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Recap of SPLASH

Fashion Market at the Breakers Recap
B.Fresh, Blackberry Maverick, Byasimacouture, Lawrence and Larimer, The Haus, Prompt Flare Designs, Stylish Sparrow, Marie-Margot and Hair by Shanelle; an all star team of designers that came together for the Poolside Fashion Market and made a splash!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Whether your fashion summer cocktail included ingredients such as linen, beads, tribal, traditional, dresses, laces and more, there was enough variety that satisfied everybody’s fashion buzz. A live DJ, sun, activities, a pool, and local clothes. What more could you ask for from a perfect Sunday for fun and shopping with friends and family.

By Kenneth Hamblin III

Local Colorado designers took the spotlight and showed what the 303 can create. As Colorado becomes more diverse, we saw some impressive energy and designs from all of the designers that set up shop. Great work to all the designers and thank you 303 magazine for helping sponsor the event. We can’t wait to see what all of the designers have planned for the future and it’s looking bright!

By Kenneth Hamblin III

To see more pictures click here!

Sizzlin’ 6 Questions with Edith Muyinda

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of emceeing the African Fashion Show headed up by Edith Muyinda of Byasima Couture where we saw fashions from many different countries in Africa. It was an amazing show! Edith will be part of our fashion market this Sunday. Let’s take a look into her world, shall we?

What were your obsessions growing up?


How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

Top / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images /

I have many sisters and sometimes when they were going out, they would have “wardrobe emergencies” in that all of a sudden they did not like their outfits – they would change from dress to dress stillTop / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images / d4nt3.comthey were not happy with how they looked, so I would make adjustments by putting a fold here or adding a piece of material there or make them wear a skirt as a dress – and they loved it! It was fulfilling to see what I had visualized expressed in what they were wearing.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

My daily life is simple and can easily relate to everyday person, so when I design, I take into account the everyday person and try to balance comfort and style in my collections

Top / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images /

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

I observe people on the train, and streets. I also, research on what is trending on the local, national and international level. I interview people. I review my portfolio to see if there is anything that can inspire me from my previous collection. I meditate on all the above then get inspired to design a new collection.

How has fashion impacted you?

I am fulfilling my dream to express myself as a designer. 

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designer’s perspective?

I love the way Denver is rapidly picking up in the fashion world. Also, I like the fact that fashion scene in Denver is embracing designs and designers from different backgrounds.

Sizzlin’ 6 Questions with Splash designer Maggie Burns

We’ve been working with designer Maggie Burns of Marie-Margot for several years we can see why she won 303 Magazine’s Designer of the Year award this past spring! Check out her interview in preparation for our summer fashion market SPLASH! 

Maggie BurnsWhat were your obsessions growing up? 

Obsessions is a very strong word for a Libra…  I don’t remember being obsessed with anything in particular.  I just remember the small town I grew up in didn’t feed my artistic yearning and I felt hungry for creative stimulation. 

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

Creating designs in fashion was easy for me and gave me the feeling of connection and authenticity.  Growing up, I loved seeing beautiful clothes in the magazines and being able to interpret them my way.   It took me to Paris long before I had the opportunity to actually visit Paris.

Photo by Harvey Klahold

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

I see things in terms of shapes and colors, where others see things as cars and trees and buildings… I’m always looking for new patterns and textures in nature to inform my designs.  I appreciate the juxtaposition of opposing shapes and textures and how it might relate to details in a gown. 

Whenever I go to a movie, I’m intrigued with the costuming and sets as they relate to the story.  I try to make my designs tell the story as the collection develops.   

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

Sometimes a book, a movie, a piece of artwork or a soundtrack inspires me, or it can be as simple as discovering beautiful laces and fabrics and letting them tell me what the collection should say.  Ultimately, my most successful collections have been when I keep my “Why?” in mind.  My “Why” is that I was born to make women look and feel beautiful. 

maggieburnsHow has fashion impacted you? 

Fashion creates a sense of urgency …  there’s so much to do and so little time.  Fashion in general moves quickly; on the one hand, one needs to get their ideas out of their head and into the market before the trends change.  On the other hand, timeless elegance never goes out of style.  It’s imperative to find the fine line between the two.   

I have personally found the “Why?” in my life and feel a sense of profound fulfillment when my brides tell me that I have made their wedding day the best ever with their gorgeous gown! 

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Denver fashion is moving ahead at light speed.  There is an abundance of very talented new designers coming onto the scene with their creative energy and enthusiasm.  The more established designers are perfecting their craft and producing beautifully made, creative designs.     

Be sure to check out Maggie’s IndieGoGo campaign and help her reach her goal!

Splash has arrived! See you Sunday!

Photo by Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari
Photo by Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari

Wooo hooooo! The moment has arrived! Fashion Denver’s summer market is officially here! We hope to see you THIS SUNDAY at the Rooster & Moon parking lot for a Sunday Funday full of shopping for local fashion. We’ll have 3 fashion shows throughout the day and will kick off the first show with a fashion parade that leaves Studio Salon (1135 Bannock Street) at 12:45pm!  March with us to the fashion fun!

This event is free and open to the public.

Designer Profile: Wari Designs

How did you get started (please share your history here)?

I was left fatherless when I was 8 years old during the violent period that shook my country (Peru). I am the third of 9 siblings and all of us as children, had to work to help our family during those hard times. I have always liked working with my hands – when I was younger I worked on a loom weaving tapestries “tapices”  – an art very typical in my home town of Ayacucho. Later, I worked at a printing press as a typographer and excelled at this job because I was good and fast with my hands.  I also spent some time working as a traditional folk singer and as a radio commentator. Finally, a significant portion of my life I worked as carpenter, running a small business designing and manufacturing furniture. I really consider myself an artist since birth.

