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My friends at Colorado Glasses are excited to help raise the standard on sunglasses! 

What does that mean? Their Bio-Series frames will degrade on their own over time, but, even better, they can be composted (turned into soil). These new shades are paired with their “Unlimited Renewals” program allowing to you send back your old shades in exchange for half off a new pair. They will then take your old glasses and either recycle or compost the parts.

B.Shigley Custom Bags available for the holidays!

Order your Custom Designed B.Shigley handbag or gift certificate for the holiday season! I am coming out of retirement to create unique one-of-a-kind bags for the women in your life (or for YOU!).

There are 2 ways that you can order this gift. 
1) Order a gift certificate that will be either mailed or given to you. This gift certificate will include a design consultation so I can listen to the desires of the handbag heart. Together, with the recipient of the bag, we will create the dream bag.

2) Tell me what you want in a bag and I will create it for you and have it ready by the time the holiday arrives in time to be shipped or delivered to you. There are limits and restrictions though.

b.shigley designs gift certificate


B.Shigley Designs History

Many of you may know, Fashion Denver was inspired and created from my experience as a handbag designer with my company b.shigley designs. As  a young girl, 8 years old to be exact, I was obsessed with making paper purses and I would create paper wallets to go in my paper purse and a paper ID to go into my paper wallet. I’d bounce around at recess calling myself the Paper Purse Police. Little did I know that that little passion would turn into a full on business!

My original paper purse drivers license from 3rd grade and some of my bags I made while living in San Diego.

I launched my business in 1999 and within a year, was selling my handbags in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Paris. I ended up moving to San Diego in 2002  and was submersed in the action sports world and fashion world. I’d make trips up to LA and San Fran to participate in fashion markets and really see what the design world was about. In that time, I had the opportunity to design handbags for an opera in Paris. While I was there, I sold my bags in a boutique in Montmartre (3 doors down from where Amelie was filmed).

Brandi Shigley, founder of Fashion Denver and creator of B.Shigley Designs
Designing my first handbag after coming out of retirement for the holiday season.

With that inspiration under my belt, I moved back to Denver after 2.5 years and started Fashion Denver. Here we are in 2017 and my heart is wanting to go back to my roots to make some more handbags, just in time for the holiday season.

A couple of weeks ago, my artist, builder and creative instigator friend Michael Williams, designed me a place to get back to work and design! Since then, I have a cupboard full of fabric, fresh inspiration and ideas, and am ready to design up a creative storm!

Brandi Shigley's design studio, Boulder Colorado

Brandi Shigley's design studio
Design studio created by Michael Williams. Thank you so much for creating me a space to create!

Order your custom designed bag or gift certificate today!

The SeeNowBuyNow Denver Designer Open House

Saturday, November 4 at 11 AM – 4 PM
Brooks LTD
1616 14th Street

Shopping. Makeup. Jewelry. Wine. All local, all handcrafted.
The SeeNowBuyNow Denver Designer Open House is an evening of fantastic, sophisticated fun showcasing three Denver-based designers. 
Women’s clothing designed and produced by Brooks LTD
Limited edition Brooks LTD original tunics for any and every outfit. Brooks has specialized in custom wear for decades. Here’s your chance to get custom-made quality at a ready-to-wear price.

Makeup by LipBar Custom Cosmetics
Complete your fall look with the Fall 2017 cosmetic collection from this local makeup artist/designer. Try on, get some tips, and wow at your next event with these fabulous colors.

Jewelry by Nikki Nation Jewelry
Modern, yet organic forms. All pieces are handmade using traditional metalsmithing methods. Conflict-free gemstones and recycled materials.

See the handmade products, buy, and take them home that evening. Support local business and look great while doing it!

Hosted by Brooks Luby, owner of Brooks LTD, at her atelier in Lodo. Please RSVP and bring a friend! Receive a special gift with a purchase from Brooks LTD for those that attend.

Wine tasting provided by ONEHOPE Wine. Wine tasting courtesy of Kaz Aylott with viaONEHOPE Wine. ONEHOPE is a Napa Valley Winery inspiring others to do good, with every wine having a built in social impact through partnerships with good causes.

A portion of sales from the event will be donated to the Cancer League of Colorado.


