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D’Lola Couture Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

Here is our fifth interview with Deedee Vicory of D’Lola Couture!

Q: When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer?
A: The first time I knew that I wanted to be a Wedding Gown Designer was in 1993 when I designed my first Wedding Gown.
Q: Where do you draw inspiration from?
A: I get my inspiration from all sorts of things….Nature, people, but lately it’s been more by  music….
Q: What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your journey thus far?
A:Aww… This is my favorite part.  I just enjoy every step of my career…I live for that moment when a bride looks in the mirror and see’s herself as she is JUST STUNNING! Talk about that take your breath away moment! The most frustrating part of my journey is that I wish I could do more weddings however I have not figured out a way to clone me…
Q:What is your favorite part about designing wedding gowns?
A:I love sitting down with her and hearing about her future wedding plans and how they met each-other. That helps me to get to know her a little more so that I can help her to create “THE DRESS” of her dreams

Gino Velardi Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

Here is our third interview with Gino Velardi in anticipation for the Whiteout Fashion Show at Artopia on February 20th! Enjoy 🙂

Q:When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer?
Gino Velardi Headshot
A:It happened when I first discovered a fashion magazine at age 8! I was immediately seduced by this discovery and knew what industryI wanted to be in. So I learned how to do hair and makeup, styling and production, but I didn’t like to do any of those things for someone else, so I adopted the role of fashion designer.  I saturated myself with the knowledge of clothing design. Then I can have
people work with me to realize my vision.

Fashions by Gino Velardi Model:Masha Spiridonva Photographer: Jim Kellett Hair: Ted Medina Makeup: Alexandra Hansen, Bri Birdhuma Graphic Design: Kellett Creative
Fashions by Gino Velardi
Model:Masha Spiridonva
Photographer: Jim Kellett
Hair: Ted Medina
Makeup: Alexandra Hansen, Bri Birdhuma
Graphic Design: Kellett Creative

Q:Where do you draw inspiration from?

A:My inspiration comes from music! I listen to specific genre of music and I think of a fashion show and what kind of clothes I would design around that song. I can listen to everything from Patsy Cline to Led Zeppelin. That feeds my vision!

Q:What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your

journey thus far

A:The reward comes from my family, friends and fans that have supported me throughout my career. The most frustrating part is producing all the designs in my head. I’m a self-taught designer and I do very well with designing and producing my designs, but would like to push myself even further with techniques and construction.

Q: Tell us about your favorite dress you’ve designed.

A:Gosh, there has been so many. But I would have to say my favorite piece would by my faux fur chinchilla swing coat with horizontal transparent strips. Very luxurious, stylish and sexy!


For more on Gino Velardi check out his website here! If you’re still in need of Artopia tickets, you can purchase them here and use promo code fashiondenver for a discount!

Anna Festa Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

In anticipation for the Whiteout Fashion Show at Artopia on February 20th, Fashion Denver is interviewing all of the designers being featured in the show. Here is our second interview with Anna Fangenello of AnnaFesta.

Q:When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

A:I started sewing as a child with my grandmother and my mother. At the age of 13, I made my first outfit from a Brooke Shields pattern that I had altered to my size 12 figure. I was hooked! Pattern making
and clothing the body in proportions that enhanced the female shape became my focus. I wanted what all 13 year olds want – to be pretty, powerful and admired by my peers. By working with numbers, shapes and colors I felt confident in my clothing, which helped me to become more confident in myself

As a teenager, I worked in theaters making costumes for the DCPA and the Shakespeare festival in Boulder. I moved to New York for the first time at 18, working at a costume company and interning withUnknown designer MaryJane Marcasiano in Soho. At 19, I lived in Italy working as a patternmaker and sewing in a factory that made furs and leather jackets.

By 24, I was working with Nanette Lepore, at her side assisting to create her brand. I helped to produce Nanette’s first runway show, open her flagship boutiques, in both NY and LA, and produced all of the clothing from concept to customer. I love what I do and am so lucky that I followed my dreams from a very young age

Q:Where do you draw inspiration from?

A:My inspiration is a marriage of math and emotion. It is all about colors, shapes and the creation of prints mixed with the shape of the body, proportions, and geometry. It all comes together to create that distinct Festa style. I study the female form and work with the curves and shapes, placing pieces very specifically to support and enhance our curves. AnnaFesta is based around the size 10 – 20 customer. I start with a size 16 and the curves and shapes that come with this female form make me excited to see what my next creation can do to make this figure powerful and beautiful

Q:What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your journey thus far?

A:In my early 30’s I had breast cancer and went through years of treatment. I LOVED New York and my career had taken me all the way to the top, working with Nanette and as COO of Zac Posen. But, after years of cancer treatment and not taking care of myself, I left everything to “find myself”. My priorities changed. After 20 years
away from my hometown of Denver, I decided to return to a healthier lifestyle in Colorado.

I told myself that I was never going to do anything with fashion again. I left my fashion career behind and did things I hadn’t done before. I skied 40 times in a year, went to Burning Man for 10 days, and spent loads of time with my family. I removed myself from the pull of the fashion world to find out who I was and where I wanted to be. After a few years away from fashion, I was brought full circle and returned to the career that I had always loved! During my time off I found a new goal in a female shape that was being ignored – the curvy body type! I have made it my goal to create a collection that gives her confidence in beautifully fitting, curve enhancing, high quality, on trend clothing. My Colorado peers supported me and here I am, back at it, doing what I love most – making women feel beautiful and confident through my designs.


