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Denver County Fair is happening THIS weekend!

As founder of Fashion Denver, I am thrilled to be managing the fashion pavilion at the Denver County Fair.  What an amazing opportunity this is to be surrounded by so many of Colorado’s talented individuals. The fair will be divided up into different pavilions. There will be a holistic health, fashion, fine art, kitchen, and more and within each pavilion there will be a plethora of excitement going on!

To read more about this event, follow this link..

Denver County Fair is coming this weekend!

Fashion Denver celebrates Denver’s own Project Runway contestant Fallene Wells!

Fashion Denver teams up with Beauty Bar & Team Mondo to celebrate Fallene on Project Runway!

Project Runway Viewing Parties are back at Beauty Bar this summer, offering Mile-High fashion fans the chance to cheer on Denver designer and season 9 contestant, Fallene Wells.  Beauty Bar has partnered with Team Mondo and Fashion Denver to celebrate Fallene’s national television debut on Thursday, July 28 at 6:00 pm for the premiere of Project Runway season 9. Join us every Thursday at the Beauty Bar!

Read more information here…

Fashion Pavilion News!

Exciting news for those that are interested in participating in the Denver County Fair at the end of the month! This is a note from the producer Dana Cain…
Dear designers, fashion fans and friends,

Thanks to all of you who’ve signed up to participate in the Fashion Pavilion at the first-ever Denver County Fair! This pavilion is going to ROCK!!!!

We have added our RUNWAY SHOW option to the registration page at … Scroll down; it’s near the bottom of the options list. We are offering limited shows – for $200 each. Price includes venue, promotion, large audience, backstage dressing room with hair and make-up teams.  You provide your own models.

Runway show available time slots are:
Thursday, July 28 – Grand Opening Night!  6pm, 8pm, 9pm
Saturday, July 30 – 9pm
Sunday, July 31 – 1pm

Events in the Fashion Pavilion include:
– Miss Denver County Fair drag queen competition, sponsored by Outfront magazine
– Littleton Historical Museum Fashion Show: 1860 – 1890
– Hey Lady!   B-52s Tribute Band
– Best Hairstyle open competition, hosted by Charles Phoenix
– Best Moustache open competition, sponsored by Fancy Tiger Clothing
– Speed Texting open competition
– Itchy-O Marching Band performance Friday night
– and lots lots MORE! Full event schedule online at

If you haven’t gotten your booth yet – there are a FEW left  ( 5?)
Come join the fun!

Bleeding Hearts at Fashion Denver

Oh how we love local music, local talent, and most of all, bringing these 2 things together!  Katie Wells of GiddyUp and her “Bleeding Hearts” tees have inspired a fun project that we’re teaming up with John Common on.  We are pairing 6 local Denver designers with 6 song titles on John’s latest album creating a t-shirt collaboration.  Each designer will design a graphic to match the song title! We’re so excited to see what they come up with. These limited edition tees will tour with John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light as well as be available at Fashion Denver.

We love having Katie Well’s creativity flow out of our boutique!  John Common fell in love with his tee and wore it for the 303 Magazine shoot along with other Fashion Denver fashions.

John Common and the Blinding Flashes of Light in 303 Magazine
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light in 303 Magazine, styled by Fashion Denver

Here are our current selection of GiddyUp “Bleeding Heart” tees:

"Bleeding Heart" tees by Katie Wells of GiddyUp!

Stop by Fashion Denver to check out the latest collection of GiddyUp, pick up a 303 Magazine, and see what our local designers have to offer!

Photos from our spring fashion market

Here are 2 sets of photos from our spring fashion market that took place May 15th at the Grant-Humphreys mansion.

Click here to see the set is by John Bosley! We love working with him! He’s got a great attitude and is super fun to work with. He’s been working with Fashion Denver for over a year.

Spring Fashion Market featuring Gabriela Designs. Modeled by Tina B.

This next set is by Art Heffron! He’s new to the Fashion Denver crew and we loved having him at our fashion market.

A view from the stairs of the Fashion Denver spring fashion market

We’re excited for our next market which we’re anticipating to be in September!  Stay tuned…

Fashion Denver’s Spring Market happening THIS SUNDAY!

Yahhoooooooo! The time has finally come! The snow has melted and the sunshine is here and it’s time to officially start celebrating spring as we host our spring fashion market at the Grant-Humphreys mansion!

Free and open to the public, this event will feature 25 Fashion Denver designers, Crafty Ballyhoo designers in the ballroom, and a plethora of fun activities going on on the grounds of the mansion.

Click here for all of the fun details!

Celebrate spring at the Grant-Humphreys mansion

My trip to NARS & a fantastic contest too!

Today I meandered on over to Nordstroms to check out the book launch of “NARS Makeup your mind: Express Yourself” book and met with the Director of Global Artistry, James Boehmer.  Between 11am and 6pm today, they were doing cosmetic consultations and boy were they busy.

My adventure to NARS

Women were lined up in seats with professional NARS makeup artists sharing tips and techniques, all from the new book.  I loved looking through the book featuring women from all makes and models, shapes and sizes, colors and culture.  The neat thing about this book is that it has a translucent page that shows you exactly where to add the makeup. It looked to be really helpful.

As a woman who wears minimal makeup and has such bad vision that when I take my glasses off, I’m sure my makeup is not where it should be when I try to put it on, it was really inspiring to see this book.

I asked James a few questions.

1) What is your favorite thing about a woman’s face?