WranglerXPeterMax Collaboration Comes to Denver

WranglerXPeterMax Collaboration
Park Meadows Mall
Now through early 2018

For as long as I can remember, Wrangler has always been that go-to company for quality jeans that will last, pretty much forever. My dad grew up on a farm and wore his Wranglers. I remember as a kid hanging out with my dad in the garage as we’d work on cars, and he’d be in his Wranglers, still… years later!

Peter Max and Wrangler come together for an anniversary celebration on multiple levels! This photo of Peter Max is from the Wrangler website.
Peter Max and Wrangler come together for an anniversary celebration on multiple levels! This photo of Peter Max is from the Wrangler website.

Flash forward to 2017 when the brand that’s been forever strong, collaborates with pop artist Peter Max!   For those of you who don’t know who Peter Max is, we’re pretty sure you’ve seen his artwork. He is the master of the psychedelic print! To celebrate both the 70’s anniversary of Wrangler and the ‘Summer of Love’s 50th, this collaboration was created! The first collaboration with Max was in the early 70’s and this current collaboration still has the same boldly colorful, upbeat feel.

WranglerXPeterMax Collaboration Comes to Denver
WranglerXPeterMax Collaboration Comes to Denver at Park Meadows!

It was so much fun to get to experience and learn more about this collaboration when I stopped by the Park Meadows store. What I absolutely LOVE about all of the styles of this collab is the old school flavor, pop of colors and the way that all of these pieces fit. There’s a certain vintage flair paired perfectly with the modern fit.

A big giant THANK YOU to Alonzo who gave me a little history lesson in fashion as I learned about Wrangler and Peter Max!

WranglerXPeterMax Collaboration Comes to Denver
Alonzo gives me the tour of the Wrangler store and teaches me about the history of Wrangler and this collaboration with Peter Max.

I headed on into the dressing room to try on this collection. Something about trying all of these clothes on was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!!

Brandi Shigley has some fun in the Wrangler Store!
Having some fun at the Wrangler store trying on the Peter Max collection!

I absolutely fell in LOVE with the way the pockets are accented! These white cords with purple pockets… SWOON!!!!! The denim on denim pieces are beautiful as the original Wrangler feel is very much alive.  Not to mention that they are so well made, I could work on  my car and then ride a horse and they’re going to be just fine.

Even though fall is here, I’m still going to rock the heck out of the shorts! Yesterday, I paired them with high over the knee socks and my red cowboy boots to keep with the Wrangler feel. And, because Peter Max’s awesome artwork is on the inside of the jacket, I flipped it inside out throughout the day. Both sides of this jacket are super cool! I’m going to bring” inside out day” back!!

Brandi Shigley rockin' Wrangler and the Peter Max collaboration
Pretty sure I found my staple outfit. Nobody will mind if I wear this every single day, will they?

It was so much fun to get to learn more about Wrangler and this collaboration! My own personal style is very much in line with this too… classic, throwback, colorful and fun!! YES PLEASE!!!

Swing on by the Park Meadow store! This collaboration will be featured in store until early 2018. And, keep in mind, these pieces are limited edition!! Ohhhhh yeaaahhhhhh!!

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Lash Boulevard Unveils New Location in the Denver Highlands Neighborhood

Lash Boulevard Unveils New Location in the Denver Highlands Neighborhood

Highly customizable spa offers lash and brow services, waxing, spray tanning and specialty skin treatments performed by certified estheticians.

Lash Boulevard, home to Colorado’s most sought-after lash specialists and estheticians, is coming to 1204 W. 38th Avenue in the Denver’s Highlands neighborhood. With a grand opening scheduled for September 7th, the spa was built with customization in mind and provides lash extensions, lash lifts, chemical peels, facials, oxygen treatments, spray tanning, waxing and a revolutionary acne treatment program.

Lash Boulevard photo by Fernanda Rite

“We’re absolutely thrilled to expand into the Denver Highlands. Over the past four years, our skincare services and lash extension programs have seen tremendous popularity, and this exciting expansion is the next step in our journey,” said owner Karen Martiz. “We’ve developed a great reputation for our state-of-the-art approach to skincare and improvements to the lash extension industry, so we’re particularly excited to bring these services to such a dynamic part of Denver.”

