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Jackalope Fair

December 9th/10th, 2017 – Handmade and local was all the rage this past weekend at the Jackalope Market held at the McNichols Building in Downtown Denver. Sponsored by The Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies, Denver Public Library, Hello Fresh, Willow, LowBrow, Studio Colfax, and Yelp, this was a fun, family event to attend.

All photos courtesy of Sydney Scarola

From the moment you walk in, you’re faced with an extremely tough decision: what do I want to buy? Because this fair hosted over 150 vendors, each stand was unique and Colorado proud. I loved these hand drawn maps and pictures.Thalken jewelry was my favorite jewelry stand at the event. Their dainty, delicate pieces were elegant yet sharp at the same time. For me, I am in love with small necklaces as I think they do a lot by being little. They can add to a look or tie together clothing pieces by breaking them up (contradictory statement, I know). Based out of Lousivilletheir pieces would be the perfect gift for a loved one.

Sweet Caroline Confections added a completely unique and satisfying touch to the world of lollipops. These sparkle lollipops were gorgeously crafted and could work as the perfect stocking stuffer for any person, any age! I was so impressed by the rare spin these seemingly simple treats took. They even offered a slew of flavors, from Champagne to Nutella, these lollipops not only looked gorgeous, they tasted even better!

The Sleep Over Stick was a huge hit for my family and I. Knowing what skin junkies we are, it was hard to walk right past so we had to stop. We were impressed to learn the idea behind it – a simple but genius one. The package comes with two sticks that are meant to be used on the go. From the gym bag to a sleepover, the cleansing stick will help you stay fresh while the hydrating stick restores the necessary moisture back into your skin. Sold in stores like Anthropologie, this is a necessity for all skin lovers!

Who knew that cookies could be such a beautiful art form? Sweet Treats by Melissa showed me an art I had never seen before. These cookies were stunning, and I mean STUNNING. It was true art in an edible form, what more is there to love? All handcrafted by the talented Melissa, these sweet treats are almost too exquisite to eat.

The Jackalope Fair was quite the event. Between all of the talented vendors and unique ideas, my family and I had a wonderful afternoon. I know all of these companies will be successful with their extraordinary ideas.


VOTE on your favorite designer from the Art Institute

Earlier this summer, I got to be a judge for a very special fashion competition hosted by the ArtScene by Denver8TV. 3 fashion students from the Art Institute showcased their couture dresses and now… it’s up to YOU to vote!! Poll closes October 25th!

Watch the runway shows and learn more about each designer… then cast your vote!

Fashion Camp May Edition Photobooth Recap

We had such a wonderful fashion camp last month! One of the fun components of our last fashion camp was working with Ilya Kushnir and his company ‪#‎BoothYa‬! C.Stephan of 4:42 Studios conceptualized the idea to have the campers take photos of themselves in the photobooth and then trace their photo so they could design their fashion piece onto their sketch. Fun ensued throughout the day! A HUGE thank you to non for your generous donation in making this idea happen!


Our next fashion camp is happening Saturday July 23rd! Click for details!

Ily | Iley

Last Tuesday we got the chance to visit Ily | Iley boutique and IMG_6218I fell head over heels in love. Not only was the space incredible, but all of the merchandise they carry is unique and unlike the rest of the boutiques in Denver. They are also located in one of the best neighborhoods in Denver, Highlands. You open the door to the store, and it feels like you just stepped into a boutique in Soho, NYC, you suddenly forget that you’re in Colorado. They carry a variety of merchandise that ranges from new to vintage. Their merchandise also ranges in terms of clothing to house wear items. They feature small artists and designers in their shop, as well as well-known designers such as Jonathan Adler.

Store owners Bailey Lemak and Ilyse Mark were briefly introducedIMG_6231 to one another at a party in Miami and immediately hit it off. They both had unique and outgoing styles, and personalities to boot. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of NYC, where they were both residing, did not allow them the time to nurture a budding friendship. However, several years later, they were reunited in the young and upcoming city of Denver. Both with passion for fashion, all things vintage, and the idea of an all around fabulous life style,           Ily | Iley was born.

Both owners were tired of the bohemian style boutiques they were seeing pop up all over Denver. They found a niche in the market IMG_6226and decided to pounce on it. They love mixing the old with the new, which is why they carry vintage items as well as the in-style, brand name items.They aren’t your typical boutique, they mix the west coast with the east coast and bring you original, Denver style. The store is classy yet eclectic, it’s bold and lively. You can tell how much hard work and passion went into the process of opening the store. So much of their personality and style translates into the store, and that’s why they are loving what they’re doing.

Ily | Iley is also not just a boutique, it is a full service styling team. Both owners have a resume in personal shopping and styling. They offer their own talent and unique ability to dress someone based on an individual’s personal style. They find creative and insightful uses for garments and accessories for you to make the most out of your wardrobe. They are a one stop shop, for all your needs.

IMG_6219  IMG_6220

IMG_6222  IMG_6223

IMG_6225  IMG_6234

So stop in Ily | Iley boutique soon and tell them that Fashion Denver sent you! You can also visit their website at This is a fashion experience you don’t want to miss!



Multiblazer Announces Launch Of Homegrown Blazer

Innovative Mash Up Of Colorado Art And Apparel

DENVER, CO – Multiblazer, a Denver-based innovator of custom men’s and women’s blazers, today announces the launch of their Homegrown menswear line. Homegrown is the evolution of a popular theme found in local apparel, where elements of the Colorado state flag are incorporated in the design of the blazer.

