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“SPA”-A-DAY: Kai Med Spa


Business: Kai Med Spa

When were you first inspired to open Kai Med Spa? Ted Lin is the owner of Kai Med Spa. His inspiration came through working in his general practice of medicine. He worked with a patient who was ailing for months. She was not responding to any of his physical treatment suggestion and she talked a great deal about a mark on her face at each appointment. Dr. Lin did not ignore the comments about the mole, but he was not listening in a way that he could understand the sort of image problems it was causing. Finally after months, he agreed to remove the spot. An unbelievable transformation occurred afterward. Her entire demeanor changed. Her physical health improved drastically and her self esteem and self image increased. It was then that he realized that sometimes there are things about ourselves that can hinder growth on the inside. It inspired him to listen closer to his patients but to also pursue the business of a medical spa. The connection between paying attention to what is going on with the outside of your body can absolutely affect the health of the inside as well.

What will you be showing at Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market? We will be featuring our product line Eminence Organics and giving out samples, gift certificates, and discounts for our services.

Why should people come see you at the Fashion Denver Holiday Market on December 15th? We are a med spa with a luxury feel that focuses on educating and informing our customers the importance of maintaining healthy skin. Our products are incredible and all natural. They have a dramatic effect and are great gift ideas/stocking stuffers for anyone–men or women!

From your collection, what would be the perfect holiday gift?  Combination of a facial with a product. We will have the esthetician at the event to educate people on the best product for their skin!

Learn more about Fashion Denver’s Holiday Market here!

A Seriously Sexy Soiree

CondomCoutureInvitation-HR-1024x658Friday, November 8th marked the 40th Anniversary for the Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center. It also marked the day that I did something I never could have guessed I would do: attend and help produce a Condom Couture Fashion Show.

Models During Rehearsal
Models During Rehearsal

Condom Couture was held at the Boulder Theater and was completely unique from any other fashion show that I have attended in that it featured designs entirely made out of condoms. Yes, I said it: condoms. All fashions were the unique creations of local artists, activists, fashion designers and fashionistas, designed to help promote safe sex and sex positivity.

I worked closely with Brandi Shigley, Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, and Carlos Estrada from the Global DJ Academy to finalize the music, prep the models and ultimately help produce one of the sexiest and most distinctive fashion shows I have ever been to.

Behind the Scenes Look at the Models Prior to Hitting the Runway

The event began with a 40th Anniversary Video Presentation, followed by a live auction with Don Martin.  The live auction items included a Cabo Getaway, a Breckenridge or Beaver Creek Condo Stay, a couple’s night out in Downtown Boulder, a private helicopter ride, a hot balloon ride and many more seriously awesome items! Shiff Dance Collective then performed a special and beautiful performance before the models would rock the runway.

I was working backstage for the event, but could feel the overwhelming excitement from behind the curtains as the fashionable attendees laughed, clapped and awed as the night went on.

Behind the Scenes Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Behind the scenes of a fashion show is just as bustling as you would imagine – outfits ripping, models cramming into small spaces to get their hair and makeup fixed, a “photoshoot” around every corner, cameras following your every move – seriously – it is the most exhilarating feelings and there is no match to the rush you get from it.

Moments before the fashion show, models lined up and perfected their poses for their moment behind the silhouette screen. Makeup artists added their finishing touches to the models makeup and hairstylists perfected the models elaborate hair. Once the fashion show cued to start, the models were ready to make their presence known on the runway.

And believe me: their presence was KNOWN.

The Fabulous Emcee, Brandi Shigley!
The Fabulous Emcee, Brandi Shigley!

The fashion show was broken down into 4 different genres’: the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s.  Some of the most popular tunes from each genre were chosen for the models to walk to and had the crowd excited and dancing to icons such as Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Fashion Denver’s very own, Brandi Shigley, was the emcee for the fashion show and I honestly couldn’t have picked a more qualified personality to have the honors and to get the attendees riled up.