Karen Martiz
Karen Martiz Photo by Fernanda Rite

Certified by the board of education as a lash extension instructor, Lash Boulevard’s owner Karen Martiz has taught many of Colorado’s lash technicians through her in-person and on-line training program. Martiz is known as one of Colorado’s most experienced and knowledgeable lash experts, and has created her own product line to improve the lash extension application process. Her Westminster spa, Skin Cleaners has received tremendous praise for their lash extension application process and customized approach to skincare.

“We understand that every person’s skin is different and we customize our approach based upon each client’s unique skin tone, texture and tolerance,” explained Martiz. “We continually educate ourselves on the best products and practices in the industry to ensure we’re providing proven treatments that show noticeable improvements for each client.”

In addition to basic lash and skin services, Lash Boulevard is differentiated by an expanded list of treatments that go far beyond that of a typical spa – particularly in the realm of skincare. Lash Boulevard offers a glow on the go light chemical peel that doesn’t produce lasting redness, dermaplaning and microdermabrasion among others. The spa is also one of the only Denver-based providers of the Face Reality acne treatment program – a program widely praised by dermatologists for taking every aspect of the client’s lifestyle into account to design a customized treatment program. Lash Boulevard also offers microblading – the art of creating realistic looking eyebrow hairs using a permanent makeup technique.

Lash Boulevard Photo by Fernanda Rite
Lash Boulevard Photo by Fernanda Rite

Lash Boulevard’s new location is available for continuing education classes for lash technicians, bridal party packages and private parties. Beauty packages can be customized to fit each group’s needs.

For more information about Lash Boulevard’s services, treatments and philosophy, please visit

About Lash Boulevard

Founded in 2013 by Karen Martiz, Lash Boulevard is a Colorado-based spa offering expert eyelash, eyebrow, skincare, waxing, and continuing education services. For skincare, Lash Boulevard sells the Image and Face Reality retail lines. The Lash Boulevard product line is used for lash extension training and sold for professional use. Board certified as an industry educator, Lash Boulevard has two Colorado locations. Learn more at,



Sizzlin’ 6 with Rachel Marie Hurst

Brandi Shigley and Rachel Marie Hurst in 2009 celebrating 10 years of being an entrepreneur.
Brandi Shigley and Rachel Marie Hurst in 2009 celebrating 10 years of being an entrepreneur.

Rachel Marie Hurst was one of our very first designers who was part of our Fashion Denver showroom back in 2008 and has been in our Fashion Denver family ever since then. It has been such a joy to watch Rachel’s fashion career grow and expand! Rachel has done several of our fashion markets over the years and to be able to have her at our 13th anniversary just makes me smile!!! 

Brandi Shigley in a Rachel Marie Hurst dress.
I wore this when I was hosting a red carpet event during the Denver Film Festival.

1) What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

I was first drawn to the architecture of my college campus and the art and mosaics that were on the walls.  They had such amazing colors and designs and that led to my love of prints and colors. 

2) What motivated you to start your own fashion business? 

I felt that I had a vision that I wanted to share with others and that could only be done as my own boss. I love telling my own stories through my designs and expressing myself to others through fashion and the creative process.

3) Tell us one of your fashion icons or designer influences?

There are so many amazing women out there that I admire for their fashion. Currently I am obsessed with Blake Lively and Zendaya. They both have a unique but cool girl feel that is also very feminine. I love that their clothing screams that yes they are women and yes they are strong, amazing and bold. 

Rachel Marie Hurst designs beautiful dresses for the woman who follows her dreams!
Rachel Marie Hurst designs beautiful dresses for the woman who follows her dreams!
Haley wears Rachel Marie Hurst. Photo by Nathan Leech-Proffer.
Haley wears Rachel Marie Hurst. Photo by Nathan Leech-Proffer.

4) What inspires your designs? 

the need to create clothing for women that chase after their dreams and defy societal norms, those women inspire me to create.

5) What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver? 

Denver is like family. We have our ups and downs, but I will always cherish our fashion community and love them no matter what.


Rachel Marie Hurst modeled by Maya
Rachel Marie Hurst modeled by Maya

6) What is one of your favorite pieces that you have ever designed and why? 

My favorite piece that I have designed is my floral print gown. The Print is perfection but the cut and just overall feel gives off a women in charge that is comfortable with her femininity and is sexy and bold. (Pictured)

7) 3 Things if stranded on an island? 

