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Brandi Shigley, founder of Fashion Denver, is one of the key pieces to the growing and vibrant fashion industry in Denver. Since I moved back to the area four years ago, I have had the pleasure to work with Brandi on several occasions and I have been very impressed with her passion, creativity and drive. We are very blessed to have this talented lady and voice of public support!

– Rustin Coburn, founder of Denver Design Incubator

Designers who are looking to build their businesses, we offer business development through our umbrella company B.23 Productions.

Here is a list of our services.


For designers looking to grow their business and take things to the next level, we are offering the opportunity to meet with our Fashion Denver focus group! Each focus group will vary depending on the designer’s needs and will include different industry professionals. These focus groups are designed to give good honest feedback and  direction as your business grows.


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Designers, you can take the first step to building on creative ideas with a personalized consulting meeting with Brandi. We will help you recognize where to start and help you figure out necessary goals, future projections, and steps you need to take to make your business take off and thrive!

Testimonial from Rachel Lataitis | Founder of Mali Mamas

“Scheduling a one-on-one consultation with Brandi Shigley was one of my smartest business decisions.  She is a highly experienced professional who shared her wisdom of overcoming barriers, and executing the steps necessary to take projects to the next level.  She is a powerful visionary, and has no problem understanding the needs, and goals, of her clients.  Brandi was attentive, and focused on exactly what I wanted to accomplish.  She helped me to create a solid structure that broke down the complex stages of strategy and development.  After our consultation, I knew exactly how to prioritize my tasks, and had a newfound clarity of my vision. 

Brandi is a rare consultant – one who truly respects an entrepreneur’s passion, but also has the business knowledge required to turn concept into creation.  I highly recommend a one-on-one consultation to anyone looking to strengthen foundations, overcome challenges, and/ or organize their execution process.   She is an incredibly valuable resource for entrepreneurs.”



When producing an event, there are often so many pieces to plan for and implement successfully. With over 13 years of experience in event production, Fashion Denver can get your fashion event planned and executed successfully!

Testimonial from Dana Cain | Event producer

“When I launched the Fashion Pavilion at the new Denver County Fair, I knew there was only one person I wanted to be our Pavilion Manager: Brandi Shigley!  I’d attended her events, visited her shop, and I knew that she is Denver’s IT GIRL when it comes to fashion event coordination.  She was magnificent in the job.  Beyond my wildest hopes!  Not only did she keep her pavilion running smoothly, but she seemed omnipresent at the Fair – roller skating about like a smiling superhero, lending a hand in OTHER pavilions that needed help, too. She was often a cheery, reassuring voice on our walkie talkie system, and we all knew that she was there, ready to help, and that all of her jobs had been done and done right.  She was always ready to step beyond her job description and go the extra mile to offer help wherever it was needed.

One of my favorite memories of the fair is working with Brandi. And not only that – when the time came for her to take the stage and peform with her band – she knocked it out of the park!  Honestly – the compliments and positive feedback on her performance flooded in.  Everyone loved her. And she did that at the same time she was technically managing the pavilion. All seamless, all professional, all beyond expectations.

I am actively looking for ways to work with Brandi on other projects in the future. She just makes everything fun!”


Get the word out about your business with a variety of marketing and public relations strategies. There are a variety of tools to utilize in publicizing your business and different consumer bases to target. We can help you figure out which strategies work best for you!


The runway is often the heart of the fashion world. Seeing your outfits or featuring the fashion of your business in a fashion show not only gets your product in the public eye, but also presents your creative works in the best possible light. We can help you get runway ready with a catwalk consultation.


The “Do what you love. Love what you do”  workshop is designed to take designers and small businesses to the next level by providing step by step action oriented details on what one needs to do to create a successful business. These workshops occur every 6-8 weeks. To see the workshop schedule and to register, visit .

Testimonial from Ginger White | Denver Office of Cultural Affairs

“Brandi brings a unique mix of enthusiasm, know-how and optimism to her presentations, giving those with whom she shares her wisdom both the tools and the inspiration to achieve their creative aspirations!”


This year I am celebrating 16 years of being an entrepreneur. From starting out my own handbag business at the age of 23, to evolving into a marketing / PR / consulting business and starting Fashion Denver, I know what it takes to be passionate about something and turn it into a business. One of my passions is sharing my knowledge and experiences with others. I’ve spoke for all ages from the Young American’s Bank Girl’s Camp to the students at Colorado State University to the Denver Office of Cultural Affairs. Look Mom! I’m using my Communications Degree : ) If you are interested in having me come and speak to your organization, school, or group, please contact me and let me know what your ideas are!

Testimonial from Matt Brinton, Assistant Director of Student Activities, MSU Denver

“We invited Brandi to campus as part of a “Self-Made” series we hosted on campus in the Spring Semester of 2011. This three-part series has highlighted successful entrepreneurs in Colorado and gave them a platform to share their inspiring stories with our campus community. Brandi brought her unique and quirky style to the event and gave us a day to remember.”



Supporting Colorado designers since 2004 through production of fashion markets, fashion shows, and business development

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