Q:Tell us about the “FestaFit” process

A:The FestaFit is created by my focus on the female body and all of its different shapes and forms. I am driven by proportion and how fabric – particularly prints and bright colors – can be placed on the body to enhance the female shape. How the print is placed, where a seam lies on the body, and proportions from top to bottom and side to side – all of this comes together to create the FestaFit. “Is it math or is it art?”, someone asked me once. The merging of the two arenas drives FestaFit. My goal – whether you are 5′ tall, 6′ tall, size 2 or size 22 – you will put on one of my creations, look in the mirror and feel beautiful, happy and ready to conquer the world!

I love what I do, and I love your body!

For more on AnnaFesta check out this video and her website here! And if you’re still in need of ArtopiaDEN tickets, you can purchase them here and don’t forget to use promo code fashiondenver for a discount!

Featured Babes on Bocce designer {Aura Lavender}

Designer Interview: Aura Lavender

Questions asked by Brandi Shigley | Fashion Denver

1. What one memory do you remember that sparked your interest in the fashion world?

When I was 5, my mom taught me to sew by hand for the first time and, I made clothing for my tiny dolls. It kept me busy in my bedroom after school for years. Eventually I gave my dolls and everything to my nieces.

2. What is the mission of your business?

Aura Lavender with broccoliandcrystals

The main mission of Broccoliandcrystals is to provide vegan options for our wardrobes. I also design the clothes in such a way that focuses on the color therapy aspect of clothing. Of course, I’m really passionate about the cruelty free aspect too, like including vegan furs. Recently I’m working on adding an ADD/ADHD focused shopping experience to the mix since those with ADD/ADHD brains work slightly differently but also very creatively. Although Broccoliandcrystals clothing is really for anyone who wants to put color in their wardrobe with classy silhouettes or some that are Avant Garde silhouettes, knowing its vegan.


3. What do you think of our fashion community in Colorado?

I think the fashion community in Colorado is perfect. It’s just finally starting to blossom and it is here to stay as a perennial. If the Denver Fashion industry was a plant, I’d say it finally got to the point where the roots are well established, the leaves have grown and the buds are ready to blossom in fertile soil. It’s a great time to establish your-self and the only competition is your-self. There are plenty of people willing to collaborate, trade for services and get paid for their work, yet not at a ridiculous price; since everyone is trying to find their style, path and go-to contacts. It’s an inspiring place to work and be your own boss. There’s no one to intimidate you and say you’re not good enough. 

5790846_orig4. Describe your style, both personally, and in what you are designing.

With Broccoliandcrystals I tend to design classy silhouettes with focus on colors (monochromatic, color blocking, minimalist) and some Avant Garde silhouettes. I like designing something that will last and the seams don’t bug the wearer. Then I throw in a few surprises like vegan fur dresses.

When it comes to adding jewelry on the runways/photo shoots , I do not include that much jewelry or none at all. Maybe it’s because I am still looking for the right kind of jewelry or because I barely wear jewelry myself. But I think the less fuss, the more awe but, things can change anytime. 

Personally my style has evolved every year. I’ve tried many ‘style personas’ throughout the years. However since I need to keep dressing up simple, I stick to textures, solid colors and, silhouettes. On weaved fabrics, my favorite prints are floral and, spiritual indie prints in small doses. Sometimes I like stripes. But when it comes to anything knit or crochet, that’s where I go crazy with patterns.

5. 3 things if stranded on an island?

Pack of veggie seeds, pack of flower seeds, and a mix pack for berry bushes. Good to go. Unless there’s vegetation already there, hopefully the island is not just a bunch of sand or I need to grow sea vegetables. 

Links to social media and websites:





Instagram (personal)

Instagram (business)




Youtube Channel Broccoliandcrystals

Featured Babes on Bocce designer {R.Lee}

September 5th, Fashion Denver will hold our mini end of summer market Babes on Bocce at Illegal Pete’s! We are excited to have R. Lee at this market! She is knew to the Fashion Denver scene and

Plaid dress: Bridgette Halter $185 available in S-M

1) What one memory do you remember that sparked your interest in the fashion world? 

My first visit to San Francisco when I was a 6th grader. It wasn’t fashion in particular but it was Art as a whole. Through the years my love of creating kept growing and by the time I was 16 yrs old I wanted to be a designer.

IMG_20150822_1940102) What is the mission of your business?  

Our mission at R. Lee is to create and give you an experience like no other in feeling beautiful and finding your style. Buy one of kind garments straight off the runway , limited edition garments or special order a custom garment especially made for you. Everything is designed and made here in Denver, Colorado by myself or my team. We put our hearts into each garment and feel they tell a story while you wear it. Share our story and most of all, share your story with others by choosing to wear R. Lee.

Dress with Coral Jacket: Bustier dress $185 available in 6 & 10

 3) What do you think of our fashion community in Colorado?

Honestly I am new to the independent designer or what most would refer to the as the fashion community here in Denver. I have lived here in Denver for 3 years but have been immersed in the corporate side of design working for Roper Apparel and doing Freelance. I haven’t really had time to really form any opinions of the Denver Fashion Community, however I am excited to start this new relationship with Denver. 

4) Describe your style, both personally, and in what you are designing.

My own style is eclectic but roots in classic, sporty with a dash of boho.

When I design I lean more towards classic silhouettes but I really love to experiment with color and patterns. I don’t believe clothes should be fussy, my designs are clean and easy to wear and mix well with any wardrobe. I am never overly trendy in my design process because I don’t believe in throw away fashions/fast fashion. I love the idea of investing in a wardrobe and want my customers to feel like they are investing in me as well as themselves when choosing to wear R. Lee.

 5) 3 things if stranded on an island? 

I would need my dog Tulsa first and foremost. Second I would want a Bible and lastly  I guess I would want bug repellent/sunscreen.

Where can we find your designs?