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Mona Lucero Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

Here is our forth interview with one of the designers for the Whiteout Fashion Show at Artopia Denver! If you’re still in need of tickets, you can purchase them here and don’t forget to use promo code fashiondenver for a discount! Mona Lucero

Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer? 

A: It was a natural progression. I  always loved fashion and began to read a lot of fashion magazines in high school. In college, I had a friend whose mom used to give her a credit card to buy things from the old May D & F and she would buy Polo Ralph Lauren, Halston, Liz Claiborne. I began to analyze what made designer clothing special. As I was finishing art school, (I was one of those art students who dressed eclectically)  I began to wonder if I was going to be able to make a living as a fine artist. I had fallen in love with fashion, so I made the decision to become a designer – I thought I could make a living from selling my designs easier than my art. Of course, I also saw it as another form of creation that I found intriguing.

Q:Where do you draw inspiration from? 

A:Fabric, music, color, what’s happening around me, beautiful people current and past. Everything…

Q: What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your journey thus far? 

Most rewarding is that I can create constantly & also meeting so many people through this medium. Most frustrating is dealing with customers who assume they would look good in my clothes because they’re not skinny. It’s not true, I design for real women.

Q:You emphasize the importance of making designs that make every “body” look great, what is the first thing you take into consideration when when designing for specific individuals?MONALUCERO LOGO10152014 VERY LARGE ORIGINAL

A: I think everyone can look great in most styles if they understand how to play up their best assets. For me, the first thing I explain to my customers is shape and proportion. It is a balancing game and sometimes moving a seam or letting something out or pinching it in even an inch can make all the difference in how great someone looks.

For more on Mona Lucero, visit her website here!

Denver Bespoke Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

With ArtopiaDEN less than a month away, Fashion Denver is doing interviews with all of the designers being featured in the Whiteout Fashion Show! Our first interviewee is AJ Machete, creator of Denver Bespoke and Denver Dressmakers.
Denver Bespoke Logo
Q:  When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

Lianna (the co-designer) and I met at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where she was studying fashion and I was studying sculpture and photography. I was always very interested in style, whether in literature, fine art or clothing, but didn’t get into designing clothing for many years. 
In 2008, Lianna and I were talking about moving out of NYC but there weren’t a lot of fashion jobs in the middle part of the country, and not
many jobs that would be the equivalent of her job as a knitwear designer for Liz Claiborne. So I started designing clothing and sewing and was essentially able to hire her away from her job (although at much lower pay!) and we were able to move to Denver and keep doing creative work.

Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?

A: We start from the perspective that bespoke and couture clothing is a different beast than ready-to-wear. We don’t need to design something that 50,000 people will wear—-selling one piece to one client is enough to get the look out there. This means that we can design pieces that are utterly unique and pretty far out from what most people would consider traditional.
Recently I have been interested in 18th and 19th Century military uniforms, science fiction body armor, Victorian waist seams on jackets, and the idea of clothing as origami that can be created by folding fabric rather than seaming together cut pieces. Of course, a big part of our inspiration comes from the amazing fabrics (generally English and Italian wools) that we work with.

Q: What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your
journey thus far?

A: Making pieces one-at-a-time without any kind of assembly line is amazingly difficult to scale. Hundreds of little details need to get passed back and forth between the sales and design team, patternmaking, cutting, and sewing—which means tons of paperwork and notes. In addition, each patternmaker, cutter and sewer needs to know how to construct a garment from start to finish (and some of the garments are made up of over 100 pieces). The smallest mistake can mean recutting a suit (when the fabric is over $100 a yard). So all of this is frustrating, but also incredibly rewarding.
It is amazing to work with such accomplished tailors and seamstresses and to work on projects that require such care and attention.

Q: Tell us about the unique fit system you use to tailor your designers for each client.

AWe draft custom patterns for each client based on measurements that they take at home and send to us (unless the client is fortunate enough to be able to make it to Denver for a meeting). Each pattern is then drafted on the computer. After many thousands of fittings of muslins and final garments, we have gotten better and better at understanding client’s bodies and can pull in dozens of other similar patterns to compare and contrast what has worked best for fitting varied body types. The result is that even if a client’s measurements aren’t perfect, we can quickly draft a pattern that is almost certain to fit on the first try. For more complex garments, like full suits, we actually mail the client a cotton muslin and have him send us digital pics to see where we can make the fit better. This in turn, gives us more information to further perfect our fitting system.

