Fashion Denver’s First Friday: fashion, art, double dutch, and otter pops!!

Fashion Denver First Friday
1070 Bannock Street
Denver, CO 80204

Hello Fashion Denver friends!

This friday (July 1st, 2011) is the first friday that kicks off the summer!! Given the 91 degree weather thats expected, otterpops and lemonade will be provided!! There will also be doubledutch for those of you who are so in tune with your inner child. This month’s lovely and most definitely summer-esque showcase of designers ( Alyson Khan’s vibrant paintings!) will be well worth your visit!! Come on in 🙂

Fashion Denver Summer Guide!

The Fashion Denver team has compiled all of our featured designers into the official Fashion Denver Summer Guide!  Remember to make Fashion Denver a stop when you’re out shopping for your summer wardrobe…

To see a detailed account of what’s in our Fashion Denver summer guide, click here!

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.

Fashion Illustration offered by Heidi Busk

Designers who are ready to take things to the next level! We are thrilled to have designer Heidi Busk teaching this amazing workshop! Heidi is offering a $75.00 discount on this valuable class! Click here for all of the information!

If you want to get a job in the fashion design industry, refine your skills to get ahead, or start your own label, Illustrator is the industry standard software you need to master. Illustrator, as a tool, allows communication of ideas to buyers, factories and investors. This comprehensive course teaches all of the skills you need to know for using Illustrator for the Fashion Design Industry.

Fashion Illustration by Heidi Busk

Sign up before the workshop is full!

SUBMARINE soundtrack contest

Calling all Fashion Denver fans!!

We are having a contest to win the Submarine movie soundtrack. Anyone is welcomed to participate! All you have to do is create a look that has an “under the sea” theme and post a picture on the Fashion Denver page. The contest will end on June 29th and there will be two lucky winners of the Submarine soundtrack! Let’s see what fun fashions you can create.

Play our fun contest! Just submit a picture of you with an "Under the sea" theme on our Facebook page and you could be a lucky winner!

Quilt Stories, coming to Fashion Denver this Saturday!

Saturday, June 25th from 2pm-7pm
Fashion Denver | 1070 Bannock Street
Come and tell your story..

It’s hard to believe that commonplace objects, such as clothes, shoes, and books, will tell the tales of this time in history a few years down the road. However, fads and fashions become pieces of nostalgia and remind us of times past (case in point: the recent obsession with everything 80’s). But even the simplest of things can become pieces of bonafide art, a point Eliza Fernand makes with her touring project, Quilt Stories, coming to Fashion Denver this Saturday.

Quilt Stories stopping through Fashion Denver

Photo from Boise Weekly’s article about this fantastic project..

Eliza travels the country, setting up camp in various cities, and collecting stories and anecdotes about quilts from passersby. “Quilts are such a part of the American life, that everyone has had some run-in with a quilt at some point,” she says. “The stories are sparked by a quilt memory but their contents vary greatly, this is what I had hoped- I encourage tangents.  One trend I have noticed is that quilts are often given to mark rights of passage- birth, graduation, marriage.”

Throughout her travels, Eliza has heard many fascinating and touching stories, signifying strong connections between people and communities. Her favorite, however, comes out of Salt Lake City:

One woman told me that being inside of the tent reminded her of hanging out underneath a quilt while several people were working on it.  Women gather with their children in a home, stretching the quilt out on a frame that fills the entire room.  The mothers are around the edges, all stitching their own space at once.  They poke the needle through the top of the quilt, passing it to a child who is underneath.  They point to where they would like the needle to come back to them, and the child pokes it up through to their mother.

Eliza’s travels to gather stories about quilts is a part of her larger work, Quilt Projects, which looks at the history and themes of quilt-making, applied to modern day life and attitudes. Though one doesn’t necessarily think of quilting as a form of artwork – I certainly wouldn’t categorize my grandmother with the likes Michelangelo or Monet – essentially the work of creating a quilt embodies all the fundamentals of creating iconic art: storytelling, beauty and aesthetics, bringing communities together, and passing down cultural traditions.