Justice Prepping Models Backstage
Justice Prepping Models Backstage




Working backstage allowed me to get a closer look at how much time and effort went into the production of each unique design. It is truly remarkable how intricate and beautiful all of the fashions turned out using just condoms – and as I stood backstage, with the chaos going on around me, I wondered how it would be possible to choose only one “Best in Show” after seeing all the remarkable designs.

A “Clap-Off” from the audience indicated that Kitty Krell (Model and Designer) of Crimson Rose Couture and her “Sperm-aid” design was the fan favorite, and thus she was awarded a large $250 check.  The check went to a worthy recipient; her design was flawlessly executed and thought out to the very last detail.

Kitty Krell Photo Cred: Merrick Chase Photography
Kitty Krell
Photo Credit: Merrick Chase Photography


Best in Show: Kitty Krell
Best in Show: Kitty Krell

Brandi Shigley sang farewell to the lively audience and concluded the sexy soiree by inviting guests to continue the party over to Shine Restaurant & Gathering Place.

From left to right: Carlos Estrada , Brandi Shigley, Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, Stephanie Rowe
Photo Credit: Merrick Chase Photography

On that note, I finally caught my breath from the overwhelming excitement from backstage and gushed over how amazing the night turned out. I made my way over to Shine Restaurant to mingle with the gorgeous models, incredible designers, the Women’s Health staff, and my awesome production crew, and said cheers to a vastly successful night.

Brandi Shigley @ After Party
Brandi Shigley @ After Party

All proceeds go to supporting Boulder Valley Women’s Health Center – a nonprofit and safety net reproductive health clinic.

For more of my behind the scenes photos, click here.

For Merrick Chase’s full event photo album, click here.


Project Manager  Angie Jeffords, ADJ Planning

Emcee  Brandi Shigley, Fashion Denver

Auctioneer  Done Martin

Hair & Makeup  Twig Salon/BW Makeup

Stage Manager  Tina Kvitek

Production Consultant  Justice Kwesi Kwarteng, Justice Talent Agency, Stephanie Rowe, Fashion Denver

Backstage Crew  Nanci Feeney, Janique Esrey, Susan Peterson, Livvy Feeney, Kendall Rolfe

Photographer   Merrick Chase

Videographer   Ky Lotte

 DJ  Carlos from Global DJ Academy

40th Anniversary Video Production   Jessica Wunderlich, Shenna Fitagerald, Jenny Martin, Lisa Radelet



Amanda Jean Anderson of Amore Loves

Model: Danielle Hups

Jessica Chase

Model: Jessica Chase

Maia D’Urfe of Zenzero Designs

Model: Jenny Schiff

Vanessa Empire of Studio BERNINA

Model: Lynette Boxford

Michelle Hale of Designs by M

Model: Michelle Hale

Leigh Harkin

Model: Leigh Harkin

Shani Hime of Stitch In Time Costumes

Model: Shani Hime

Karen Holloway of Infernal Contraptions Apparel

Model: April Teaze

Kitty Krell of Crimson Rose Couture

Model:Kitty Krell

Rachel Lubanowski

Model: Rachel Lubanowski

Nicki Post

Model:Lo Cianflone

Elise Sigley

Model: Laura Reed

Katt Smith of Malice & Malicious

Model: Ashlynn Marques

Marie Smith of Ten 20

Model: Cassie Cilli

Ula Sztukiel

Model: Anastasia Davis

Team “Affection”: Clint Hefner, Courtney Solt and Brittany David

Model: Clint Hefner

Team “Beneath the Surface”: Yasmin Mazl, Zan Darling and Austin Schott

Model: Zan Darling

Team “Da Nile”: Jacklynne Usselman, Lauren Hickok and Jennifer Ober

Model: Lauren Hickok

Sarah Tracy/Women’s Health Volunteers

Model: Lauren Bader

Ann Whitehill & Jan Vanderlinden

Model: Jan Vanderlinden

Women’s Health Employee’s: Sundari Birdsall, Helen Evertt, Suzy Gardner, Brittany Burton

Model: Dainzu Mosqueda

Bonnie Carmichael of Rip CLub Sewing

Model: Melody Esler



Some quick updates! Sale at Rosey’s and Save the date for Frock Shop!