10 years ago, I decided to make another dream of mine come true – to get a college degree in Veterinary Medicine since I also love working with animals. I was the first of my siblings to go to college and had to figure out how to support myself while I was in school. I as ended up learning wirework and macramé jewelry, making and selling my art on the street, as many artisans do in South America. It was a job that allowed me to be flexible while I was in school, something that I could do in the evenings and in between classes. Much of my art was self-taught, learned by trying and failing and trying again. I also had some friends that were jewelers and we shared ideas and helped each other out. I started by imitating jewelry I’d seen my sisters wearing and I gave my first few pieces as gifts to friends and family.

 What makes your current collection unique (describe what you are working on)?

Right now I am focusing on fusing of pre-Inca and Inca influences with modern style. In actuality, it is fusion of two styles (modern and ancient), both in terms of physical design and spiritual significance of each stone and symbol.  I am working to understand the properties of stones and how they can help people, and incorporate that into beautiful modern and wearable pieces of art.

What inspires you when you are working on something new?

Whenever I make jewelry, I first imagine how the piece will look when it is finished and then how it will look neck or arm of a woman wearing it. In general, I am inspired by the physical and spiritual beauty of women, and her connection with nature and the universe. In each piece of jewelry that I make, utilize different Pre-Incan and Incan iconographic symbols from my culture fused with the modern world.

Wari Designs

Where do you see the fashion industry going in Denver?

Denver is an up and coming fashion city, with a wonderful cross section between love for home grown local business with exotic international influences More and more, people are dressing bold and finding the wow factor with bright colors, unique cuts and a mix of styles from various cultural influences.

  How are you contributing to the fashion scene in Denver?

Wari Designs is uniquely poised as a business that is both local and international – we bring that bold, exotic style but we make it right here at home. I also think Denver can resonate with our commitment to using stones and natural materials, because Coloradoans are really connected to nature, the mountains and care about the relationship between the physical things that they buy and their connection to their community and environment.

What are you current goals?

Since we are new to Denver, our goal is to grow here as much as possible, but ultimately, we’d love to grow beyond Colorado. We are also working with other artists in Peru to produce fair trade accessories such as purses and belts, and more jewelry. There are so many talented artists in Peru that don’t have anywhere to sell their products and we really want our business to be a positive source of income for my home community. I’d also love to see one of my necklaces on the neck of a movie star 🙂

SPLASH! Summer Fashion Market

SPLASH {Fashion Denver’s Summer Market }
Sunday, July 20th from 10am-6pm
Rooster and Moon
955 Bannock Street
Free and open to the public

Fashion DenverSplash features over 20 local fashion businesses that will showcase their latest collections in an intimate summer shopping experience. Join us for live interviews with the designers, 3 fashion shows and even a fashion parade from our partners over at Studio Salon.  Indy Ink will be screen printing Fashion Denver bags on site for the first 50 shoppers.  And summer wouldn’t be complete without summer games like cornhole, 4 square, and water balloon fights! Well, okay, maybe not water balloon fights… but maybe 😉

Click on the links to learn more about our featured companies and check back often for exciting details!

Alyson Khan
Amanda Jett
The Cotery
Consider the Lilies
Dana Birke Designs
Dana De Roin
Fashion House of Rae Marie
Feline Swimwear
Fluo Apparel
Francis Roces
Indy Ink
Jean Marie
Kady Luxe
Live Worldy
Knotty Tie Co.
Nate Meese
Rustic Thread
Scandalous Couture
Shae Designs
Salwa Owens
The Seventh Guilt
Tricks and Ginger
Vicky Krabill
Wari Designs


10 reasons to make a SPLASH

Fashion Denver SPLASH Join Fashion Denver and 20 local designers on Sunday, July 20th at the Rooster & Moon parking lot for our summer fashion market SPLASH! This event is free & open to the public.

1) We LOVE our Golden Triangle neighborhood and especially LOVE Rooster & Moon (where our market will be held in their parking lot). SPLASH is conveniently located off of Bannock and Speer with plenty of parking and right off of the bicycle path.

Photo by Cassie A. Lee
Photo by Cassie A. Lee

2) This outdoor summer mini fashion market revolves around a select group of designers for an intimate shopping experience.

3) Shoppers will be able to meet the designers as we interview them on our stage. Designers will have a chance to showcase their favorite s in their collection or even do a fashion demo!

4) We’re having a FASHION PARADE! Hair and makeup will be done at Studio Salon a block away so what a perfect opportunity to parade down Bannock Street with our models. We’ve always loved a good parade!

hop-scotch-367756-m5) SUMMER GAMES! Whether you are 9-years old or 29- years old who doesn’t like a fun activities like corn hole, 4-square, or even double dutch. It’s summer and we’re embracing it all the way!

6) Hungry or need a summer cocktail? Rooster & Moon has some of the most delicious items on their breakfast / lunch / and apps menu, not to mention a creative collection of summer cocktails.

7) This fashion market isn’t just for the ladies! We’ll have plenty of men’s fashions too.  At this market, you’ll find dresses, tank tops, tees, jewelry, handbags, bowties & pocket squares, and much much more!

heart-bag-473950-m8) Shoppers will be entered to win fabulous gifts from our designers… all the day long! There is no cost to enter, entries are made on site and you must be present to win.

9) Live music played by talented Denver musicians!

10) We’re celebrating 10 years of Fashion Denver!!

Join us for this fashion day of fun in the sun!!

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