The project began officially a year and a half ago, when Eliza began an artist’s residency in Boise, ID, with a fellow artist named Anna Weber, from Portland. However, the project has come together as a result of her goals and ideals as an artist and teacher, such as reusing and recycling materials, teaching self-sustaining skills, bringing artists to the “everyday” person by engaging whole communities, and encouraging collaboration.

Though Eliza has no personal history or significant connection with quilts, she has quite a fascination with them and is beginning the construction of a traditional white Amish quilt. She’ll be taking it on her tour, and each visitor can contribute a stitch, adding a personal touch and coming-together of all who visit her.

The quilt, Eliza, and the unique and powerful tour will be visiting Fashion Denver on June 25th collecting stories, socializing, and connecting quilters from around the country.

Fashion Industry! A must attend Town Hall Meeting

WHEN: Friday June 24th, 2011 | 6:30pm – 8:30pm

WHERE : 841 Santa Fe Dr. Denver @ Colorado Arts Center, Inc – CACI
(This is a new non-profit art gallery and event center. Please donate $2 at the door for the use of the space, mic, chairs, etc.)

: The JTA Group invites you to join us for a professionally curated Town Hall Meeting & Panel Discussion on “How We Can Build an Economically Sustainable and a Deeply Respected Professional Fashion Industry in Colorado.”

:: We strongly encourage local professional Fashion Designers, Fashion Design Students, Fashion Photographers, Fashion Models, Hair Stylists, Make-Up Artists, Fashion Stylists, Image Consultants, Fashion Boutique Owners, Local Fashion Buyers, Advertising Production Houses, PR Agencies, Publicists, Fashion Manufacturing Companies, Fabric Store Owners and Creative Directors to join us for this inaugural monthly meeting.

:: Each Town Hall meeting will feature panelists with diverse backgrounds in the professional fashion and lifestyle industries–who are either based in Colorado and/or has strong connections in the international fashion industry.

The PANELISTS [for Town Hall Meeting # 1]
:: Matt McDonald | VP of Marketing, The GRO Project

:: Katherine Salzgeber | Professional Jewelry Designer, Owner Boutique de Bijoux

:: Jose Duran | Fashion Designer, Denver | in-house fashion designer @ Lumos & Nox

:: Tyler Lewis | Owner of Lumos & Nox Fashion Boutique @ 3107 E. Colfax, Denver, CO

:: Mona Lucero | Fashion Designer + Boutique Owner, Mona Lucero Design Boutique

To see more info click here:

Designer opportunity at the Denver County Fair

I’m so excited to be the Fashion Pavilion manager at the Denver County Fair! This is the first of it’s kind to take place in Denver and the fabulous Dana Cain, producer of the Denver Style Expo and Denver Modernism Show, is taking on an even more exciting event! This isn’t your usual county fair. There will be tons of different pavilions featuring different topics such as fashion, crafts, fine art, farm, green, and so much more.

If you are a fashion designer and want to be featured at this event, click here! You can showcase your designs through having a booth or being part of the fashion shows.

Fashion Pavilion at the Denver County Fair

Hope to see you there! Oh yes.. PS! DEVO is playing!!!!

Model Call Out for Natalie Lynn

This came across our desk and we wanted to pass along the info:

Natalie Lynn Models: Call out for models

If you are 5’10 or taller, unsigned with an agency and you have a good amount of runway experience…

Natalie, Owner & Agent, of natalie lynn models would love to for you to email her 2 head shots and 1 body shot.
natalie lynn models is partnering with Develo Magazine for a fashion show @ Jet Hotel on June 24th!!!
The casting call is Thursday, 6/16, from 3-5 pm.
Although unpaid, it is an excellent opportunity for you as a model & this is an excellent opportunity to sign on with natalie lynn models!
There will be a rehearsal prior to the event.
The rehearsal date is tbd.
The audience will be downstairs and upstairs which means you have to be extra fabulous and walk up and down stairs several times.
The Designer is Gino Velardi, Denver Fashion Designer!
He will be on the cover of Develo, late June Edition.
Jewelry by Andrea Li!
Natalie looks forward to hearing from you!!  Please respond ASAP!!!

Natalie Fletcher

Supporting Colorado designers since 2004 through production of fashion markets, fashion shows, and business development

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