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Companies needing interns

To my fellow fashion businesses (designers, stylists, salons and boutiques). Check out this amazing internship opportunity that Goodwill is providing this summer!


Goodwill Industries and the City and County of Denver are excited to collaborate on this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) and we would love to partner with you Center to host a youth intern or employee. 

What do we need from you?
We are seeking employers in the public and private sectors to host youth employees or interns aged 16-21. These youth employees can fill open positions within your organization, or you can create an intern or job position for them. Summer Youth Employment Program will pay for each youth to work a maximum of 120 hours at minimum wage ($9.30/hr). You give them the job, we pay them the wages!

Once a youth is designated to your organization you can work directly with them on their schedule. 120 hours of work between the dates of June 12, 2017 and August 16, 2017 are required, but you can break that up in the best way that works for you and your employee(s). Please arrange for students to know their schedule at least seven days in advance. Each youth will have an assigned job coach to provide support and encouragement to you and your SYEP employee. We will ask that you submit the youth’s schedule, time worked, and feedback on their job performance to the job coach, as well as allow job site visits by the coach. Processes will be put into place to make this as streamlined and efficient as possible.

What you gain from a summer youth employee?

*Maximum of 120 hours with a youth intern/employee who is paid (min. wage) by SYEP.

*An intern/employee who has demonstrated job readiness knowledge and skills.

*A job coach assigned to your SYEP employee to provide support and encouragement.

*An opportunity to hire the youth after their 120 SYEP hours.

*Changing the life of a young person who has barriers to employment.

Next Steps

If you wish to move forward with requesting a Summer Youth Employee please complete the attached SYEP Employer Application and return to  no later than May 12th, 2017.

Once completed, an SYEP Manager will contact you by May 19 with further instructions.

Don’t hesitate, space is limited! 


Lunch and Breaks – Per the Colorado Minimum Wage Order “employees shall be entitled to an uninterrupted and ‘duty free’ meal period of at least a thirty minute duration when the scheduled work shift exceeds five consecutive hours of work” as well as “a compensated ten-minute rest period for each four hours or major fractions thereof shall be permitted for all employees.” If food is served onsite at your organization, please let us know if lunch is provided for the student (this is not required).

After SYEP

Once a student has worked 120 hours, they have completed the SYEP program. If you have the capacity to hire the student and wish to do based on their performance after they complete SYEP, you are more than welcome to do so.

Background Checks

All SYEP Employers are required to complete and pass a background check. Verification can be provided by your organization if background checks are already completed as a condition of employment. If your organization does not run background checks, SYEP will ask for employers to complete a background check release form.


Students will be ready to begin work on June 12th, 2017 and need to work their 120 hours before August 16, 2017. You can work with the student to schedule their hours in whatever way works best for you both.

 Please direct all other inquiries to Elizabeth “Bethie” Walter

Job Opportunity: Assistant designer and Production Manager

This came across our desk and we had to share. 2 positions are available at the Cotery! Read all the info below to learn about job opportunities and contact Tricia directly for any questions!

The Cotery

About Us

At the Cotery We’re passionate about helping creatives succeed. Our website offers them a solid support team to do so. We are dedicated to building a system that automates the design, sales, and manufacturing process by focusing on removing barriers like upfront manufacturing costs, large inventory buy-ins, quality assurance and logistics issues. Essentially, we do the hard part so they can focus on the design.   Highly creative artists and designers use The Cotery to help them bypass these barriers, enabling them to offer high quality, trending, moderately priced limited edition apparel directly to their target market via technology.

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