The practical person in me would say food, matches and water but the other person that doesn’t care, my alter ego, would say my computer with my sims game and a solar charging station of some sort lol. 

Featured anniversary designer: Idlewild Designs

Designer Tina Jolliffe of Idlewild Designs
Designer Tina Jolliffe of Idlewild Designs

I’ve known Tina Jolliffe, designer behind Idlewild Designs  for many years and have always been inspired by her style, kind soul, and talent. When we (Fashion Denver) opened up our first boutique on 11th and Cherokee, Tina was part of the growth of that and then eventually ended up taking over the space as her own studio, boutique and office.  Tina left Colorado for a little bit, but boy are we happy to have her back! I’m so excited to feature her designs at our 13th Anniversary. Get ready to get your #SummerDressGame on!!!

Let’s get to know Tina, shall we?

My first memory of fashion inspiration would probably be a combination of my Mother and Grandmother. When I was young my mother made all of my clothing, I always thought that was amazing! As I got older I would search through all my grandmothers closets and storage room for vintage clothing she was willing to part with. I would alter them to fit me, then soon after I was making my own creations because things I could buy in the stores were never 100%

What motivated me to start my own fashion business was this great girl who owned this cute shop in Sacramento CA while I lived there for an extremely short period of time. Maybe a month! It was this great little boutique that she repurposed vintage clothing. I was talking to her one day, I said how I wish I could have a shop like this one day and she just said “do it then” like it was so simple. But then one day I did, and that was rad!

Idlewild Designs at Fashion Denver's 13th Anniversary Bonanza
Idlewild Designs at Fashion Denver’s 13th Anniversary Bonanza

My main inspiration behind designing clothing is mostly just making ladies of all shapes and sizes feel good! I like making things for others to appreciate. I enjoy creating pieces that can make you feel like you!

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver?

I’ve been out of the loop the last couple years. But it seems to keep growing and that’s wonderful! When I first started designing clothing in Denver about 10 years ago it was a small group of designers and most of us knew each other, planned small event together, and now it’s grown so much! I’m excited to meet so many new talented people who share similar interests.

One of my favorite pieces was designed for this Vitamin Water event. Mondo was one of the judges. My best friend Cassie was my model and it was a contest. I can’t even remember what the winning design got (I obviously wasn’t the winner) but it was a really fun night!

Idlewild Designs at Vitamin Water fashion competition
Idlewild Designs at Vitamin Water fashion competition

If I was stranded on an island and got to bring 3 things the first would be GB (Kyle Oppold) my partner. I never get tired of him, he is great entertainment, he can sing awesome songs, and he can help me build a boat to get off the island. Or help build a house so we can stay on the island. The second thing would be an amazing unbreakable knife. For all my chopping, carving and whittling needs. The third thing I’d like is a female sheep so I can use its wool to spin yarn and make fabric by knitting or weaving. Also I’m going to make cheese some how with that sheep milk.

Sizzlin’ 6 with Stylish Sparrow’s Lisa Sharpe

Lisa Sharpe of Sparrow Designs
Lisa Sharpe of Stylish Sparrow

I first met Lisa Sharpe of Stylish Sparrow last summer and really fell in love with the eye that Lisa has for style and the services that she offers to others. This will be Lisa’s 2nd time doing one of our markets and it is truly a joy to have her light shine at our events. Come see Lisa next Friday at our Fashion Denver 13th Anniversary Bonanza!

For me, the most important thing in life and in the world, is people. All people.”- Lisa Sharpe

What inspired your pop up? 

Synergy is something that fuels my work with people and fashion.   Collaborating with people who are fun, free spirited fashion lovers is inspiring!  Celebrating special occasions ignites a little fire in me, brings joy and results in a little more excitement as I prepare for an event.  All of these elements will come into play as I select the merchandise I’ll bring to the 13th Anniversary Fashion Denver Bonanza! 

Stylish Sparrow at last summer's White Party
Stylish Sparrow at last summer’s White Party

What inspires what you carry in your collection and where do you find your goods? 

My colllection comes from adventures in thrifting in Denver, Miami and Orange County.  I look for pieces that speak to me and capture my eye.  If I can visualize a great way to style the item and convey the outfit to the client, then I know it’s a winner.  I also source my collection from clients’  closets when I am working with them during wardrobe consults and personal style appointments.  I apply the same criteria to my purchases from clients’ closets.  It is a thrill to see who each item goes home with, and I love seeing the delight on clients’ faces as they discover these treasures for themselves.

