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Fashion Denver’s 13th Anniversary Celebration and fashion market

Anniversary Fashion Market
Friday, June 16th 4pm-11pm
2875 Blake Street
Denver, CO 80205

Application link clickity click here

Wow!! It’s crazy how life comes full circle. Since the inception of Fashion Denver in 2004, I have been doing our most of our fashion markets in our “RINO” district, which back then, didn’t have a name. It was more or less a deserted strip with an occasional warehouse  or venue scattered in between.  Back then, I had my fashion markets at Andenken Gallery, The Walnut Foundry, The Block Building, and… Flying Dog Brewery!

In 2006, I partnered with Flying Dog Brewery to do our fashion market in the brewery. Our fashion show runway was lined by a wall of kegs and we even had our fashion show staging area in the freezer (yes… it was cold!) That was when I first met Chris Rippe, who was working with Flying Dog.

Flash forward to this week when I met up with my amazingly talented friend Phelyx Hopkins, mentalist and magician, to see the space that he’s hosting a variety of fun shows and to reunite with Chris and experiencing his new space! Chris has a beautiful warehouse space inside of C Squared Ciders and his restaurant Rackhouse Pub where we decided that it would pretty much be the perfect place to host our 13th anniversary for Fashion Denver!

Fashion Denver's 13th Anniversary

It feels so great to get back into the roots of the neighborhood, connecting with people who were such an integral part of Fashion Denver back in the day, and have new inspiration for our fashion markets! I’m so excited to hold this market in this space and to celebrate 13 years!!

If you are a designer and are interested in being part of our market, follow this link!

Stay tuned for more exciting details as our event unfolds!!!


Well hello spring!

Hello there from the Fashion Denver World HQ here in the Golden Triangle of Denver, Colorado! It’s been a busy past few months!

My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City
My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City

My trip to the Philippines was truly a life changing adventure. Visiting my orphanage from which I came from had such a lasting impact on me and to be able to connect my world here with Fashion Denver and to my world in the Philippines is such a blessing.  The Sunshine Daydream event is the start of connecting these 2 important aspects of my life! Make a dress, donate a dress, and add a splash of color to a child’s life with your creativity! To learn more about the dress drive, click here!


10634079_10205439348131431_3626750693180227068_oWe said a teary “See ya later” to our fabulous intern Alyssa who spent the spring with us from Colorado State University. Alyssa graduated last week and is off to set sail in the world! We know she will go far. We love you Alyssa! Thank you for spending the spring with us!


As the summer months unfold before our very eyes, endless possibilities of fun events come to mind. We are in the works of planning a Fashion Denver field day! Yep, you heard it right.. good ol’ fashioned field day! Complete with the 50-yard dash, 3 legged race, egg in the spoon race, and so much more! Date and location are being tossed around right now!  Instead of doing a summer market, we’re thinking of doing mini markets set at different locations around Denver and maybe even one right here in front of our HQ!

Please come on back to our website as these events unfold!



Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Wednesday night, Brandi hosted her first Do What You love. Love What You Do workshop of the year. And what better way to kickoff the year than with a phenomenal workshop that helps guide aspiring entrepreneurs to take that first step in doing what they love. The workshop is a great way for these entrepreneurs to take their passion and creative ideas and be able to turn them into a business. Because why not do something you love everyday and be able to make a living off of it? 

As a newcomer, not really knowing what to expect, I came into the workshop with an open mind, I was excited to see what was in store for the rest of the night. We started out the night with a  jam session led by Brandi, this allowed everyone to let loose. It was also a great way to show everyone you are allowed to have a little fun, even when talking about business.

One thing Brandi had us do at the beginning of the night was to have everyone write out their biggest dream and their biggest fear. After looking at everyone’s dreams, a common theme that arose: people want to have the ability to work for image3themselves and be able to have the freedom to create. Looking at everyone’s fears was much different, every single person had a different answer, which ranged from failure to being able to sustain themselves. I liked to be able to see our dreams and fears and find commonality, to realize you’re not alone. 



The workshop was a step-by-step process on what one would need to be able to start their own business.  It was a workshop that covered the beginnings of your business, building your brand, how to communicate and network. This workshop not only went in depth of how to start a business, but this workshop also was a first step to get over your fears. This workshop is also the first step to turning your dreams into a reality and stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue a career that you truly love doing.

I’m not going to get into too many details of the workshop itself because this is the kind of workshop you have to experience for yourself. But, as someone who is still trying to figure out my dreams and fears and what I actually want to do with my life, this workshop opened up my eyes to so many possibilities and that my dreams are attainable.

At this workshop, you will not only be able to learn more about being an entrepreneur, but you will also have the opportunity to meet amazing people, who might be going through the same hardships as yourself. The Do What You Love workshop is a great first step into finding your true happiness.


The next Do What You Love. Love What You Do Workshop will be held in mid March, so please come out and find out what it’s all about!

International ad campaign for NIKON!

