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Recap of SPLASH

Fashion Market at the Breakers Recap
B.Fresh, Blackberry Maverick, Byasimacouture, Lawrence and Larimer, The Haus, Prompt Flare Designs, Stylish Sparrow, Marie-Margot and Hair by Shanelle; an all star team of designers that came together for the Poolside Fashion Market and made a splash!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Whether your fashion summer cocktail included ingredients such as linen, beads, tribal, traditional, dresses, laces and more, there was enough variety that satisfied everybody’s fashion buzz. A live DJ, sun, activities, a pool, and local clothes. What more could you ask for from a perfect Sunday for fun and shopping with friends and family.

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Local Colorado designers took the spotlight and showed what the 303 can create. As Colorado becomes more diverse, we saw some impressive energy and designs from all of the designers that set up shop. Great work to all the designers and thank you 303 magazine for helping sponsor the event. We can’t wait to see what all of the designers have planned for the future and it’s looking bright!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

To see more pictures click here!

Art show for our homeless community

Art for HopeA big part of our Denver community is the homeless community. Right by our Fashion Denver headquarters on 26th and Walnut is a community of homeless people who have brought me great inspiration. It’s hard to ignore what is happening on our streets and not want to do something about it. Many of the people on the streets are so incredibly talented and have passions and skills that we don’t even realize because we are so busy walking by.

I am thrilled to partner up with Westword and Dateline Gallery to put together an art show by the homeless community and for the homeless community!

Canvas: An art show to showcase and benefit the homeless community and inspire hope and creativity!

We will be distributing art packs to the homeless community. Each art pack will come with a 5×5 canvas or other material that will be the backdrop of their art piece and either paints, markers, colored pencils, pastels, etc.

Money from art sold and collected at the door would benefit Denver Homeless Out Loud. (I’m still waiting to hear back from them and hope that they will be on board for this!)

We have moved the date back to early fall (October) as we continue to collect and distribute art supplies! Stay tuned for new date!

Dateline Gallery
3004 Larimer
Denver, CO 80205

Dateline Gallery

Brandi Shigley
Johnny Morehouse
Jeromie Lawrence

art-supplies-3-1550964WHAT WE NEED:
Art Supplies! You can drop off art supplies to Green Spaces (2590 Walnut Street) anytime M-F 9-5pm OR to the Westword Office on 11th and Broadway!

This idea was birthed when I parked my car by Resurrection Village and began my morning walk to work. Jerry Burton, a homeless man gave me a gift of a beautiful flower that was created by an artist named Robin. At first I couldn’t accept this gift. Jerry said to me, “Brandi, as open as you are to give, you must be open to receive.” I smiled and took the flower and talked to Robin. Robin told me how he finds so many things in the trash that he can make things with. By the time I arrived at my office, the idea to put this art show into together was already in motion.

Jerry Burton

As soon as I got to my desk, I used social media as a way to get the word out that I’m collecting art supplies. Within just a few hours, people were writing back, coordinating times to drop off art supplies.

I truly believe that when we have hope, when we have a goal, and when we can shine our light and creativity, life has a purpose.

It’s so easy to walk by people living on the streets and ignore them, being too busy in our own lives to even care. When we open up, engage and converse with all of our community, do we see how truly beautiful people are. We can’t turn our heads and ignore these bright shining lights that make up our community.

I knew right away that I wanted to work with Johnny Morehouse (fellow Mastermind) who I have been working on many projects over the past decade with. He can make an art show happen in his sleep! And with the newest Mastermind Jeromie Lawrence and his amazing gallery, the pieces began to come together.

This is an art show to not only benefit the homeless community but to bring our community together so we can all get to know one another, no matter our social status. This is an art show to highlight the amazing talent that calls our streets “home”.

Want to get involved? Fill out this form!


Fashion Camp May Edition Photobooth Recap

We had such a wonderful fashion camp last month! One of the fun components of our last fashion camp was working with Ilya Kushnir and his company ‪#‎BoothYa‬! C.Stephan of 4:42 Studios conceptualized the idea to have the campers take photos of themselves in the photobooth and then trace their photo so they could design their fashion piece onto their sketch. Fun ensued throughout the day! A HUGE thank you to non for your generous donation in making this idea happen!


Our next fashion camp is happening Saturday July 23rd! Click for details!

Sizzlin’ 6 questions with Splash Designer Denise Dailey

Denise Dailey, brains behind Prompt Flare Designs and OCH Couture will be joining us at SPLASH, our summer fashion market powered by 303 Magazine! Join us June 26th for an afternoon of fashion fun by the pool!

 Denise DaileyWhat were your obsessions growing up?

Color! I would color coordinate everything about my clothes and accessories… I loved matching everything together. I also loved transforming my jacket into my personalized style by applying studs and jewels and wearing my aunt’s brooches .

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

As a portrait sculpture artist, adding colorful flowers for the hair naturally evolved into wearable art- Hair made from fabric, tulle, ribbon and other materials made for a runway statement maker. And is still evolving with our belts,purses and earrings.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

Definitely! I see inspiration for styles in plants, bushes, flowers and trees. I see humorous t-shirts made from life’s moments. I love looking at purses and the way women use them. I get inspired thinking about ways to design and add better functionality.

Denise Dailey

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

I like looking at what the runways are doing and what people are wearing – I draw inspiration from everyone. Generally once an idea strikes, I hurriedly get it onto paper. I show it to my family, friends and team to gauge their response. I’ll look to see what’s already out there and if someone’s already running with it… I check Pinterest, magazines, google and social media and if it seems like there’s a need, I go with it.

