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B.Shigley Custom Bags available for the holidays!

Order your Custom Designed B.Shigley handbag or gift certificate for the holiday season! I am coming out of retirement to create unique one-of-a-kind bags for the women in your life (or for YOU!).

There are 2 ways that you can order this gift. 
1) Order a gift certificate that will be either mailed or given to you. This gift certificate will include a design consultation so I can listen to the desires of the handbag heart. Together, with the recipient of the bag, we will create the dream bag.

2) Tell me what you want in a bag and I will create it for you and have it ready by the time the holiday arrives in time to be shipped or delivered to you. There are limits and restrictions though.

b.shigley designs gift certificate


B.Shigley Designs History

Many of you may know, Fashion Denver was inspired and created from my experience as a handbag designer with my company b.shigley designs. As  a young girl, 8 years old to be exact, I was obsessed with making paper purses and I would create paper wallets to go in my paper purse and a paper ID to go into my paper wallet. I’d bounce around at recess calling myself the Paper Purse Police. Little did I know that that little passion would turn into a full on business!

My original paper purse drivers license from 3rd grade and some of my bags I made while living in San Diego.

I launched my business in 1999 and within a year, was selling my handbags in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London and Paris. I ended up moving to San Diego in 2002  and was submersed in the action sports world and fashion world. I’d make trips up to LA and San Fran to participate in fashion markets and really see what the design world was about. In that time, I had the opportunity to design handbags for an opera in Paris. While I was there, I sold my bags in a boutique in Montmartre (3 doors down from where Amelie was filmed).

Brandi Shigley, founder of Fashion Denver and creator of B.Shigley Designs
Designing my first handbag after coming out of retirement for the holiday season.

With that inspiration under my belt, I moved back to Denver after 2.5 years and started Fashion Denver. Here we are in 2017 and my heart is wanting to go back to my roots to make some more handbags, just in time for the holiday season.

A couple of weeks ago, my artist, builder and creative instigator friend Michael Williams, designed me a place to get back to work and design! Since then, I have a cupboard full of fabric, fresh inspiration and ideas, and am ready to design up a creative storm!

Brandi Shigley's design studio, Boulder Colorado

Brandi Shigley's design studio
Design studio created by Michael Williams. Thank you so much for creating me a space to create!

Order your custom designed bag or gift certificate today!

Sizzlin’ 7 with Duane Topping

We first met Duane Topping last year when he participated in our summer fashion market and since then, we have watched his fashion career skyrocket! He’s been busy gracing many runways both local and nationally and we can’t wait to see what’s next from this combat veteran who is pursuing one of his dreams!

What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

That memory really wasn’t that long ago.  My love for fashion didn’t show its head until later in life.  I do remember reading everything fashion I could get my hands on while I was deployed in 2003.  I had big dreams of becoming fashion editor and I built a collection of garments I liked and ones I didn’t taking note of why.  I still do that today.   The difference now is I get to make my own fashion.

Duane Topping
Duane Topping at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend Spring 2017. Photo: Nicole Marcelli

Continue reading Sizzlin’ 7 with Duane Topping

Sizzlin’ 7 questions with Jeremy Willard

I have known Jeremy Willard for a couple of years now and he continues to inspire me with not only his eye for style and design quality, but with his colorful creativity that graces everything that he touches! I’m honored to have Jeremy at our fashion bonanza and it is so exciting to see him flourish in his fashion company! Big things are in store for this designer!  

Jeremy Willard photo by Robin's Photography
Jeremy Willard photo by Robin’s Photography

What was your first memory of fashion inspiration that you can remember? 

My sister’s Madonna concert VHS from around 1990. I was 4, so I don’t know if I was old enough to be “inspired” by it, but there was definitely a lot shiny stuff to look at and made an impression on me. I also remember TLC wearing condoms all over themselves and thinking they were lollipops, haha.

Jeremy Willard photo by Robin's Photography
Jeremy Willard photo by Robin’s Photography

 What motivated you to start your own fashion business? 

Quitting my job last year forced me to take my work more seriously and try to make money. Mostly necessity.

Tell us one of your fashion icons or designer influences?

#1 is Jeremy Scott (who is also the current man behind Moschino), Thom Brown, Sibling London (RIP?), to name a few.

What inspires your designs? 

Fabric is huge inspiration. If I can’t find fabric I like, I manipulate the fabric I have and hopefully it turns out cool. 

What are your thoughts about the fashion industry here in Denver? 

The more I participate, the happier I am.

Jeremy Willard photo by Robin's Photography
Jeremy Willard at 303 Magazine’s Denver Fashion Weekend. Photo by Robin’s Photography


Jeremy Willard photo by Robin's Photography
Jeremy Willard photo by David Rossa

What is one of your favorite pieces that you have ever designed and why? 