For more information on AJ and Denver Bespoke, check out their site here.


Still need tickets to ArtopiaDEN? You can purchase them here and use promo code fashiondenver for a discount!

Featured Babes on Bocce designer {Aura Lavender}

Designer Interview: Aura Lavender

Questions asked by Brandi Shigley | Fashion Denver

1. What one memory do you remember that sparked your interest in the fashion world?

When I was 5, my mom taught me to sew by hand for the first time and, I made clothing for my tiny dolls. It kept me busy in my bedroom after school for years. Eventually I gave my dolls and everything to my nieces.

2. What is the mission of your business?

Aura Lavender with broccoliandcrystals

The main mission of Broccoliandcrystals is to provide vegan options for our wardrobes. I also design the clothes in such a way that focuses on the color therapy aspect of clothing. Of course, I’m really passionate about the cruelty free aspect too, like including vegan furs. Recently I’m working on adding an ADD/ADHD focused shopping experience to the mix since those with ADD/ADHD brains work slightly differently but also very creatively. Although Broccoliandcrystals clothing is really for anyone who wants to put color in their wardrobe with classy silhouettes or some that are Avant Garde silhouettes, knowing its vegan.


3. What do you think of our fashion community in Colorado?

I think the fashion community in Colorado is perfect. It’s just finally starting to blossom and it is here to stay as a perennial. If the Denver Fashion industry was a plant, I’d say it finally got to the point where the roots are well established, the leaves have grown and the buds are ready to blossom in fertile soil. It’s a great time to establish your-self and the only competition is your-self. There are plenty of people willing to collaborate, trade for services and get paid for their work, yet not at a ridiculous price; since everyone is trying to find their style, path and go-to contacts. It’s an inspiring place to work and be your own boss. There’s no one to intimidate you and say you’re not good enough. 

5790846_orig4. Describe your style, both personally, and in what you are designing.

With Broccoliandcrystals I tend to design classy silhouettes with focus on colors (monochromatic, color blocking, minimalist) and some Avant Garde silhouettes. I like designing something that will last and the seams don’t bug the wearer. Then I throw in a few surprises like vegan fur dresses.

When it comes to adding jewelry on the runways/photo shoots , I do not include that much jewelry or none at all. Maybe it’s because I am still looking for the right kind of jewelry or because I barely wear jewelry myself. But I think the less fuss, the more awe but, things can change anytime. 

Personally my style has evolved every year. I’ve tried many ‘style personas’ throughout the years. However since I need to keep dressing up simple, I stick to textures, solid colors and, silhouettes. On weaved fabrics, my favorite prints are floral and, spiritual indie prints in small doses. Sometimes I like stripes. But when it comes to anything knit or crochet, that’s where I go crazy with patterns.

5. 3 things if stranded on an island?

Pack of veggie seeds, pack of flower seeds, and a mix pack for berry bushes. Good to go. Unless there’s vegetation already there, hopefully the island is not just a bunch of sand or I need to grow sea vegetables. 

Links to social media and websites:





Instagram (personal)

Instagram (business)




Youtube Channel Broccoliandcrystals

Featured Babes on Bocce Salon {Flaunt}

For our September 5th mini fashion market at Illegal Pete’s, we are thrilled to team up with Flaunt Salon who will be doing the hair and makeup for our 2 fashion shows that are taking place on the bocce court on the patio at 5 & 8.

Flaunt Salon

Personally, I’m very excited to work with Flaunt Salon as it is co-owned by one of my childhood friends and neighbors Jennifer Satterfield Armand. We have known each other since 1984 and it is so much fun to be able to work with each other in our adult life, all grown up! Jenn and her husband Andrew own Flaunt, located at 2219 Larimer.

For all of our Fashion Denver friends, Flaunt Salon is offering a 20% discount on ALL SERVICES, when you mention “Fashion Denver”


What one memory do you remember that sparked your interest in the fashion world? 

I’ve always loved Vogue Magazine and  loved the look of Lauren Bacall and Stevie Nicks in my younger years. My first fashion MUST HAVE was definitely GUESS jeans!

What is the mission of your business?  