How has fashion impacted you? 

I love the freedom of expression. Fashion has given me validation to be a little out of the box, which excites me to create. I am constantly stimulated with ideas.


What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Being a Denver native, I have to say that we were always really cool with our own different style. Then it kind of petered out to more of a coastal thing to be fashionable. In 2011, I would have said that I felt I had to be coastal. Today, I feel the Denver scene is young and becoming more and more fashion-forward with all the different cultures and personalities. It reminds me of old expressive times of the late 70’s and 80’s. I feel Denver’s fashion industry is taking off in a big way and this is the place to be for a designer.

Denise Dailey

Call out for designers: Fashion Denver Summer Market by the Pool

Sunday, June 26th from 3-7pm
Riviera at the Breakers
9099 E Mississippi Ave
Denver, CO 80247

The Breakers present the Fashion Denver Poolside Market powered by 303 Magazine! Join the Fashion Denver crew for a memorable summer fun fashion market by the pool! SPLASH will feature a handful of local Colorado fashion businesses with a mini fashion show presentation poolside!

Fashion Denver pool side market
The Riviera at the Breakers last summer. Photo by @bshigley

This day of fashion fun is designed for fashion lovers and family as we celebrate summer fun. Designers will have approximately a 10×10 space around the pool and on the patio at the Riviera, to set up their designs and sell throughout the day.  Designers keep all sales that they make and are responsible for sales tax.

This event will be marketed to local media and blogs as well as posters and flyers distributed throughout the city.

Fill out this application and once your application is received, we will get back to you with approval and send you confirmation information soon after.



Two Denver women make a difference dress by dress

Showers of Blessings Dress Drive
Sunday, June 12th noon-3pm
Studio Salon 1135 Bannock Street

Two Denver women make a difference locally and internationally, dress by dress

UrbanAngelsDenver, CO (June 1st, 2016)-Showers of Blessings, the 2nd annual dress drive for Haiti and the Jeffco Action Center, takes place Sunday, June 12th 2016 from noon-3pm atStudio Salon located at 1135 Bannock Street. Peggy Kastning and Mary Martinez, brains behind the Urban Angels, have been serving the homeless community around Denver and spreading positivity and light. After seeing a program about the needs in Haiti, they both wanted to expand their positivity and hope.  A major realization occurred, they could both, help by making dresses for girls in Haiti, and continue to help families locally.

“It’s exciting to know that each one of us can make a difference in the world. With our love of sewing and our hearts for humanity, we can combine these two passions and help those less fortunate.” says Peggy Kastning of the Urban Angels.

The 2nd annual dress drive will work in 2 ways. Attendees that come to this free event can purchase a dress for the little girl in their life for a suggested donation of $25.00. Or attendees can purchase a dress in their name that will be donated to a little girl at the Jeffco Action Center or in Haiti. 100% of the donations will go directly to Love A Child, Inc. a 501(c)(3) non-profit humanitarian organization, serving the needs of children in Haiti. The dress drive will feature arunway show featuring kids in the community, light snacks and a chance to win gift certificates to pedicures, style & blow dry, restaurants, or a dress of choice.


“Hope and love are infused into these dresses and we will never know the full impact of the gift that’s been given,” says Mary Martinez of the Urban Angels.

Between Peggy and Mary, over 100 dresses have been handmade using bright cheery colors and accents that make any little girl smile.

“I have never seen such creative dresses before and knowing that two women are making these dresses in their spare time and donating 100% to charity, is incredible. The design captured my attention and the charity aspect made it a no-brainer.” Says Jeremy Klammer founder of GoFit Media.

“These dresses are perfect for my two nieces!  Knowing that I was able to help families in Haiti makes this purchase even more meaningful.” says Margaret Williams who purchased the dresses at Fashion Denver’s office in Green Spaces.

Showers of Blessings is free and open to the public.

The Urban Angels are two gals on a mission to do good, transform lives, and create happiness in the world. Through their annual dress drives and adventures to Haiti, they want to spread sunshine where they can and make this world a better place.

For more information visit

Contact Peggy Kastning at or call 303-808-3059. 

Dress Drive

Fashion Denver is a proud partner of the Urban Angels, just 2 women doing good! They have been such a support for Fashion Denver and it is wonderful to be part of their organization.

They have put together their 2nd annual dress drive to raise money for Love a Child, a non-profit organization that supports the children in Haiti. Each summer the Urban Angels make over 100 dresses to support the cause and their next event takes place on June 12th at Studio Salon! Click the poster to learn more!


Fashion Denver Happy Hour Wednesday, April 27th

Wednesday, April 27th
3053 Brighton Blvd.

Fashion Denver Happy HourOften times we get a lot of questions on how to tap into the local fashion scene, what resources are available, are there volunteer opportunities, and so much more! A good place to start is by checking out our links on the right hand side of our website. We’ve got lots of resources there. AND!!! We’ll be hosting a Fashion Denver Happy Hour where we’ve invited the fashion community to come together to connect.

Join us for a gathering of fashionistas from around the city and come and learn. Beer and sake will be available for purchase. Be sure to bring lots of business cards and be ready to connect! I’ll be sharing about the history of Fashion Denver and what we offer as well as introducing different fashion community leaders.

Fashion Denver

Our happy hour will take place at the space previously known as Tengu. Right now the space is in a creative brainstorm session, but owner Johnny Klein has graciously opened it up for our private event.

We look forward to seeing you there!