To sum up his answer, skin.  Skin is an important base to start and if your skin isn’t in good condition, then that makes a difference. In my mind I was happy that I exfoliated last night and put eye creme on this morning.

2) What cosmetic can I wear that would assist me in looking a little bit older (or at least my age)?

His answer in a nutshell was to add a bold color. Red lip color perhaps.  Then I thought about the Infxous Scrubs launch and how my makeup was done and the final touch, a beautiful red lipstain.  It wasn’t too red but definitely a pop of color. Now I want to buy that red lipstain that I wore for the event.

My adventure to NARS

I kept our meeting brief and learned some quick tips. I’ll definitely be picking up that book soon. Until then, I’m grateful to know the amazing makeup artists that can assist me in my time of need 🙂

While at this event, I ran into the fashion editor at 5280 Magazne, Georgia Benjou.

I’m looking forward to looking through this book and learning fun tips and tricks!

For more information visit:

Also! Check out the contest that NARS is having! asks users to recreate any or all of 12 selected looks from the book Makeup Your Mind Express Yourself. After recreating a look, users upload their photos, and compete to for a chance to win a trip to New York Fashion Week with us (flight, hotel, dinner, a makeup consultation at NARS new boutique, and backstage access to select shows).

Be sure to check out the website for all of the details by clicking here! I’m excited to attempt to make myself up 🙂

There is never a dull moment… TRACES comes to Denver!

Wow! This performance is going to be amazing and I’m sure the costumes will be fabulous!!

TRACES, the high energy acrobatic spectacle which blends circus, physical theater, music and dance continues its national tour. Created by the Montreal-based performance group 7 Fingers, TRACES is now playing in Denver at the Stage Theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts through May 14.

Combining extraordinary acrobatic feats, music, film, narration and dance, seven performers deliver gravity-defying displays of skill that are fresh, urban and inventive.  The artists’ wide-ranging talent includes traditional Chinese acrobatics, tumbling through hoops and leaping spectacularly on giant poles.  Poetic and explosive, funny and thoughtful, TRACES creates an experience that surprises and delights all ages. TRACES takes the audience into an exhilarating world where creation flourishes, relationships are real, emotions are raw, and you never know what’s coming next.  These versatile artists don’t just engage in high-risk acrobatics, they bare their souls through music, dance, drawing, and spoken word – as they attempt to leave a lasting mark: traces of who they are.

TRACES has critics from Chicago to Los Angeles and now Denver breathless.  The Chicago Tribune raved, “A gorgeously pure, loose, and personal circus… the skills are extraordinary, and the audience immediately understands that it is in the presence of seven massively talented performers.” Variety agrees Traces is “Beautifully choreographed and hugely impressive …TRACES has the goods.”

7 Fingers is a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) used to describe distinct, individual parts moving in coordination towards one common goal. Founded in Montreal by seven seasoned circus performers, and now with five touring shows, this collective has charmed audiences across the globe with their strikingly human and unprecedented multi-disciplinary approach to circus, moving their distinct parts towards common artistic goals.

The North American Tour of TRACES is produced by Fox Theatricals, Tom Gabbard, Amanda Dubois, The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and Nassib El-Husseini & Tom Lightburn.

Come see what’s all the rage at the DCPA. See the hot, trend setting play TRACES before it’s gone. Don’t be left out. It ends 5/14. Tickets available now!!

Fashion Denver at Red Drinks Tuesday, May 3rd

We are thrilled to be part of Red Drinks! Red Drinks Denver-Style Night aims to unite all things fashion in Denver! Red Drinks Denver is an open call for those who want to convene, connect, and conspire to put Denver on the map as a stylish city.

Red Drinks takes place at Double Daughters at 1632 Market in lower downtown. We’ll be talking about what we do as well as having a little Parisian Style fashion showcase!

Twice as Haute celebrates its new home in the Golden Triangle

Oh how we LOVE our neighbors around the corner!! What’s more perfect than pairing your locally designed outfit with an amazing handbag or pair of shoes from a fantastic consignment store around the corner!!

Twice as Haute is excited to now be part of a Colorado area already well-known for its appreciation and support of arts, architecture, and culture, The Golden Triangle.  To celebrate the move, owner Lana Phoenix will be hosting a Grand Opening Celebration on Friday, April 22nd and Saturday, April 23rd from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

The celebration of the consignment shop’s move to 39 W. 11th Ave. will be peppered with various festivities, including complimentary beverages, cocktails, and chocolates. Attendees can also enter to win door prizes, including gift certificates to the shop.

Lana will be offering several sweet deals to go along with her offerings of sweets, such as a 15% discount for the entire shop (except clearance or red-starred items), as well as an additional discount for first-time visitors and those who received an invitation post card (to sign up for the mailing list, visit Twice as Haute’s website).

The Grand Opening Celebration will be the perfect way to prepare your closets for spring and summer styles, featuring name-brand designers like Tiffany & Co., Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson, Kate Spade, Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo, and Prada, just to name a few, all available at affordable prices.

Of course with prom season in full swing there are fantastic formal wear options for spring formals of all kinds, as well as a fabulous collection of designer shoes to add flavor to any outfit. With all the reasonably priced options, your closets and your wallets will be full, and by buying consignment, the Earth gets a break, too!

Stop by Twice as Haute’s Grand Opening Celebration this Friday and Saturday, April 22nd and 23rd, for days full of fun, food, and fashion!