stem of your style and the roots of your happiness.

It is safe to say that personal style is not figured out over night nor is it ever perfected. Fashion moves so quickly and what you love is always going to be changing. You’ll see your child wearing the same things you wore when you were their age. Point is, style is up to you. It is your own interpretation of self expression and you are your own artist. I hope these tips can help tap you into your inner fashionista!



Black Friday Savvy Shopping Tips

Black Friday is the time of the year to score awesome deals, buy new things, and maybe get in a few fights along the way. The only thing you need to know is how to appropriately shop and find the deals that are ACTUALLY good deals. Here are some tips I have come up with over the years:

  1. Prioritize your list and create a budget – Decide which places are most important for you to stop at first and make a list. Having a list of things makes sure you stay on track and know what is of most significance to you. Having a budget is a smart shopper word of advice, especially when there are deals on deals on deals.
  2. Allow yourself to get off track… A LITTLE BIT – Though this seems to contradict the prior tip, it is another pointer I’ve found to help get the best deals of the day.  Black Friday is a universal day across the nation where almost all stores put on deals so if there are things you have been wanting for a while, allow yourself to buy them.
  3. Go earlier OR go later – Black Friday has turned into Black Friday Week/Weekend. Most deals these days start at the beginning of the week and run all week and weekend long. A lot of people start waiting in line early afternoon of Thanksgiving day to secure their shopper’s spot. Sometimes it’s even better to go later Friday or through the weekend because stores want to keep consumers in the stores all weekend.
  4. Bring a friend – Not only is going with a friend or two more enjoyable but you can divide and conquer. Get your friend to take on one section of the store while you get the other.
  5. Wait for Cyber Monday – Cyber Monday may arguably be one of the best creations of the internet era. There are many perks of waiting until Monday: being able to stay in PJ’s, easier to navigate the sites, and you don’t have to deal with other angry shoppers.
  6. Other occasion shopping – Many times when I go Black Friday shopping I try to think of any and all upcoming occasions that may require gifts. This time is good for birthdays, Christmas, and other celebrations so you can get discounted gifts that are still nice.
  7. Not everything is really a deal – I have seen this personally many, many times. Just going on one of my favorite online shopping stores, Nasty Gal, they are claiming to have awesome Black Friday deals (50% off) when they actually have that deal almost every other day of the year. People who never go on this website might think that this is a score when in reality it’s their usual discount. Shoppers be weary.
  8. Be prepared for a marathon shopping day – If you don’t prepare yourself for a day full of shopping, if that is your plan, you might find that you get tired out quickly. Shopping is a SPORT people. You have to be prepared to be quick, be smart, and last long.
  9. Reward yourself – This may come off as a silly trick but it is one that often gets over looked. After a long, hard day of shopping like Black Friday, make sure you provide yourself with a good meal and a good nights sleep.

Black Friday is one of the craziest day of the year and you must prepare yourself for what may lie ahead. Hopefully these tips and tricks come in handy and you find yourself heading home with a car full of goodies!


Red Ball wrap up

November 19, 2017 – Red, the color of the night. All different hues swept down the runway on Sunday evening. Put on by Denver Colorado AIDS Project and Howard Dental Services at the EXDO Event Center in Downtown Denver, this was an event of the year. Exquisite and innovative local designers, hairstylists, and makeup artists helped transform the event into a sparkling success.

All photos taken courtesy of Christen Weaver of Weaver Photography.

The show opened in a unique way, bringing student designers from the RMCAD (Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design) to the stage to show off their individual creations.They proudly glided down the stage with their models showcasing their hard work in what seemed like a moment of pure happiness.

Bringing on the start of local designers, Zeljka Sladovic’s designs hit the runway. In what seemed like a bridal affair, ivories, golds, and champagnes took over. The gowns were gorgeously draped and structured to fit the model’s bodies perfectly. My favorite piece from this collection was an elegant peach colored, loosely fit gown with a gold beaded halter top strap. The color was exquisite and a bold choice but looked dashing under the lights as it danced across the stage. The head pieces complimented the gowns perfectly to create the ultimate princess effect courtesy of Fleur Salon. 

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Denver Fashion Weekend Night 2

November 11, 2017 – 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend was among us. From luxurious fur coats to carefully constructed designer loafers, each person’s individual style carried such a unique presence. This is what fashion is all about, the ability to express one’s self through clothing. As a rookie, I couldn’t wipe the beaming smile off my face. This was everything I expected it to be… and more. Truth is, fashion is my passion and I was truly in my element. This was where I was meant to be. National designers and brands featured their work on the runway Saturday night, curated by the amazing boutique Garbarini (located in Cherry Creek North). From Paris to Australia, each designer’s unique brand stood out in a multitude of ways.

All photos taken by Christen Weaver of Weaver Photography.

Byron Lars out of New York took the stage first. I have to say, he started the show off with a bang. Metallic beaded pants and skirts flashed under the light to be paired with simple, contemporary styled black tops.

The two piece blazer co-ord was structured so well and sat beautifully on the body, not to mention the elegant similar toned pattern subtly printed on the set. Bryon’s designs were the perfect blend of timeless business woman and trendy standout lady.

Milly took over for the next set and opened up with a gorgeous snug patterned dress that blended two toned floral patterns with a hot pink palette. Following that outfit came one of my favorites of the night: the florescent pink turtleneck tucked into black high waisted trousers. The fit of this outfit was flattering and elegant, the pants cinched the waist at the perfect point and gave a beautiful shape to the model.

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