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Justin Great Season 2 Release

January 20, 2018 – Is it good? Well it’s never good enough for Justin Great. The energy was sky high on Friday night as people flooded into the Justin Great Season 2 Launch Party. Hosted at Urban Mix in Denver, the party was bound to come alive with food, drinks, music, dancing, and fashion.

New to the Denver scene but not a rookie when it comes to the fashion scene, Justin wanted to leave his mark with his newest line. The main style idea his clothing reflects is streetwear. I was initially intrigued by this because I’m quite invested in the streetwear culture myself. Not only this, but streetwear isn’t as prominent in Denver as it is in New York or LA – places Justin has worked before. The unique ideas surrounding streetwear create shifts in culture and allow people to be creative and open when it comes to expressing their style. Streetwear normally aims at both comfort and individuality – an appealing combination to many people interested in the realm of fashion. It is continually evolving and new concepts are introduced regularly to allow a diverse style to come to life.


Overall, my favorite concept from his work is the idea of a more unisex line that is simple and effortless. Streetwear can generally be made for both men and women because of the oversized fit and gender neutral designs. These cropped crewneck sweaters were simple and understated in the best way. With the slogan “GOOD IS THE ENEMY OF GREAT,” an encapsulating quotation that his line heavily revolves around, it kept it interesting and unique while still being effortless. These pieces are easy to wear, something Great was striving for when creating this line. When asked what one overarching statement was that really captured the essence of his line, Great said, “[it’s] Effortless. You can put it on and you don’t have to think.” This concept was quite popular with the crowd too. People loved the idea of an easy-to-throw-on piece that complements any outfit.

My personal favorite was the “White T-Shirt.” The white-on-white with the basic white scoop neck tee was genius. Sometimes less is more and this piece made that evident. The simplicity of this shirt is what gives it meaning. This piece is easy to throw on but will add extra detail to an outfit in substitution to a plain white shirt. I could definitely see the influence of other notable streetwear brands in this specific piece. Justin Great could pick out many different brands he identifies with but the three he rocks with the most are Ralph Lauren, Greg Lauren, and Off-White.  An essential combination, these three brands/designers seem to influence Justin’s own pieces.

The event itself was an interesting concept that shed a new light on fashion events in Denver. The show was prerecorded in a concrete basement and projected on a screen on loop. Instead of the traditional show, this spin on it was new and refreshing to see. Though I would have enjoyed watching people sport the clothes in person, this alternative was creative, something that captured the attention of the viewers. The visuals matched the rest of the Justin Great vibe, simplistic and aesthetically pleasing. I will have to admit, this idea won me over even though I wasn’t so sure about it to begin with.

Once again, matching the general aesthetic of Justin Great, the logo was clean, professional, and sharp. I appreciated the look because it could easily one day be an iconic logo, one that is recognized whenever it’s seen. The quality of his denim products was unmatchable. The stitching and line work was nearly immaculate and the designs were innovative and creative.

I couldn’t have been more impressed with the uniqueness of the event. Justin opted to not only create an impressive clothing line, he hosted an interactive affair as well. A local dance group wowed the crowd with an energetic routine. Cheers echoed through the room as people were astonished by the moves this group had. Happening about midway through, Justin knew this would get the people in even higher spirits. It worked. The people loved it and it elevated the event to an even higher standard. Justin, being a man of many talents, decided to share another aptitude he possessed. He performed a new song that he had just released. I was so impressed with the drive and work ethic he had to not only limit himself to one area of creation, but to expand on many others.

The Justin Great Season 2 release event was one for the books. Between his awe-inspiring clothing line and ability to throw a killer show, he really did it all. I will be sure to look out for more clothing and events by Great in the future. Congratulations on such a successful turn out, Justin!


More photos from the event:

“This garment was carefully crafted by JUSTIN GREAT with high quality materials for those who DO NOT accept good as the standard.”

Jackalope Fair

December 9th/10th, 2017 – Handmade and local was all the rage this past weekend at the Jackalope Market held at the McNichols Building in Downtown Denver. Sponsored by The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, Denver Public Library, Hello Fresh, Willow, LowBrow, Studio Colfax, and Yelp, this was a fun, family event to attend.

