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Ignite the Runway on Saturday, October 7th

Condom Couture: Ignite the Runway

This will be a grand time!

Ignite the Runway is a runway show featuring condom-inspired fashions created by local designers and community members, Condom Couture brings people together with a healthy dose of curiosity, creativity, and passion for fashion while raising critical funds for the mission of Women’s Health.


Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair returns to Denver July 29th & 30th

Highlighting Over 150 Trendsetting Artisans From The Handmade Community.

July 29th & 30th, 2017
Fair Hours: 10am – 5pm
McNichols Building, Downtown Denver

The Jackalope Indie Artisan Fair announces the return of its summer fair, with over 150 curated booths to fill Downtown Denver’s McNichols Building.  This free and family friendly event returns to Denver from 10am to 5pm both Saturday, July 29th & Sunday, July 30th.  Jackalope offers attendees a perfect place to find a unique gift, grab a bite from a local food truck, and participate in DIY crafting workshops.   

In addition to the 150+ indie artisans that will be selling their wares, there will also be a live music on the front lawn of McNichols, as well as a full schedule of art focused workshops for attendees to take a dip into the DIY crafting world.  Artisans will be hosting creative workshops, allowing attendees to get a better idea of the craftsmanship that goes into the one-of-a-kind handmade goods and products found at the fair.  Workshops range from free to $35 and include all supplies to take home DIY creations.  There will be activities for all ages available throughout the weekend.

New to 2017, Jackalope will also be partnering with ArtReach and accepting donations to promote their programs and services.  “One of our main goals as an artisan fair was to create a free and open environment for anyone to be able to attend and learn more about handmade artistry and supporting small businesses.  ArtReach is similar in their mission and even takes it a step further,” Melissa Shipley, co-founder of Jackalope Arts.  ArtReach enhances lives within the community by providing access to arts and cultural experiences for people of all ages who would not otherwise have the opportunity.  The organization exists to ensure people who struggle with physical, mental, behavioral, or severe economic challenges have an opportunity to experience arts and culture.

Join Jackalope Arts on July 29th & 30th at Downtown Denver’s McNichols Building for a unique, curated shopping experience featuring the top trendsetting makers & designers of local goods.

Shock Wave: Japanese Fashion Design Recap


source: highsnobiety

What the brand Comme des Garcons means to you, can mean something completely different to me; that is the beauty of the world that Rei Kawakubo has created. Japanese fashion is like poetry. No matter how old a piece of poetry is, the intimacy and the feelings evoked from the imagery is subjective to the reader, and lasts forever. This holds true to the way that different consumers and admirers interpret collections presented by designers such as Comme des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. Sometimes, a collection will fly over someone’s head. They assume that the collection is irrelevant, because they have yet to understand or experience the meaning behind the collection. For others, the collections presented may click with their psyche in a way that will changes their lives forever.

The world put proportions and aesthetic in a box. When designers such as Rei and Yohji appeared, they changed the way people looked at proportions. In the 80’s, they introduced new silhouettes that are still profound today. The well curated, vintage outfits presented years ago, at Shock Wave are historical looks that innovated the fashion world and continue to challenge the modern world.



To me, the looks presented that I admired were the ones that transformed and influenced menswear from the same designers. It showed me that womenswear and menswear can transcend beyond gender and when mixed, something beautiful is born. Yohji Yamamoto used menswear as his main influence for his womenswear(Femme) collections and created something so sensual and refined. There were noire inspired looks, punk inspired looks, menswear inspired looks, traditional Japanese silhouettes, womenswear and looks that could only come from the imagination of Rei, Yohji and Issey Miyake. These designers can take different influences from cultures all over the world and make it unique to their style of clothing, as if they were a part of that culture their entire lives. It is truly incredible what these designers have done for the fashion community. This exhibition pays homage to them, and thanks them for introducing designs that have transformed the way womenswear and menswear are tailored and worn.
I encourage everyone in Colorado to visit this exhibit. What you take away from the exhibit will differ from my experience, and the person next to you. Your perceptions can only come from the intimacy that Japanese fashion brings out individually.

