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Spring Fashion Market Designers: Catwalk Clawz

As we are nearing closer and closer to Enchantment, we are bringing you more designers that will join us on the Byers-Evans front law on Sunday! We are pleased to announce that Catwalk Clawz will be among the many designers joining us for Enchantment!

Everyone loves shoes! The right shoes make us look good and feel better about ourselves. But, if we don’t walk with confidence in them 1429734607because their slippery soles make us unsure, then all is lost.

That’s how Catwalk Clawz came into play. Catwalk Clawz add traction to the soles of your pretty shoes for more stability on any surface, so you can walk easier and not worry about embarrassing moments of slipping and possibly falling.

Catwalk Clawz are also cut into an adorable design to add style to the bottom of your shoes and prevent the soles from wearing out too quickly. Never sacrifice style again searching for shoes with tread. Buy the shoes you love and add your Catwalk Clawz! Own YOUR catwalk!

To learn more about the company, visit their website at

Spring Fashion Market Designers: Broccoliandcrystals

We are thrilled to announce that Broccoliandcrystals will be apart of Enchantment this Sunday! They are a one-of-a-kind company that gives back to the community while creating adorable designs.

The brand Broccoliandcrystals is a vegan clothing line by Aura Lavender, specifically designed for color therapy. Parts of the profits made from the company are donated to charities. Described in one word, “vegan” is the essence of the brand. The materials they use are vegan yarns like cotton, or organic bamboo cotton blends, and fabrics like cotton, linen, and peace silk.

Aura Lavender has been designing since 2011. Aura felt a calling to share her passion for color therapy and its health benefits for the mind, body, and soul. She believes conscious color therapy brings results. She is mostly a self-taught fashion designer. Ever since her mother taught her how to hand sew at the age of 5, she has studied sewing in grade school and through a workshop along the way. Lena, one of her sister-in-laws taught her how to knit and crochet at age 8. However, her greatest teachers were YouTube and books.

unnamedWhat shaped her experience as an artist was her love for making doll clothes as a child. When in high school, she decided to design on a larger scale. In 2013, she became a pescetarian and gradually shifted to a more vegan lifestyle. She discovered color therapy around the same time and began to incorporate veganism and color therapy into her designs.

Her clothing offers the visitor an opportunity to consciously do color therapy in their own lives, which therefore leads to desired results in their mindful, emotional, spiritual, physical lives. The right color makes us look young and reawakens our vitality. Color therapy can enrich our everyday living experience.

If you would like to learn more about the company and would like to preview their designs, visit their website at

Spring Fashion Market Designers: The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan

You’re in for a treat today because are announcing another designer that will take part in the market on Sunday! We are thrilled to have The Haus of Von Leeche join us on the Byers-Evans lawn!

The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan is a design Haus that produces the artwork of young artists of multiple art mediums.

Founded by the Von Leeche & Sullivan designers, unnamed-1Michael Sullivan and Lindsay Von Leeche, the design Haus features designs and artworks of all it’s artist. This includes clothing design, modeling, photography, graphic design, jewelry design, makeup, styling, music, cinematography, sculpting, and millinery design works. The company is also introducing a holistic entity in the company.

Collectively, The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan produces a designer collection of women’s and men’s wear every season that showcases and embodies the Haus as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about the designers and preview some of the designs, visit their website at

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Spring Fashion Market Designers: ZMZ Henna

There is less than a week until Enchantment and we hope you all are ready to be surrounded by sensational talent and good spirits! We are excited to announce that ZMZ Henna will be joining us this Sunday. ZMZ Henna is operated by a 17-year-old-girl, who is exceptionally talented. We love seeing young, fresh talent because they are striving for their dreams at such a young age with no fear.

ZMZ Henna is a niche business 2079808_origwhich captures the ancient art of Henna and brings it into modern society. Henna is brought alive through the beautiful products and traditional designs that ZMZ Henna offers. This South Asian body art has made it across the sea and available for everyone to get a taste of it.

ZMZ Henna is a small home operated business located in Aurora, Colorado. ZMZ Henna started in 2010, and has given over hundreds of henna tattoos at weddings, cultural events, and personal/private events. They have now added their personal collection of products that can be custom made to the buyer’s liking.

2273937_origZMZ Henna was started by Maliha Zavin at the age of 13 and is on its way to becoming a household name. They look forward to the future and hope you all become apart of this wonderful journey with them.

“Thank you for taking the time to looking/purchasing items on ZMZ Henna!  I’m so glad to see this business grow each day and have you be apart of this journey with me. “
                                                                                                                          -Maliha Zavin 

Come stop by the market to visit Maliha and get a gorgeous henna tattoo! Also visit her artwork on her website at

Spring Fashion Market Designers: Beads On The Bus

As we near Enchantment and the sun is starting to shine more (hopefully), we are excited to announce that Beads On The Bus will be joining us for the spring market!