All photos courtesy of Sydney Scarola

From the moment you walk in, you’re faced with an extremely tough decision: what do I want to buy? Because this fair hosted over 150 vendors, each stand was unique and Colorado proud. I loved these hand drawn maps and pictures.Thalken jewelry was my favorite jewelry stand at the event. Their dainty, delicate pieces were elegant yet sharp at the same time. For me, I am in love with small necklaces as I think they do a lot by being little. They can add to a look or tie together clothing pieces by breaking them up (contradictory statement, I know). Based out of Lousivilletheir pieces would be the perfect gift for a loved one.

Sweet Caroline Confections added a completely unique and satisfying touch to the world of lollipops. These sparkle lollipops were gorgeously crafted and could work as the perfect stocking stuffer for any person, any age! I was so impressed by the rare spin these seemingly simple treats took. They even offered a slew of flavors, from Champagne to Nutella, these lollipops not only looked gorgeous, they tasted even better!

The Sleep Over Stick was a huge hit for my family and I. Knowing what skin junkies we are, it was hard to walk right past so we had to stop. We were impressed to learn the idea behind it – a simple but genius one. The package comes with two sticks that are meant to be used on the go. From the gym bag to a sleepover, the cleansing stick will help you stay fresh while the hydrating stick restores the necessary moisture back into your skin. Sold in stores like Anthropologie, this is a necessity for all skin lovers!

Who knew that cookies could be such a beautiful art form? Sweet Treats by Melissa showed me an art I had never seen before. These cookies were stunning, and I mean STUNNING. It was true art in an edible form, what more is there to love? All handcrafted by the talented Melissa, these sweet treats are almost too exquisite to eat.

The Jackalope Fair was quite the event. Between all of the talented vendors and unique ideas, my family and I had a wonderful afternoon. I know all of these companies will be successful with their extraordinary ideas.


Recap of SPLASH

Fashion Market at the Breakers Recap
B.Fresh, Blackberry Maverick, Byasimacouture, Lawrence and Larimer, The Haus, Prompt Flare Designs, Stylish Sparrow, Marie-Margot and Hair by Shanelle; an all star team of designers that came together for the Poolside Fashion Market and made a splash!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Whether your fashion summer cocktail included ingredients such as linen, beads, tribal, traditional, dresses, laces and more, there was enough variety that satisfied everybody’s fashion buzz. A live DJ, sun, activities, a pool, and local clothes. What more could you ask for from a perfect Sunday for fun and shopping with friends and family.

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Local Colorado designers took the spotlight and showed what the 303 can create. As Colorado becomes more diverse, we saw some impressive energy and designs from all of the designers that set up shop. Great work to all the designers and thank you 303 magazine for helping sponsor the event. We can’t wait to see what all of the designers have planned for the future and it’s looking bright!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

To see more pictures click here!

The African Fashion Show

The African Fashion Show Recap
By Daniel Saun | Fashion Denver Intern
{See more photos}

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

Authenticity is a term that is used copious amounts of times within the fashion industry. However, is there truly authenticity within the fashion industry today? With consumers eating up fast fashion like it’s their last meal and those that have created womenswear and menswear into a commodity, it is truly hard to find a collection that is genuine. At the African Fashion Show Saturday night, I had the pleasure of experiencing fashion that is as authentic as it can be.

Tribal patterns, vibrant colors, traditional music, and most importantly; culture. Culture is what makes fashion unique and its people are the heart of that culture. From the few fashion shows that I have attended, the African Fashion Show was the liveliest and the most charismatic.

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

As the models walked down the runway representing and owning the native threads from different countries all over Africa including: Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, etc., there was an incredible sense of heart and passion that included the audience. In a way, this was more than a fashion show. This was a representation. A representation of how influential and important all cultures from Africa are. This representation also became educational. The dropback for the center stage and the patterns on all the clothing turned into a realization. I never noticed it, but some of my favorite patterns from designers such as Burberry Prorsum and Junya Watanabe all took influence from very traditional African ornaments.  

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

With such monumental motifs that most of the heaviest players in fashion are continuously paying homage to Africa for her designs, it is a cause for celebration and a celebration it became. As the fashion show came to a close, a guest singer sang and the audience danced, sung a long and some even rose from their seats. The atmosphere was uplifting with a great sense of community. Traditional dancing accompanied by the drums carried the spirit and the enthusiasm of the culture all the way to the end.


According to Davie, a gospel reggae singer from Uganda said, “this fashion show was classic and true to the heart of Africa and her people.”
Check out My African Roots FB for more pictures!