🚀 👾 Intergalactic Planetary ’90s Party 🚀 👾

Daybreaker DENVER presents
🚀 👾  Intergalactic Planetary ’90s Party 🚀 👾
Wednesday March 22nd
Yoga 6 – 7am / Dance Party 7 – 8:45am
Space Gallery — 400 Santa Fe Dr, Denver, CO 80204

Featuring J|Adore + Brandi Shigley of Fashion Denver
Free coffee, healthy juices + breakfast bites
GET TICKETS HERE — Tix movin’ fast like rockets. 🚀
FashionDenverLove for 15% off your ticket!

Summer and Rachel, brains behind Daybreaker Denver / Boulder
Summer and Rachel, brains behind Daybreaker Denver / Boulder

Since the inception of Daybreaker here in Denver and Boulder, I have been obsessed with this morning monthly ritual of getting my day started through dance and yoga. I fell in love with  this event and the two women who run it (Summer and Rachel) and have become part of the Daybreaker family greeting people with hugs. It’s pretty much the most rewarding tasks ever given!

I have watched the sunrise while dancing alongside amazing beautiful people, dressed in some kind of fun getup (every Daybreaker has a theme!) Then…. I’m at work by 9:30am and my day continues to float on this magical level that seems to carry on for the rest of the week!

Brandi Shigley & Sam Shredder dance
Sam and I dance the morning away at Daybreaker Boulder. Photo by Romeo Fernandez

Flash forward to March 22nd!!

What an absolute HONOR it is to be asked to emcee the next Daybreaker with one of my soul sista, entrepreneur, yogi and DJ friends Jenny aka J|Adore! Together we will be bringing the morning feels on March 22nd at Space Gallery. More details for this exciting morning are underway!

Here we meet with the Denver | Boulder brains behind Daybreaker to plot out the morning mischief of love:


Here are the details for the next Daybreaker Denver from Summer and Rachel…

Denver, we are back & ready for lift off!
The stars have aligned and it’s time to take back your morning once again. Daybreaker is back and about to explode with INTERGALACTIC PLANETARY ’90s PARTY!

Wednesday, March 22nd we’ll be taking over the Space Gallery– the perfect setting for this intergalactic reunion… just you, us and the glorious era known as the 90’s. We’ll stretch. We’ll dance. Together we’ll produce more love and positive vibes than a giant, exploding star. So pull out your brightest colors, strap on your moon boots, and get ready to dance your way into the ’90s dimension. Hold on tight, friends…

RSVP on Facebook, then slide into the Denver + Boulder Facebook Group for early invites & morning hacks, and to find your local Daybreaker fam. 

See you on the dance floor! 💕

With Love & Mischief,
// Summer + Rachel

About Daybreaker

DAYBREAKER is an early morning dance movement in 16 cities around the world and growing. We start with a one hour yoga + fitness experience and then dance with reckless abandon for two hours before work. You never know where our next location will be and what surprises are in store. We don’t need alcohol. We don’t need to pretend to be someone else. We come as we are to sweat, dance and connect with ourselves and each other. See you on the dance floor. 

Daybreaker Denver at The Church. Photo Romeo Fernandez
Daybreaker Denver at The Church. Photo Romeo Fernandez

8th Paranormal Palace Denver Charity Halloween Event

8th Paranormal Palace Denver Charity Halloween Event
Saturday, 10/29/16
9:00 PM
McNichols Civic Center Building
144 West Colfax
Denver, CO 80202
Tickets here: Use “FashionDenver” for a discount

halloween-party-2016-denver-paranormal-palace-kevin-larson-presents5Just announced: Jason from “Friday the 13th” and Alex Vincent from “Child’s Play 1 & 2” will be judging the costume contest | DJ FutureFunk | Rowdy Shadehouse live band | UFC Superstar Brandon Thatch | Brandi Shigley Announcer | Sammy T live performance | Performers defy reality and gravity, world class slack line.

Denver Halloween commences  as you enter through the mouth of a 25’ skull and explore a cursed mausoleum ablaze with lights and crawling with the living dead.  Strongmen showcasing feats of strength, the Hall of Insane Clowns, the Damned City, a hanging crow’s cage, giant LED-lit swings, pyromaniac contortionists dangling from the rafters, purple lightning, a bodiless table, ghosts, illusions, shenanigans and whatever your imagination conjures into being.