After obtaining a Liberal Arts Degree from CU Denver and working several years in higher education administration, Shannon was promoted to “Director of Drama” at home with her threeunnamed-1 children.  She pursued her jewelry and design passion under the direction of the Denver School of Metal Arts and her accolades include being featured as an artist in the Colorado Craft Calendar, as well as designing award winning pieces for an international online design competition.  She and her husband of 20+ years purchased a ’69 VW Bus shell, and transported it into Denver’s 1st pop-up mobile bead shop.

The Bead Bus travels around town to parties, fairs and markets, and Shannon shares her joy of artistry by helping others design their own pieces.  The Bead Bus brings the tools, supplies and inspiration for its customers.  All they have to bring is the vision and desire to learn and create!

The Bus carries a variety of unique beading supplies, with stock changing daily. Includes beads, findings, stringing supplies, tools, samples, one-of-a-kind items, bulk & vintage button/beads.  Shannon and her staff enjoy upcycling, junking, antiquing & thrifting as ways to ensure the uniqueness of the products they carry.

Shannon aka, wife, mother, beader, crazy dog lady, metalsmith, Meals On Wheels driver, wannabe wanderer and hippie, overachiever and everything that embodies being a “girly girl.” We can’t wait for her and her bus to have fun with us at Enchantment!

If you want to learn more about Beads On The Bus, visit their website at

Spring Market Designers: Marie-Margo Couture

With the market about two weeks away, we are thrilled to announce that Marie-Margo Couture will be one of the designers featured at Enchantment! Don’t forget the market will take place on May 17th from 10am-5pm at the Byers-Evans House Museum.

“I want to help make that special day unforgettable,” says 11154803_827222014019506_9218347943152089160_oColorado native Maggie Burns, founder and head designer of Marie-Margot Couture. Maggie has been creating exceptional couture gowns for weddings and special occasions all of her adult life. Couture is her passion. She focuses on high-end “heirloom” dresses, whether they are destined for the altar or the red carpet. Maggie is especially at home with the exquisite fabrics – laces, silks, and satins – that are essential to the first-class wedding gown. In her words, “I listen to what the fabric is telling me.” A master draper, Maggie designs gowns for “the woman who values elegance and individuality.”

Well known in the Colorado community, where she shows her work at fashion shows, charitable events and in her studio. She designs exclusive bridal and special occasion couture. It is not unusual for her to dress an entire wedding party, including the bride, her bridesmaids, her mother and even the flower girl.

Maggie is also branching out into a more extensive range of special occasion dresses, from the most formal gowns – recently her designs were seen on the red carpet at the Academy Awards – to cocktail dresses and garden party looks. In addition, Maggie is producing a line of fine lingerie under the Marie-Margot Couture name.

1546147_581224421952601_696956151_n       10995932_799608023447572_7890090200910773868_n

To learn more about Marie-Margot Couture and to preview her designs, visit her website at

Spring Fashion Market Designers: Ultrakini

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time to feature another designer that will be apart of Enchantment! Today we are featuring Ultrakini®, and we are absolutely thrilled to have them be apart of the market!

Ultrakini® founder and creator, Summer Sawyer, realized that her relationship with swimwear had changed during a family reunion at the beach when wearing a bikini around family members she hadn’t seen in years, made her feel self-conscious. A mother of three, Summer spent the afternoon frustrated wishing she had worn her other swimsuit, a more modest tankini, which was packed away in her suitcase at the condo. Summer began to wonder why she needed to bring two swimsuits for every vacation and decided she would need to find a more versatile swimwear solution. Searching for this perfect swimsuit yielded no results. Purchasing multiple swimwear garments that ultimately did not solve her problem was the only option available. Realizing that this is an issue for other women, Summer was inspired to create the Ultrakini®. 

The Ultrakini® is a new one-of-a-kind versatile swimsuit that converts from a bikini-style bathing suit into a tankini-style bathing suit instantly, using hidden waterproof magnets The Ultrakini® is truly an all-in-one solution to the problem of purchasing multiple swimsuits, cover-ups or bulky layering swim garments for the various swimsuit occasions in a woman’s life. The Ultrakini® allows a woman to decide instantly if she wants to wear a tankini or a bikini, depending on her comfort level in the moment. When worn as a tankini, the removable midriff cover-up magnetically attaches to the bikini top, forming a seamless tankini-style look. When worn in the bikini fashion, the removable midriff cover-up ties around a woman’s waist as a stylish bottom cover-up.

Summer is very proud of the Ultrakini® swimsuit, knowing that when she and other women wear her invention they will feel confident, comfortable, and stylish. Wearing the versatile Ultrakini® swimsuit gives women the option to change styles instantly and therefore they will never have to experience the frustration of wearing the wrong swimsuit again!