Part 2 of pictures

Anthomania Fashion Show

13442609_10153890197327585_7399049042330129973_oThe summer fashion season certainly kicked off this past weekend at the Anthomania Fashion Show, presented by Studio Colfax. This family run artisan boutique on Colfax Avenue put on a wonderful fashion show in their very own courtyard in the back of the store.

The show featured local designers such  Minus the Dart,  Symantha Perrera,  and PUPIL Clothing. Hair was done by Jade Gordons Onsixth, and makeup by Cynthia Delgado. With yummy food provided by Extreme Pizza – Denver, and even iced tea by RL Linden & Co.

Designer: FACE Photo by: Lynn Nguyen

The show began with models emerging from the back exit out of the store on to a brick walk way which wrapped around the entire courtyard and made for a great runway. Guests were seated all along the courtyard and given perfect little wooden fans to keep cool during the hot summer night. While it was definitely warm out, the weather was certainly not the only thing hot about the evening. Kicking off the show, we saw designs from FACE aka Symantha Perra, one in particular was a bright orange and red floral dress and this dress was hot to say the least. Her designs got me feelin’ some type of way for fashion this summer season! Next we saw designs from pupil and Minus the Dart. With leggings such as “Miente Libre Leggings” and “Opius Wars Leggings” from pupil and sleek black poncho’s from Minus the Dart, topped with jewelry from Canned Good, the combined look was powerful and definitely made a statement.

From Studio Colfax's Facebook Page
Minus the Dart ended the show with a variety of beautiful top and skirt pairings. She also featured a casual striped  shirt dress that was sold right off the runway! If you’re looking to spice up your summer wardrobe or you’re just in need of a couple timeless pieces, you’re sure to find something provided by one of if not all of these designers!

The show concluded just in time for a typical late afternoon Denver summer shower and I was in serious need of one of Minus the Dart’s awesome poncho’s! For more pictures from the evening visit our Facebook page here. Studio Colfax is located at 2418 E Colfax Ave, Denver, Colorado 80206. The boutique features not just clothing but also jewelry, shoes, purses, and many other goodies not to be missed!



Wrap up for Matthew Morris 10 Year celebration

By Daniel Saun | Fashion Denver Summer Intern

Amazing. Even the honorable Mr. Morris could not find another word to describe the artistry and the expertise that he and his team have been able to achieve over the decade. His metallic gold Jeremy Scott Adidas wings sneakers graced the runway as he effortlessly exuded an energy that filled the ballroom. This was an event that not only hailed the past 10 years of Matthew Morris, but also to new beginnings.

Hairstyles over the past decade. Photo by Lynn Nguyen

The eager guests that attended were treated to an array of eye candy that foreshadowed the occasion and the phenomenal spectacles they would witness. As the night progressed and with everyone taking full advantage of the open bar, courtesy of those that donated, it was time for the main show.

The avant-garde of Colorado gathered into their seats surrounding the X shaped runway that teased them as L’Erin and Marvin, parterns along side Matthew Morris, spoke and were reminiscent of days past that were part of the fundamental building blocks that shaped what the Matthew Morris Salon has become.

Photo by Lynn Nyguyen
Photo by Lynn Nguyen.  L’Erin, Marvin and Matthew

However, it would not be a Matthew Morris event without a just cause. This year, the wonderful team decided to help defeat Breast Cancer and to help promote early detection awareness among women. The brave Erin Monroe spoke about her experience as a Breast Cancer survivor and how important it is for  women to realize how impactful Breast Cancer is. Money was graciously donated as spirits were uplifted as guests thought about the women in their lives that, someday, might be diagnosed.

Gold and black. Photo by Lynn Nguyen

Black, gold, chic, sexy and fierce: The Blonds. A New York household that has accumulated a dynamic cult following over the past 8 years. This was the first time the duo at The Blonds put their collection confidently into someone else’s hands. The Matthew Morris Vision and The Blonds is a match made in heaven and they did not disappoint. Grimey dubstep, trap, edm and rap music set the mood as the models strutted down the runway. As you would expect, it’s hard to put the collection into words.

Photo by Lynn Nguyen
Photo by Lynn Nguyen
Photo by Lynn Nguyen

Congratulations are due to the entire Matthew Morris team for a wonderful 10 years in Denver. We look forward to every minute of the years to come. 

Next up for the Matthew Morris team! L’Erin was suprised by the gift of part ownership of the company and they are opening up a new salon in DTC!