This bleached denim bondage jumpsuit from my show this year at DFW. I sold it to someone mildly famous, and that gave me a huge boost of confidence.

What are your goals for your business?

I don’t have any specific goals, but I’d like to be traveling to the biggest fashion capitols of the world doing my thing. I never want to be famous or a household name, but I’d like to be a familiar name within the industry.

3 Things if stranded on an island? 

My partner Sean, a TV with a hacked Amazon Fire Stick (which includes electricity, Internet, youtube, etc), and drugs (which includes alcohol and cigs).

French Fashion & Champagne

French Fashion & Champagne
Meet the Fashion experts with Fashion Denver
December 12th 6pm-9pm
Alliance Francaise de Denver
Register here

Oui oui oui! We are going to have a great time as we partner up with Alliance Francaise de Denver for an absolutely unforgettable night with the experts who have worked in Paris in the fashion world. Sip on some bubbly, learn some French and be inspired!

mannequin-1223891SPECIAL GUESTS:

  • Florence Muller : Avenir Foundation Curator of Textile Art & Curator of Fashion @ the Denver Art Museum, regularly works with Yves Saint-Laurent, Dior, LVMH etc.
  • Leila Korn : Owner and head stylist @ The Nouveau Style 
  • Christine Oury : Former PR Director for the Federation Française de la Couture who organized the Fashion Week’s défilés in the Louvre 
  • Sabine Lerus Watson : Former Direction and PR assistant for Yves St Laurent’s Public Relations and Production Agency “KCD”
  • Terrence Timmerman : Mario Testino’s Former Project Manager in the 80’s-90’s

Watch our Facebook Live video from our meeting last week…



Hair By Shanelle!

I met Shanelle on New Year’s when I was emceeing a fashion show and love her style and passion for cutting hair. I recorded my adventure getting my hairs cut today.

I dropped by Henry’s to visit @shanellelyn ❤️. #DenverHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #Shave

A video posted by FashionDenver (@fashiondenverstyle) on

First time clients receive $50.00 off a cut and color or $10.00 off a haircut! Schedule your appointment with Shanelle at 720-542-3488
450 E 17th Ave.
Denver 80203

Stylish Sparrow at the White Party

We’re excited to have Lisa Sharpe with Stylish Sparrow back for the 2nd time in a row at the White Party and fashion show extravaganza with 303 Magazine! Learn how she will be taking us from summer to fall at her pop up shop next Thursday!

What inspires what you select for your pop up shop?

The season and venue are the two things that inspire the selection of clothing I’ll have in the Stylish Sparrow Pop Up Shop. Being on the brink of the fall transition has my creative juices flowing about how to adapt summer clothing into the next season. My mind is dancing with possibilities of clothing we can enough right now through October!

Stylish Sparrow

What do you see is a great trend in “summer into fall” fashion? 

My favorite “summer to fall” fashion hack is how enjoy white while also feeling true to the season change. I am so excited to share examples of how to wear white jeans in the fall! I’ll have some great things ready for you to try.

Stylish SparrowWhat is your most favorite WHITE fashion item that you own? Can you snap a picture? 

My white Sevya kaftan is is my all time favorite white garment. The angel sleeves, white on white embroidery and whispery, and cool cotton are quintessentially summer. And Sevya is Fair Trade handmade. What could be any better? I have a couple of these to bring to The White Party so you can try for yourself!

Tell us about your style business? Who do you work with? 

Stylish Sparrow is about discovering your sense of personal style. Style resides within you, and my job is to work with clients who desire to enjoy getting dressed every day. I love getting in the closet and making sense of what is in a woman’s wardrobe. Guiding women to make the most of what they already own and gain confidence in how they present themselves is an adventure!

I work with moms, women entering the workforce for the 1st time, women in transition, women who hate to shop & those who dread special occasions because they don’t know what to wear or how to find it. I offer a complete resale inventory to my private clientele.

What are your 6 month goals with your business? 

 My six month goal is to start a campaign about real, everyday women who are pursuing personal style. Style has nothing to do with size, shape, money or labels. The campaign will focus on who each woman is & how this connects to her personal style.

Tell us about your last vacation!

My vacation is happening right now! I’m headed to Avalanche Ranch to soak in the hot springs. My last vacay was floating on the CO River and riverside camping. I am so grateful to live in Colorado!

Sizzlin’ 6 Questions with Splash designer Maggie Burns

We’ve been working with designer Maggie Burns of Marie-Margot for several years we can see why she won 303 Magazine’s Designer of the Year award this past spring! Check out her interview in preparation for our summer fashion market SPLASH! 