The weekend is here! Let’s make this Short & Sweet!

2 things to notify you about…

1) An awesome sale at Rosey’s (located in the Denver Pavilions and Park Meadows)

2) Save the date for the next Frock Shop sample sale!
Get on the VIP list and shop early by contacting Frock Shop Sales!

3) Happy weekend!!!

Fashion Denver!



Last weekend, Fashion Denver had some exciting opportunities that kept us busy and full of joy.

PhotoGrid_1374859220908We started it all out on Thursday when we went to Flat Irons Crossing shopping center and got to style some mannequins at Old Navy for their Blogger Night event.  The next evening was the main event and we enjoyed connecting with other local bloggers, as well as hanging out the staff and shoppers at Old Navy.  Some of the lovely bloggers we met were Krystabell Barrera of, Ana Kondenko of, Dana Lynch of, Nicole Dominic and, and Lonza Dennis of

After arriving back in town on Friday night, we headed over to Civic Center Park to experience Denver Night! The atmosphere was light and carefree.  There were glowing blue circles on the ground that lit-up to a rainbow of colors when they were jumped on.  There were also tunnels of growing greens for people to “graze” on.  It was sort of like a fun community salad.  While we were there we enjoyed listening to the Denver Symphony Orchestra play, as well as a set from two of the members of the band The Fray to finish off the night.

Sunday brought a fun afternoon at DXC “The Dunk Exchange”.  Presented by Inkmonster the event was set at the Exdo Event Center. We had fun looking at all of the shoes, local designers’ fun clothing, hats and even fun bracelets made out of shoelaces.  Outside on the patio, there were artists spray-painting artwork.  There were also live rappers, dance contests, and raffles to liven up the crowd.  If you’re looking for some new kicks, this traveling shoe expo is the place to get them!

We had so much fun this weekend!  We can’t wait to see you at our next event!!


DXC: DunkXChange Denver!



Dunkxchange is *TAKING OVER* Denver JULY 21st!

Music By DJ KTone & KDJ ABove

Special Performance By *PAC DIV* w/Guest “Broken” Ayelogics | Kritikal | G.O.A.T | Lezzy Soporano

MASSIVE Marketplace for Sneakers, Streetwear, Fashion, Accessories, Art & More

Sneaker Battle Hosted By “Sneaks In Da House”

Live Art Installation Presented By Kidrobot & Jolt of Guerilla Gardens

*Live Graffiti Art* & Street Art

Over $10,000 in Giveaways & Prizes DXC x MACHE Custom kicks COLLAB!

TITS (Two In The Shirt) Present the Girls of Summer Tour!

Purchase Your Pre Sale & V.I.P Ticket Now
Vendor Space $100 Comes With
• 10 x 10 area for group
• One Vendor Table w/Cloth & Two Chairs
• Three Tickets to the event
More Information Contact

Meet Barberry & Lace!

Barberry & Lace-Barberry & Lace is a jewelry company started in Fall 2010 by Leigh Benner. Because of Barberry & Lace’s unique statement pieces and vintage flair, every woman is bound to find an item (or several) that she absolutely adores. Each piece of jewelry is grown up, yet inspires a sort of nostalgia for youth. You can find beautiful and simple flower earrings, or a charming necklace with rollerblades or a globe attached. Each Barberry & Lace piece is like a special and unique treasure.


Goodwill Denver’s Show & Swap, featuring Fallene Wells and Deja Blue!

I love this picture of Fallene shopping at Deja Blue for the Goodwill Industries of Denver Show & Swap happening February 7th at Exdo Event Center! Fallene Wells of Project Runway Season 9, will show 8 different looks all pulled together from Goodwill’s boutique, showing that style can really be created on ANY budget!

Fallene Wells shops at Goodwill Denver's Deja Blue store to put together 8 looks that will make their way down the runway on February 7th at the Goodwill Denver's Show & Swap.

The Colorado Aids Project’s 4th Annual Red Ball

We are a very proud sponsor of this event!