From the funny, the crazy, the crafty, the scantily clad, the horrific…the guests’   movie-level costumes are entertainment in their own right for this Halloween in Denver.

halloween-party-2016-denver-paranormal-palace-kevin-larson-presents1Last year, the Little Green Plastic Army Men ousted Sesame Street’s Big Bird. Before that, Lieutenant Dan with the help of Forrest Gump taught Iron Man that he was a “Marvel shrimp.”  With $2000 on the line, who will go to battle this year?

Monster beats from Top 40 mash-ups to hip-hop 80’s and terrifying grooves that pound the Palace walls.

Liberating libations flow from the darkest realms and for VIPs, titillations from top shelf spirits and fermented crimson grapes fresh from the harvest abound.


Private entry, bar, bathrooms! An exclusive island sanctuary – at arm’s length from the hoard of damned souls.

Sweets, treats, smell my feets, you will find some good things to eats.


  • ALCOHOL INCLUDED in all ticket purchases
  • GA – $79
  • VIP – $129
  • Table Reservations – $99
  • Couch Pit – $299

Party with a Purpose as we celebrate V2 Education Foundation by KevinLarsonPresents

Dress Drive

Fashion Denver is a proud partner of the Urban Angels, just 2 women doing good! They have been such a support for Fashion Denver and it is wonderful to be part of their organization.

They have put together their 2nd annual dress drive to raise money for Love a Child, a non-profit organization that supports the children in Haiti. Each summer the Urban Angels make over 100 dresses to support the cause and their next event takes place on June 12th at Studio Salon! Click the poster to learn more!


Anna Festa Interview for Whiteout Fashion Show

In anticipation for the Whiteout Fashion Show at Artopia on February 20th, Fashion Denver is interviewing all of the designers being featured in the show. Here is our second interview with Anna Fangenello of AnnaFesta.

Q:When did you first know you wanted to be a fashion designer?

A:I started sewing as a child with my grandmother and my mother. At the age of 13, I made my first outfit from a Brooke Shields pattern that I had altered to my size 12 figure. I was hooked! Pattern making
and clothing the body in proportions that enhanced the female shape became my focus. I wanted what all 13 year olds want – to be pretty, powerful and admired by my peers. By working with numbers, shapes and colors I felt confident in my clothing, which helped me to become more confident in myself

As a teenager, I worked in theaters making costumes for the DCPA and the Shakespeare festival in Boulder. I moved to New York for the first time at 18, working at a costume company and interning withUnknown designer MaryJane Marcasiano in Soho. At 19, I lived in Italy working as a patternmaker and sewing in a factory that made furs and leather jackets.

By 24, I was working with Nanette Lepore, at her side assisting to create her brand. I helped to produce Nanette’s first runway show, open her flagship boutiques, in both NY and LA, and produced all of the clothing from concept to customer. I love what I do and am so lucky that I followed my dreams from a very young age

Q:Where do you draw inspiration from?

A:My inspiration is a marriage of math and emotion. It is all about colors, shapes and the creation of prints mixed with the shape of the body, proportions, and geometry. It all comes together to create that distinct Festa style. I study the female form and work with the curves and shapes, placing pieces very specifically to support and enhance our curves. AnnaFesta is based around the size 10 – 20 customer. I start with a size 16 and the curves and shapes that come with this female form make me excited to see what my next creation can do to make this figure powerful and beautiful

Q:What has been the most rewarding and the most frustrating part of your journey thus far?

A:In my early 30’s I had breast cancer and went through years of treatment. I LOVED New York and my career had taken me all the way to the top, working with Nanette and as COO of Zac Posen. But, after years of cancer treatment and not taking care of myself, I left everything to “find myself”. My priorities changed. After 20 years
away from my hometown of Denver, I decided to return to a healthier lifestyle in Colorado.

I told myself that I was never going to do anything with fashion again. I left my fashion career behind and did things I hadn’t done before. I skied 40 times in a year, went to Burning Man for 10 days, and spent loads of time with my family. I removed myself from the pull of the fashion world to find out who I was and where I wanted to be. After a few years away from fashion, I was brought full circle and returned to the career that I had always loved! During my time off I found a new goal in a female shape that was being ignored – the curvy body type! I have made it my goal to create a collection that gives her confidence in beautifully fitting, curve enhancing, high quality, on trend clothing. My Colorado peers supported me and here I am, back at it, doing what I love most – making women feel beautiful and confident through my designs.