Maintaining its tradition of creating custom looks for clients, a limited run of 100 Homegrown blazers will be available for purchase online and at various Denver based apparel stores.

homegrown-1“The Homegrown multiblazer is a project that started with a Facebook promotion, where we gave away a free Colorado themed multiblazer,” said Luc Cisna, Co-Owner at Multiblazer. “That promotion gained a lot of attention from our fans so we decided to develop another sample with the Fashion Design Center Denver which was finished just in time for for the 2015 Urban Night’s Fashion Show. When it was shown there, it got a huge round of applause and a ton of post show interest from everyone there, so we decided that the Homegrown will be our next line of multiblazers to produce.”

About Multiblazer

Fashion independence artisans since 2010, Multiblazer unites bleeding edge with tried and true. The company creates custom blazers for men and women that enables clients to express their personal sense of style in a new, creative way. Multiblazer’s most recent blazer launch is the culmination of research and design development spanning the last 3 years. Multiblazer’s quest to create and grow a new category of jacket – the multiblazer – is proven with the release of the Homegrown blazer. Multiblazer’s vision of fusing together that which is cool and new with that which is established and accepted, transcends the routine style that is typically found with the standard blazer.

Fashion Design Center

For those looking to grow their fashion business here in Colorado, the Fashion Design Center Denver is a new organization and gorgeous space that offers plenty of design services for emerging designers.

Fashion Design Center

The Revolutionary Garment District that is the driving force of independent design, brand development & sales in the vibrant, creative River North Art District. Exactly what you need to “Make it” in Colorado!

Explore your opportunities to access:

  • Design & Business Professionals
  • Industry standard workroom for patterns & markers, samples & small runs
  • Production team to produce your lines
  • Permanent & pop-in studios
  • Great location for meetins
  • Private label manufacturing
  • Brand development & messaging
  • Sales & marketing
  • Shared costs & representation at international trade shows
  • Runway & trunk shows with wholesale events
  • HAUTE {our on-site boutique!}



The Juicing Tree 3-day Cleanse


It’s no secret that we indulge ourselves in the tastiest foods and drinks over the holidays. For me the holidays meant spending quality time with friends & family [ & food…+ maybe some sugary drinks too : ) ].  Needless to say – my body is in need of a quick detox to jumpstart my metabolism.

I contacted my favorite local juicer, The Juicing Tree, for help.


Starting today I will be doing their 5280 Three-Day Juice Cleanse. I also get to try their Nut Milks, Kale Clusters, and Naked Nuggets. Um, yes please!



You can follow my journey right here on the Fashion Denver Website and stay tuned for my results when it ends on Wednesday (just in time for the Westword Whiteout Fashion Show on Thursday).

Wish me luck!


Cleanse Deets:

“Our juice cleanse / detox packages are designed to reset and recharge your system; cleansing from deep within to help mobilize years of buildup, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and alive.  Cleansing regularly with blends that are packed with antioxidants from raw organic foods will keep you feeling and looking great.  The extraction process and vehicle of delivery (juice!) allows your system to absorb these nutrients easily, quickly and effectively…  increased bioavailability and enzymatic support directed at your body cells and tissues.  By ridding yourself of the toxins that have been introduced by diet, lifestyle, and environment, your body is able to achieve detoxification and healing.  Whatever ails you, the most common benefits observed by those on juice fasts are: improved circulation, heightened immune function, clearer skin, boosted energy levels and elevated mood.  Your body will be nourished by the highest quality, completely raw and organic juice- pressed daily for maximum freshness.  Come see how Juicing Tree’s wholesome, unadulterated, synergistic nutrition can benefit you.”

I followed The Juicing Tree’s Cleanse Logistics when preparing for the cleanse which you can find here.



Red Camper

Red Camper

I first met Maura Gramzinski, brains behind Red Camper,  in 2005. I had just moved back from San Diego to my home state of Colorado and had just begun to produce our Fashion Denver fashion markets. At the time, I was still making my b.shigley designs handbags. Through the creative Denver community our worlds came together. I was a huge fan of Maura’s work. She designs bags that are made of old slides. (See bags and read the story here).

Flash forward to last week when I saw a blog post featuring one of my favorite tiny towns in Colorado, Silver Plume! There, in Martha Stewart’s blog , was a blip about Red Camper, only it wasn’t the handbag Red Camper, I knew… it was a brand new endeavor! Delicious Jams!

Flash forward to yesterday when we took our dog to the dog park and stopped by the Farmer’s Market only to get to see the latest Red Camper endeavor in action with delicious Picnic Supplies!

Maura, you are an amazing inspiring Denver entrepreneur and we just love all that you do!


Support Local Business: Night and Day Vintage

Jessica and I took a little field trip around the corner this week to Night and Day Vintage. We can never get enough of their unique treasures and Anna and Amy’s bubbly and passionate personalities. A quick visit always sets a blissful tone for the rest of the day.


Since 2012 Anna and Amy have sought out and sold classic vintage items that are well conditioned for a chic and classy lifestyle. They carry many unique and well-kept items — from German drinking glasses to 50s kitchenware to vintage lingerie to swim caps. Check out photos from our adventure this week!




Like Night and Day Vintage on Facebook!







Visit Night and Day Vintage 

39 West 11th Avenue
Denver, CO 80204