MOPS Fashion Show Fundraiser

26621349792_db0d95cf4c_zDarling! A Fashion Fundraiser was held Thursday, April 14th at the exquisite Palazzo Verdi in Greenwood Village, CO. Delicious dinner by Epicurean Catering was provided as well as a fashion show featuring local MOPS moms modeling the Evereve Spring line.

What an incredibly inspiring  and beautiful event this was. We often think of fashion as the city woman, dashing down the street in stilettos but fashion is so much more than that! Fashion is for everybody including MOTHERS and this fashion show was all about celebrating motherhood, friendship and empowerment.

Before the fashion show began, we watched a heartwarming video about how MOPS has inspired and connected mothers, bringing tears to our eyes.  Although neither one of us that attended are mothers (or fathers for that matter), you could feel the love of family and community throughout the room.


We listened to keynote speaker Danielle Stangler, founder of Neet Cheeks, about her  journey following her dream and ending up in an interview on Shark Tank! Neat Cheeks are a flavored wipe for babies and toddlers (well… adults too! We each got one in our goody bag and I have been carrying them around with me using them all the time). It was so inspiring to listen to her journey of having an idea and putting it into action.

Danielle Stangler, creator of Neat Cheeks


MOPS fashion showIn between raffling off some wonderful gifts and delicious food and desert… the fashion show began! There is something so magical about hearing one’s story and then seeing them walk down the runway. It’s as though their soul was lit up, shining brightly. To be honest, I shed a few tears of joy watching these beautiful moms strut down the runway!

MOPS Darling show

fashions by Evereve
fashions by Evereve

Click on the image below to see all of the images from this fashion show! Images provided by MOPS.

A MOPS Darling Fashion Show 2016

The fashions were beautiful, wearable, unique and fun. The feeling that was in the air was full of love, community, family, and friends. It was a spectacular event and I’m so happy that the Fashion Denver team could attend such a memorable event!

Thank you for having us MOPS!

Day of Caring Colorado

On February 25th the Fashion Denver crew attended An Evening of Caring, presented by The Sue Miller Day of Caring for Breast Cancer Awareness. The evening started off with a silent auction with wonderful packages for all! Spa packages, sports packages even fun kid packages, all to raise money for this amazing cause.


We sat down to a delicious dinner, listening to the event honorees speak. The Lifetime of Caring Award went to Diane and Steven Levine and the Sue Miller Survivor Award went to Dr. Scot Sedlacek. To hear what these people have done to support breast cancer research was inspiring!

Lark Acapella Group entertained us singing a fantastic selection of songs.

After dinner, the fashion show commenced! All of the models are breast cancer survivors and each and every one of them looked fantastic. The energy that was exuded throughout the night was powerful!

It wasn’t a typical “walk down the runway” type of event. They had entertaining choreographed dances that accomodated each of the looks down the runway. It was so much fun to watch!


The first part of the fashion show consisted of fashions provided by Macy’s and the second part of the show were fashions designed by Denver’s own Brooks Luby, designer extraordinaire and breast cancer survivor. I’ve known Brooks for many years and her designs and energy inspire me!

Brooks Luby on the left with gorgeous survivor and model Saundra Robinson in Brooks’ design.

Katie Shaw looked GORGEOUS in Brooks design!

All the looks in fast forward 🙂

What an absolutely beautiful and inspiring night! I am honored that we got to be in the presence of such inspiration, strength, courage, and love!


Venus Concepts Beauty Event

Denver, CO- Thursday October 22

Last Thursday Lynn and I got to experience first had some new beauty/skin care options from Venus Concepts! Venus Concepts introduced the Denver community to two skin care technologies aiming to help women and men combat a wide range of dermis issues!

Venus Legacy is “a non-invazive treatment that uses Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, VariPulse Technology, and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields to treat all aesthetic concerns simultaneously.

Venus Viva is “the next generation in Facial Remodeling and Skin Resurfacing. It combines NanoFractional Radio Frequency and SmartScan technology to effectively treat textural irregularities, scarring, wrinkles and stretch marks.

If you’re interested in learning more about these technologies, click here!

IMG_7234Also at the event, Niki McCartney and her partner from Retro Room Lounge and Salon. Niki gave me some beautiful curls and later an awesome up-do which held the entire night! If you’re looking to get an awesome new hairstyle and/or makeup, check out the ladies at the Retro Room here !