To make people look and feel beautiful! We have always wanted to provide a “Cheers” like atmosphere for our staff and clientele. A place you always look forward to coming to EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE AN APPOINTMENT!

What do you think of our fashion community in Colorado? 

I adore our fashion community. I have been blessed to k ow some amazing local fashion and accessory designers. We love to support their passion and drive! 

Describe your style, both personally, and in what you are designing.

I love eclectic looks…

3 things if stranded on an island? 

My family, a good book, and my favorite lipstick! 

Denver Boutique Tour

Last Thursday Brandi and I were out and about running errands. While we were out,  we got the chance to visit both Class Act Collective boutique and Whorl shop, to pick up items for our spring market photo-shoot. It was a lot of fun meeting both of the owners and getting to see the different collection of boutiques Denver provides.

At Class Act Collective we were greeted with a warm welcome by Alexis, the owner. She gave us a tour of her space image2and welcomed us in with open arms. She carries an eclectic variety of merchandise. It ranges from black leather leggings to elegant lacy dresses. She has fun jewelry and accessories suc h as hats and purses. She also carries menswear which is hip and spunky. Even the outside of her boutique screams exciting. Alexis herself has a very loud image1and electrifying personality and it shows in her boutique. Brandi even got to walk away with a super cute baby blue Chanel style patch purse. We had a lot of fun looking around Class Act Collective, if you are looking for the perfect outfit at an affordable price, Class Act is definitely the place to go!

After Class Act, we stopped by Whorl shop in Highlands. image3The minute we stepped in the store we were welcomed by Michael, the director of operations and Megan, the owner. Whorl has a very sophisticated feel to the boutique, as well as a cozy feeling. Whorl carries a variety of clothing that is all fashion forward image4and unique. You can find basic items as well as items you can wear for a formal event. The merchandise Whorl carries is very sleek and suave, even their sweatshirts are classy. They carry brands from local designers as well as a collection of other names and brands. It is definitely a one of a kind destination, where any women would love to shop in.

To learn more about Class Act Collective, you can visit their website at and go visit Alexis at the boutique!

To learn more about Whorl shop, you can visit their website at and visit Megan and Michael at the shop!

Support local shops around Denver! You’ll never know what you’re going to find!

Sitting down with the ladies of Dandizette

We recently attended the Dandizette fundraiser for the Dumb Friends League at the Four Seasons Hotel and finally got a chance to sit down with the three lovely ladies behind Dandizette.  This stylish trio each bring their own skills and perspective into the business, creating an interactive lifestyle experience that is Dandizette, a curated lifestyle from A to Zette!

Jennifer, Stephanie and Tracy met while working at a publication together and during that time, became friends.  After they were no longer at that publication, they met for coffee and their worlds and passions collided forming a new business. They all have a background in magazines, fashion, and PR and wanted to blend all of their skills together. One of the many thing that they had in common was their love for Denver!


Jennifer K. McGlincy, Tracy E. Bozarth and Stephanie E. Richards
Co-Founders, Dandizette Magazine


1 out of 3 of the Dandizette founders are a Colorado native and the other two were transplanted after their husbands got jobs in Denver.

The mission of Dandizette is to create a community of like minded women between 25-54 who are out in the community, shopping, attending the ballet and theater, and are part of Denver’s lifestyle. Dandizette focusses on the events and businesses that surround the Denver lifestyle and brings awareness to the our city culture be it fashion, dance, theater, film and more!


When asked about what the Dandizette crew think of Denver’s scene, “It’s growing by leaps and bounds! People are moving here from top tier markets all the time, from New York, LA, Dallas! Denver is turning into a huge city and we need to be here to tell people where to find it {what’s going on culturally}.”

Dandizette ProfileBesides being a website that highlights boutiques, events, designers, culture, and everything associated with the Denverite lifestyle, Dandizette creates an interactive platform with a fashionable user experience. Users can set up a profile and post their favorite looks and fashion inspirations. Upon doing so, you get points and the more points you get, the more you are rewarded. The rewards are fantastic! Shopping adventures, salon visits, ballets, and more! Another way that Dandizette brings our community together and highlights local businesses and cultural hubs!


Visit Dandizette, create your profile, start collecting points, and join this uber stylish community of the Denvercentric lifestyle!