Maggie BurnsWhat were your obsessions growing up? 

Obsessions is a very strong word for a Libra…  I don’t remember being obsessed with anything in particular.  I just remember the small town I grew up in didn’t feed my artistic yearning and I felt hungry for creative stimulation. 

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

Creating designs in fashion was easy for me and gave me the feeling of connection and authenticity.  Growing up, I loved seeing beautiful clothes in the magazines and being able to interpret them my way.   It took me to Paris long before I had the opportunity to actually visit Paris.

Photo by Harvey Klahold

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

I see things in terms of shapes and colors, where others see things as cars and trees and buildings… I’m always looking for new patterns and textures in nature to inform my designs.  I appreciate the juxtaposition of opposing shapes and textures and how it might relate to details in a gown. 

Whenever I go to a movie, I’m intrigued with the costuming and sets as they relate to the story.  I try to make my designs tell the story as the collection develops.   

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

Sometimes a book, a movie, a piece of artwork or a soundtrack inspires me, or it can be as simple as discovering beautiful laces and fabrics and letting them tell me what the collection should say.  Ultimately, my most successful collections have been when I keep my “Why?” in mind.  My “Why” is that I was born to make women look and feel beautiful. 

maggieburnsHow has fashion impacted you? 

Fashion creates a sense of urgency …  there’s so much to do and so little time.  Fashion in general moves quickly; on the one hand, one needs to get their ideas out of their head and into the market before the trends change.  On the other hand, timeless elegance never goes out of style.  It’s imperative to find the fine line between the two.   

I have personally found the “Why?” in my life and feel a sense of profound fulfillment when my brides tell me that I have made their wedding day the best ever with their gorgeous gown! 

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Denver fashion is moving ahead at light speed.  There is an abundance of very talented new designers coming onto the scene with their creative energy and enthusiasm.  The more established designers are perfecting their craft and producing beautifully made, creative designs.     

Be sure to check out Maggie’s IndieGoGo campaign and help her reach her goal!

Sizzlin’ 6 questions with Splash Designer Denise Dailey

Denise Dailey, brains behind Prompt Flare Designs and OCH Couture will be joining us at SPLASH, our summer fashion market powered by 303 Magazine! Join us June 26th for an afternoon of fashion fun by the pool!

 Denise DaileyWhat were your obsessions growing up?

Color! I would color coordinate everything about my clothes and accessories… I loved matching everything together. I also loved transforming my jacket into my personalized style by applying studs and jewels and wearing my aunt’s brooches .

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

As a portrait sculpture artist, adding colorful flowers for the hair naturally evolved into wearable art- Hair made from fabric, tulle, ribbon and other materials made for a runway statement maker. And is still evolving with our belts,purses and earrings.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

Definitely! I see inspiration for styles in plants, bushes, flowers and trees. I see humorous t-shirts made from life’s moments. I love looking at purses and the way women use them. I get inspired thinking about ways to design and add better functionality.

Denise Dailey

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

I like looking at what the runways are doing and what people are wearing – I draw inspiration from everyone. Generally once an idea strikes, I hurriedly get it onto paper. I show it to my family, friends and team to gauge their response. I’ll look to see what’s already out there and if someone’s already running with it… I check Pinterest, magazines, google and social media and if it seems like there’s a need, I go with it.

How has fashion impacted you? 

I love the freedom of expression. Fashion has given me validation to be a little out of the box, which excites me to create. I am constantly stimulated with ideas.


What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Being a Denver native, I have to say that we were always really cool with our own different style. Then it kind of petered out to more of a coastal thing to be fashionable. In 2011, I would have said that I felt I had to be coastal. Today, I feel the Denver scene is young and becoming more and more fashion-forward with all the different cultures and personalities. It reminds me of old expressive times of the late 70’s and 80’s. I feel Denver’s fashion industry is taking off in a big way and this is the place to be for a designer.

Denise Dailey

Sizzlin’ 6 Questions with our Splash Designer Blackberry Maverick

Interview with Leslie Kinson of Blackberry Maverick, a featured designer at our summer fashion market Splash, happening Sunday, June 26th!

Blackberry MaverickWhat were your obsessions growing up? 

I was obsessed with exploring the outdoors (I grew up on a farm) as well as all kinds of art, from gardening to acrylics, to watercolor, to sculpture, to sketching and ultimately making clothing.

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

My town growing up was a tiny farm town in Vermont where my high school class had only 92 students from the entire county. Fashion for me was a was to stand out and express my individuality in a atmosphere with such a lack of diversity. At home it allowed me to spend time with my mother, learning all of her skills and at school it allowed me to get out of the boring classes in order to do creative projects instead.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections?