Nikon D5500

Back in September I was asked to be in a photoshoot for an international ad campaign for NIKON! What a fun adventure that was! I got to truly be me, wearing my favorite custom designed Marie Margot party dress and work with some amazing people. The Japanese Nikon crew were at the shoot and the amazing Dixie Dixon was the photographer. This entire shoot was styled by Denver wardrobe stylist Tina Gill, founder of Worth While Style!

This campaign just launched yesterday and it is exciting to see where these pictures are turning up 🙂

Brandi Shigley in the Nikon ad campaign!

Multiblazer Announces Launch Of Homegrown Blazer

Innovative Mash Up Of Colorado Art And Apparel

DENVER, CO – Multiblazer, a Denver-based innovator of custom men’s and women’s blazers, today announces the launch of their Homegrown menswear line. Homegrown is the evolution of a popular theme found in local apparel, where elements of the Colorado state flag are incorporated in the design of the blazer.

Maintaining its tradition of creating custom looks for clients, a limited run of 100 Homegrown blazers will be available for purchase online and at various Denver based apparel stores.

homegrown-1“The Homegrown multiblazer is a project that started with a Facebook promotion, where we gave away a free Colorado themed multiblazer,” said Luc Cisna, Co-Owner at Multiblazer. “That promotion gained a lot of attention from our fans so we decided to develop another sample with the Fashion Design Center Denver which was finished just in time for for the 2015 Urban Night’s Fashion Show. When it was shown there, it got a huge round of applause and a ton of post show interest from everyone there, so we decided that the Homegrown will be our next line of multiblazers to produce.”

About Multiblazer

Fashion independence artisans since 2010, Multiblazer unites bleeding edge with tried and true. The company creates custom blazers for men and women that enables clients to express their personal sense of style in a new, creative way. Multiblazer’s most recent blazer launch is the culmination of research and design development spanning the last 3 years. Multiblazer’s quest to create and grow a new category of jacket – the multiblazer – is proven with the release of the Homegrown blazer. Multiblazer’s vision of fusing together that which is cool and new with that which is established and accepted, transcends the routine style that is typically found with the standard blazer.

Victoria’s Secret PINK grand opening

This came across our desk and we thought we’d share…..

Victoria’s Secret PINK grand opening
Friday, August 22nd to Sunday, August 24th
Cherry Creek Mall
 3000 E 1st Ave
Denver, CO 80206

Victoria's SecretVictoria’s Secret PINK will be celebrating the grand opening of their first freestanding store in Denver, Colorado this weekend. Celebrate the new PINK store all weekend with a Limited Edition Mini Dog (free with any purchase while supplies last.

Stay connected with all new PINK stores by RSVPing to the Grand Opening at and following VS PINK: @vspink

Victoria’s Secret PINK is a spirited lifestyle brand dedicated to the independent collegiate girl. Sometimes cheeky, always fun and absolutely comfy, the range includes hoodies, tees, tanks, sweats, bras, panties, yoga, accessories, beauty and more, all designed for the girl who lives and loves PINK.

New Summer Fashion Denver Intern

Aviary Photo_130462997911239672Hi fellow Fashion Denver fans,

I am so pleased to meet you all as the new Fashion Denver Summer Intern. My name is Jacqueline Madrid and I recently graduated from Metropolitan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. My very first article I attempted to write while in school was about Fashion Denver; honestly I have yet to show Brandi the finish piece due to the unfortunately low grade (hey now, it was my first article.) At that point I could not have imaged that two summers later I would be working as the intern for Fashion Denver and with Brandi.

Someday I want to own my own boutique, maybe start a male consulting firm, travel to LA to dabble with Celebrity PR and finally, become a stylist. I know, wow. But life is long and a girl can dream right? As for now, I love being a native and can’t imagine leaving Denver. I am so happy to be the intern for Fashion Denver and I am looking forward to soaking up all the knowledge I possibly can from the experience.

Some of my duties for summer include capturing the street style around the city so beware, if you look good I will find you! Also, I will be blogging for our website, attending local fashion events and most importantly assisting with the Summer Fashion Denver Market SPLASH on July 20th, which I hope to see you all there. It is going to be a great summer for us and I hope for you too.

Nice to meet you all and thanks so much for reading this – Jacqueline

Summer is here!

Fashion DenverSummer has arrived…well, not officially, but it sure does feel like it! With this gorgeous warm weather, dresses coming out of our closets, and fashion fun in store for the next few months, we can’t wait to get this summer started!

Stay tuned for our summer schedule and more fashion / style / and trend reports!


Stephanie is on the right track!

What an amazing fall we had with our intern Stephanie Rowe! We got so much accomplished as we closed out the year and started this year off on the right foot. Stephanie was responsible for assisting in the production of Red Ball 2013 and The Condom Couture fashion show in Boulder, not to mention her numerous blog posts about the events happening around the city.


Alas, the internship has ended and Stephanie, marketing and business savvy woman that she is, got a job working with Steve Madden. I am a sad girl without Stephanie, however, she will still be attending events and will always be part of the Fashion Denver family!