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Sitting down with the ladies of Dandizette

We recently attended the Dandizette fundraiser for the Dumb Friends League at the Four Seasons Hotel and finally got a chance to sit down with the three lovely ladies behind Dandizette.  This stylish trio each bring their own skills and perspective into the business, creating an interactive lifestyle experience that is Dandizette, a curated lifestyle from A to Zette!

Jennifer, Stephanie and Tracy met while working at a publication together and during that time, became friends.  After they were no longer at that publication, they met for coffee and their worlds and passions collided forming a new business. They all have a background in magazines, fashion, and PR and wanted to blend all of their skills together. One of the many thing that they had in common was their love for Denver!


Jennifer K. McGlincy, Tracy E. Bozarth and Stephanie E. Richards
Co-Founders, Dandizette Magazine


1 out of 3 of the Dandizette founders are a Colorado native and the other two were transplanted after their husbands got jobs in Denver.

The mission of Dandizette is to create a community of like minded women between 25-54 who are out in the community, shopping, attending the ballet and theater, and are part of Denver’s lifestyle. Dandizette focusses on the events and businesses that surround the Denver lifestyle and brings awareness to the our city culture be it fashion, dance, theater, film and more!


When asked about what the Dandizette crew think of Denver’s scene, “It’s growing by leaps and bounds! People are moving here from top tier markets all the time, from New York, LA, Dallas! Denver is turning into a huge city and we need to be here to tell people where to find it {what’s going on culturally}.”

Dandizette ProfileBesides being a website that highlights boutiques, events, designers, culture, and everything associated with the Denverite lifestyle, Dandizette creates an interactive platform with a fashionable user experience. Users can set up a profile and post their favorite looks and fashion inspirations. Upon doing so, you get points and the more points you get, the more you are rewarded. The rewards are fantastic! Shopping adventures, salon visits, ballets, and more! Another way that Dandizette brings our community together and highlights local businesses and cultural hubs!


Visit Dandizette, create your profile, start collecting points, and join this uber stylish community of the Denvercentric lifestyle!