Absolutely. I love being on the forefront of everything and I love to be noticed! Whether through my personality as a waitress, the way I decorate my home and the environment I create for my friends and industry co workers, to the restaurants I frequent and the food and drinks I consume. I am drawn color and texture in everything and always strive to be that girl that people look at and want to know.

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

Blackberry MaverickI always design with the BMAV fearless female in mind, “You are smart, savvy, confident…and emerging as a woman in the world with a strong sense of self. Whether you are 20 or 40 You want to be able to express who you are through the clothing that you choose to wear. To, “Be Noticed” is a state of mind that will inspire our women to radiate their inner light. We want you to embody the bold, sensational woman who is electrified by being the center of attention” 

Then, I research a few things simultaneously in order to come to an initial collection. Fabric type, colors/testures/prints and silhouettes and design elements I gravitate towards that are fresh and exciting and inspire me to design around them as well as speak to the woman I am designing for. 

From there, I make things! I am untraditional in the sense that I don’t make a mood board, then sketch, then draft patterns etc. I get fabrics I want and sketch a few design elements and from there I start draping in the actual fabrics and build on a dress form. I won’t build whole pieces, just elements, maybe work out the drape of a pant leg, or the structure of a shoulder. Then from there I figure out which silhouettes, which design elements and which fabrics will go with what and start building a cohesive collection around the story I am trying to tell. 

Blackberry Maverick

How has fashion impacted you?

Fashion is my life really. It exudes from me and consumes me. I have tried for many reasons to give it up at different stages in my life but I always end of coming back to it. It was four years ago now that I started Blackberry Maverick and I devote every ounce of my energy to growing and developing my brand and honing in my ability to create pieces that truly speak to the BMAV woman.

Blackberry Maverick

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

I am excited about the growth I have seen over the past 10 years and feel that we are carving out a legitimate name for ourselves. It is fantastic to be able to manufacture locally and to have customers who support local manufacturing and sustainable fabrics. It is also wonderful to be able to work with eager individuals making names for themselves in the design arena as well as in photography, modeling, hair and makeup.


Grand Opening – DENV3R.CO – Colorado Inspired Apparel

Grand Opening – DENV3R.CO – Colorado Inspired Apparel
Created by Colorado Entrepreneurs and Designers  

9. Image of storeMarch 9, 2016 – DENV3R.CO is launching a retail store in the hip and fast growing DU neighborhood, right at the foot of the Broadway & Evans rail station.  

 -Join your Colorado friends in celebrating local entrepreneurship, design and fashion. 

 -Check out Colorado brands that are making noise nationwide.

-Get a peak at the design studio and meet the people behind the apparel created for numerous Colorado businesses and brands. 

-Support Colorado entrepreneurs and be one of the first to wear the fashionable, Colorado crafted apparel.  All DENV3R.CO products will be sold at a 20% discount.  

1. DENV3R.CO Family_ Jeremy (owner), wife Zofia (ESTAINE co-founder), Oreo and baby Ezra

The grand opening will take place on Friday, April 1st, 2016 at 2140 South Delaware St. #101 from 4 to 8 pm.  Evans Station Lofts is the newest and most progressive affordable housing community in Colorado that also allows Denver’s creatives and entrepreneurs to stay within the Denver city limits in a hip, award winning building.

“The dream for DENV3R.CO was not only to open a store that celebrates Colorado, but also to support local entrepreneurs by giving them an opportunity to get products into retail and in front of you, Colorado.  For Colorado by Colorado.” Jeremy Picker, CEO


DENV3R.CO is a Denver born lifestyle brand that celebrates the beauty of Colorado through comfortable and fashionable apparel.

 DENV3R.CO is a sister company to, a local apparel design firm that brings fashion to the people by creating apparel that people want to wear for organizations and brands across the country.  

-The DEVN3R.CO store concept was created because the AMB3R team recognized the love we all have for Colorado and the lack of fashionable, quality apparel to show that love. 

2. JeremyFounder, Jeremy Picker, is a veteran in the fashion industry and is passionate about using fashion to do good.  He helps clients in the social impact sector to use apparel as a means to raise funds and awareness.  

Prior to launching his own company, Jeremy toured for 10 years managing music merchandise for major label bands.  He is a cancer survivor and co-founder of ÉSTAINE, a luxury fashion company that strives to spark conversations that lead to early cancer detection. 

Jeremy’s passion is marrying fashion, business and philanthropy.  He went from helping to run an orphanage in Haiti to touring with major label bands as merchandise manager to today creating fashion as a means for doing good.  He, we, are so excited to now show our love for entrepreneurship and Colorado through the launch of DENV3R.CO.