Continue reading Sizzlin’ 6 with Stylish Sparrow’s Lisa Sharpe

Sizzlin’ 7 with Maria Harlan, brains behind Prickly Hearts

Maria Harlan of Prickly Hearts
Maria Harlan of Prickly Hearts

I first met Maria Harlan 12 years ago when she was a student at CSU. She volunteered at one of our first fashion markets and has since then graduated, moved to Arizona, had a decade a life and life brought her back to Colorado! It is so fun to have Maria IN our fashion market, all grown up 🙂

Let’s learn a little bit about Maria and her line of jewelry Prickly Hearts. …

What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

I remember visiting my Grandparents in Iowa every summer and them having these huge JCPenny catalogs.  I would spend hours going through them and tearing out all of my favorite styles and creating vision boards with them.  I must have been 7 or 8!  

What motivated you to start your own fashion business?

I was avid browser on Etsy and decided one day that I should just go for it!  I opened a shop and never looked back.  I was itching for my creative outlet to mean more than a hobby to me.

Prickly Hearts at Fashion Denver's 13th Anniversary Bonanza
Prickly Hearts at Fashion Denver’s 13th Anniversary Bonanza

What inspires your designs? 

The seasons and color! 

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver?

It has been great to see it evolve over the years bring so many creative minds together.  There is so much amazing talent in Denver and I know it will only grow into a bigger industry here!

What is one of your favorite pieces that you have ever designed and why?

Prickly Hearts at Fashion Denver's anniversary bonanza
Prickly Hearts at Fashion Denver’s anniversary bonanza

I designed this oversized statement necklace with green chrysoprase and a natural stone bird feather pendant with gold edging.  The design came to me so effortlessly and I remember how happy I was so see the idea transfer over into the actual piece!  In that moment I felt nothing but happiness for my passion and knew I made the right decision to take the leap in starting my own business.

 3 Things if stranded on an island?

Unlimited music supply

Sizzlin’ 7 with The Mechanic’s Wife

We are excited to announce that The Mechanic’s Wife will be part of our Fashion Denver Bonanza anniversary! This will be the first time that Sally, brains behind the beautiful jewelry, has shown at one of our markets.  This small town Colorado girl brings her inspiration from her family and her passion for upcycling to her jewelry line and we all get to get a glimpse on June 16th! Let’s learn more, shall we?

1) What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

Honestly, I don’t remember, I just know I have always loved fashion, jewelry and designing.  It’s just a part of me.

2) What motivated you to start your own fashion business? 

I have this little problem of, “I can make that!”  My mind constantly looks at things and automatically starts to think of what I can do with it, how I can make it into something, what else can it be used for.  My business was created out of a passion to just create.  It has encompassed everything from being a flower shop, interior decorating, clothing design, painted furniture and jewelry design.  My 5 year old daughter, Elexx tells me daily I’m a “Maker”, and I think that describes me perfectly.

3) Tell us one of your fashion icons or designer influences?

I grew up in a small, rural town, so I was never exposed to big names, but my biggest influence has always been my aunt, LaVanda Mitchek.  She taught me to be creative and I could do it, even if everyone else thought I was crazy.  To look outside the box and be unique.  She will forever be my biggest influence and icon.

The Mechanic's Wife at Fashion Denver's Anniversary
The Mechanic’s Wife

4) What inspires your designs? 

Life, but mainly my kids and the junk yard.   Also my hammer.  I love to pound metal and see what happens.

5) What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver? 

I love that it is so diverse and always progressing.  Denver has done a great job of embracing designers, both new and those who have experience in the fashion world.   

The Mechanic's Wife at Fashion Denver's Anniversary
The Mechanic’s Wife

7) What is one of your favorite pieces that you have ever designed and why? 

This would have to be my Dream Catcher series of necklaces.  I had various stones and metal stampings on my counter and a few just got swept to the side to make room for something else I was working on and when I looked over at it, inspiration just struck and I knew exactly what I was ment to create.  My motto with them is “Dream It, Believe It”.

7) 3 Things if stranded on an island? 

My husband and 5 kids

My tools 

Metallica (Yes, the band)