Their website is coming soon! This gives you a chance to stop by Enchantment and actually preview the designs and this amazing invention in person!

Spring Fashion Market Designers: Threads Art Studio

Today we are releasing another designer that will be apart of the Spring Market: Enchantment! We will be featuring Threads Art Studio and will be talking about how Karen Bennet, the founder of the company, got her start in the fashion world!

Karen Bennett is a fiber artist from Arvada. She began her art career as a hand weaver and then worked as an art teacher for 25 years. fashion april 12, 2015 005 During that time she supplemented her income by sewing wedding dresses and teaching sewing classes. After retiring she returned to her roots as a fiber artist. She creates her clothing and jewelry from the handmade silk and wool fabric she makes to use in her art work. She creates her garments using technique more familiar to artists than the fashion world. The result is art-style cool, something that could be seen in a gallery, but in reality is being worn by a woman.

Her handmade fabric is an explosion of textures, focused on the inherent quality of the threads in the raw fiber (hence, the name of her business, Threads Art Studio). Sumptuous black and creamy satin colors are predominant in her jackets afashion april 12, 2015 031nd often hair-thin threads of metallic Mylar are embedded in the handmade fabric. Wild, exotic colors are used in her necklaces and flower brooches made from recycled sari silk from India. Her jewelry could be described as luxurious tatters because intricate small beads woven into the colored threads and in some pieces an actual silk cocoon is used as a large bead.

Her jackets are one-of-a-kind and are sold with the accompanying fashion sketch that inspired them. Many of the jackets have unique hand beaded elements that blur the fashion april 12, 2015 022lines between trim and cloth. All the jackets are designed for the comfort of the wearer, combining looser fitted styles with top stitching details seen in tailor garments. For the Denver Spring Fashion show she also has two summer lines: batik crop tops adorned with her hand-made silk necklaces and open lace jackets reminiscent of Downton Abbey fashion.

Thread Arts Studio website is currently under construction, so you’ll just have to come to the market to see her full collection!

Spring Fashion Market Designers: Class Act Collective

We are thrilled to announce another retailer that will be apart of our Spring Market, Class Act Collective!

Alexis Bennett apart of Class Act Collective is a graduate of the University of Colorado Denver. She received a BA in communication and a minor in legal studies. A string of unfortunate events have steered her life into a whole new direction. Up until 2009, she was a professional athlete, ranking top fifteen in the world of big mountain skiing. She was then hit by a drunk driver and had to have a hip surgery, which took away her career a professional skier.

Shortly after her accident and subsequent surgery, her father was killed in a gold mining explosion. As the fourth generation gold miner from Colorado, her father taught me the importance of hard work and perseverance. He truly loved what he did. If Alexis could speak to him today, she doesn’t think he would have any regrets. He was an inspiration to her and always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

As the fifth generation in Colorado, she has always had a dream to open her own boutique. She decided there was no better time than now! 10460241_827918323905556_8489028884908779716_nShe is now officially the owner of Class Act Collective! It is an intimate boutique that carries a unique variety of apparel and accessories for men and women, new and vintage, from near and far. It’s an urban boutique that is fun, funky, and eclectic and truly has something for everyone. The boutique supports local artists and designers and will continue to support the community. The boutique carries many Colorado based companies including Alexis’ designs.

A part of Alexis’s vision was to create an outdoor community gathering place where she can hold events. It is also a place where friends, family, strangers, and people of all walks of life can come together to shop, socialize, listen to music, support local entrepreneurs, and be merry!

Alexis feels we have lost human-to-human interaction due to the internet and she created a place where all are welcome to enjoy a good conversation, share stories, play dress up and smile.

“Keep Colfax Classy at Class Act Collective!”

If you would like to learn more about Class Act Collective you can visit their website at


Spring Fashion Market Designers: Whorl Shop

We are thrilled to announce another retailer that will be apart of our Spring Market: Whorl Shop!

Whorl, formally known as Stritch was founded in 2014 by Denver native Megan Timlin, the company is made up of three fashion industry professionals. Their love for style, networking and client relations offers an innovative yet inviting fashion brand unlike anything the community has seen before.

At Whorl, they strive to help women embrace who they are and their style without compromise. lsThey also bring together a diverse selection of aesthetics in the fashion industry. From Denver to LA, New York and Paris, their fashion professionals have worked meticulously and in depth throughout the industry developing skills which allows Whorl to showcase refined, curated brands. Whorl is not just a place to shop, but offers an array of services such as a mobile store front, styling services, showroom services and private events.

Together, they strive to create a one-of-a-kind destination for their clients. Their mission is to provide quality products, connecting good people to great things! Whorl is a type of fingerprint, it represents the mark we leave on our customers, but more importantly the mark they leave on the store.

If you want to learn more about Whorl, you can visit their website at!