Q:Tell us about the “FestaFit” process

A:The FestaFit is created by my focus on the female body and all of its different shapes and forms. I am driven by proportion and how fabric – particularly prints and bright colors – can be placed on the body to enhance the female shape. How the print is placed, where a seam lies on the body, and proportions from top to bottom and side to side – all of this comes together to create the FestaFit. “Is it math or is it art?”, someone asked me once. The merging of the two arenas drives FestaFit. My goal – whether you are 5′ tall, 6′ tall, size 2 or size 22 – you will put on one of my creations, look in the mirror and feel beautiful, happy and ready to conquer the world!

I love what I do, and I love your body!

For more on AnnaFesta check out this video and her website here! And if you’re still in need of ArtopiaDEN tickets, you can purchase them here and don’t forget to use promo code fashiondenver for a discount!

Artopia 2016 Kickoff Party Recap

Fashion Denver is thrilled to be a promotional partner with Artopia’s Whiteout fashion show! Fashion Denver founder Brandi Shigley will be the emcee of the night’s event as we see 9 Colorado designers on the runway with their interpretation of the Art of Fashion.

Artopia is Westword’s annual event that highlights local art, culture, and fashion, all happening in one spot at City Hall located at 11th and Broadway on Saturday, February 20th.

Last Wednesday, the Fashion Denver team  escaped the hustle/bustle middle of the week madness for the Artopia kickoff party at Ophelia’s!

montage 2
This sneak peak of what to expect at Artopia gave us a taste of the designers being featured in the White Out Fashion Show. Each designer came to the stage with just 1 outfit on their model, just enough to tempt our tastebuds in fashion. We’ll be counting down the days until we see their full collection for this show!

Featured designers include:

D’Lola Couture
Denver Bespoke
Elyse Rainbolt
Gino Velardi
Leon Designs


For more pictures from the kickoff party, check out our Facebook page here!

For tickets click here and use promo code fashiondenver for a discount!

A Whorl-Wind of excitement!

We love Whorl! Owner Megan Timlin was one of our first interns years ago and has since went on to create a successful boutique and we are proud to see them go into their first year of business! Read on to see what they’ve got coming up!

DENVER, CO – This year has been a “Whorl-wind”. In just one short year we have been named “Best New Boutique of 2015” by Westword Magazine, featured in Westword Artopia and 303 Denver Fashion Weekend to name a few, in addition to launching our own private label, Imprints. Whorl strives to be more than just a store. By collaborating with local designers, vendors and fashion enthusiasts, the Whorl team loves to support and showcase Colorado talent.

To celebrate all of our accomplishments and our first year in business we would like to invite you to join in the celebration for our one year birthday bash! We will be hosting several events throughout the weekend of November 20th – 22nd. Here’s a sneak peak at what we have planned.

Friday, November 20th

Kick off party! DJ, Treats + Sips, Imprints Pre-Spring show & more! Come celebrate with us from 5pm-9pm.

Saturday, November 21st

We want to celebrate our customers! Treat Yo Self with mini facials, makeovers, manicures & chair massages from 11am-4pm. Vendors include Pretty Bride Shop, Tootsies Nail Shoppe, Debbie Lipski with Champion Massage, and Sara Duffey. 

Sunday, November 22nd

Come early for Pre-Black Friday Sale! 10am – Noon. Mimosas & Breakfast Treats. Also, we are having a Super Sale including $5, $10 and $15 bins!

We hope you can join us for this weekend of celebration. We are located at 3326 Tejon St. in Lower Highlands. 

About Whorl

Whorl is truly one of a kind, we strive to bring good things to great people! Located in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood, Whorl is a ready to wear clothing store team made up of skilled industry professionals whose experience in buying, styling, merchandising, PR and event planning offer clients a one stop fashion shop. Our mission is to provide sophisticated, high quality clothing at affordable prices- connecting great people to amazing fashion.