Red Ball

Red Ball is a hip and cutting-edge runway experience to raise awareness for World AIDS Day and to support Denver Colorado AIDS Project.

The event is an ultra-chic signature event of Denver Colorado AIDS Project that blends high-end fashion from a number of local designers, innovative and outrageous hairstyles from over a dozen local salons and exquisite make up artistry to produce an evening of style and flair unlike any other.

A fiery cocktail reception, amazing entertainers, a substantial and compelling silent auction and special guests make this the event to see and be-seen in Denver.

Funds raised at Red Ball support services provided by Denver Colorado AIDS Project and its mission to prevent the spread of HIV and AIDS and provide for those affected by the disease.

Call out for designers, artists, and Colorado businesses! FUSEdenver’s Holiday Show!

Call out for designers for FUSEdenver’s Holiday Show
December 9th, 2012
Exdo Event Center
Cristina Munoz

We are proud to be in support of new company FUSEdenver, helping local businesses flourish! If you are a designer, artist, and Colorado business, get involved in this holiday market event at Exdo on December 9th!

FUSEdenver provides a unique shopping experience that is designed to help local designers and small businesses flourish, to support the local economy and to educate shoppers the value of conscious consumerism. With our hand selected vendors and community partners FUSEdenver aims to create a feel good shopping experience for socially conscious consumers who want to support American made products. Simply put, FUSEdenver is the love child of a craft fair and modern art show.

FUSEdenver wants to challenge our local community and invite them to trade one day at the mall this Holiday season and come and see what the best of Denver has to offer. We know all kinds of great stuff is made here, we want to make sure our community does too. Join us Dec 9 from 11-6 pm at the Exdo Event Center for inaugural FUSEdenver Holiday Show.

FUSEdenver is currently accepting vendor applications. Please visit us at for additional information.

Here at FUSEdenver we believe in inspiring, imagining, designing, creating, innovating, supporting and growing where we live, work and play. FUSEdenver is committed to social responsibility and believes in supporting the community that supports us! Each show we partner with a different local nonprofit and donate a percentage of ticket sales to that organization. PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR HEART IS…

Rosey’s opens 2nd location in the Pavilions Mall

Rosey’s Grand Opening Celebration
Pavilions Mall 16th and Tremont, 2nd level
Grand Opening celebration October 5th and 6th

Rosey’s, a locally owned and operated boutique specializing in fashion and outrageous accessories, proudly celebrates the launch of Rosey’s second boutique, located in the Pavilions off of 16th and Tremont on the 2nd level. The grand opening celebration takes place Friday and Saturday October 5th and 6th from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will feature 25%-75% off selected items. Purchasing customers will also have a chance to win an accessory or additional savings. This event is free and open to the public.

Rosey’s is a store for women of every age. The boutique offers an array of styles and items that only Rosey Shaw could pick. As one walks in, it is impossible to miss the great colors within the store and the one of a kind items sold there. Like the clothing, she is a one of a kind and that is why her unique ability to buy clothing has made her a great success.

“I believe that you need to have power on your front to accomplish what you need on your insides. To me the world of fashion is different than it is to most people because I believe you need it to accomplish your goals. I firmly believe dress for success. People take you seriously if you’re dressed for it.” says boutique owner Rosey Shaw.

When one is shopping at Rosey’s, it is impossible to miss the tags that don the Eiffel Tower, indicating that the item was bought in Paris. She goes to Paris 3 to 4 times a year to buy items for her store such as fascinators and spring hats.

Because Rosey does not bend to the usual trends and seasonal “must haves”, her store has maintained a very eclectic, one of a kind, and special atmosphere. There are items in there not seen elsewhere, and this can be refreshing for any fashionista or woman looking to find something they like and look good in. Rosey’s is a breath of fresh air when it comes to shopping, and it is clear to see that the love she has for fashion and what she does shines through her work. Without a doubt Rosey and Rosey’s are a gift to Denver’s fashion scene. Rosey’s other location is located in the Park Meadows Mall.

For more information call 303-835-0099.