Spring Fashion Market Designers: Regal Rowe

As we prepare for the Spring Fashion Market, we will be introducing every designer or business that will be featured at the market! Just like we did for the Eco-Disaster Fashion Show, each week leading up to the market, we will give you a little taste of each designer or business. We are excited to announce the first designer, Sinath Jerome part of Regal Rowe.

Throughout Sinath’s life, she has been immersed in the design and construction of fashion apparel and accessories. From her earliest childhood memories of growing up in Cambodia, she has been intoxicated with the possibilities of molding color, texture and structure into the real-life product of her imagination. Now, under her brand, Regal Rowe, her passion is now vocation.

For Sinath, fashion design is the pinnacle of artistic expression, improved only by the close personal connection to the person wearing the finished creation. She is enamored with the design process as it is born through a vision through her mind’s eye, which she brings to life through her sketch process. This begins the steps of refinement of the garment as she tests the flow and styling on a drawn canvas. Once she has created a range of sketches, she breathes excitement into the design by selecting the perfect fabrics and embellishments. Draping solidifies the refinement and purifies the design for production. When she looks at a woman’s body, she sees a canvas longing for the hand of Michelangelo shaped through the eye of Gianni Versace.

She designs classy, elegant and timeless style products with an emphasis on female sensuality and elegance for high-fashion and ready-to-wear, while striving for constant technical innovation and stylistic originality in the pursuit of beautiful handmade garments and accessories.

To view more of Sinath’s designs, visit her Etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/RegalRowe. Come to the Spring Market to meet Sinath and see her alluring designs in person and purchase them!

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Eco-Disaster Fashion Show

There was a great turnout at the Eco-Disaster Fashion Show last week! Thank you to everybody who came to the show. A huge shoutout to our designers, speakers, models, hair/makeup stylists that braved the snow to be apart of our show! Also a huge thank you to Warm Cookies of the Revolution for collaborating with us to bring this thought-provoking show to life.

Here are just a few pictures from the show:

IMG_5694      IMG_5699          Before the show!  

IMG_5701                              Brandi in her Eco-Disaster Fashion Attire

IMG_5711 Deb Henriksen, one of our designers and speakers of the night 

IMG_5732 IMG_5765 IMG_5721 IMG_5738

                        Some of the designs featured in the show                                   (Starting top right, clockwise:  Julia Rhoden, Simone Ruckman, Deb Henriksen, Richard Smith)


Thank you again to everyone who came out to support us!


Brooks LTD to Showcase New Line at Breast Cancer Gala

March 12th, Denver, CO Brooks LTD will showcase their new line at the Evening of Caring Gala benefitting Sue Miller – Day of Caring, a breast cancer organization.

A breast cancer survivor since 1990, Brooks has become more empathetic and understanding of women’s needs. Since her diagnosis, she has been featured multiple times in the Day of Caring events.

Brooks Ltd was founded in 1976, brooks fashions have been a staple in the Colorado community as well as selling designs to Saks Fifth Avenue and others. Since 2002, Brooks has served clients privately in her atelier in LoDo.

Designs featured in the Evening of Caring showcase the latest trends in fashion while highlighting the shape and character of each survivor model. “It is important for me to continue working with breast cancer survivors because I want them to feel beautiful and special,” Brooks said. “Giving these women the opportunity to have a custom made piece can be life changing. The confidence that you see in their faces on the runway is indescribable. It makes it worth it.”

An Evening of Caring will feature a thirty-one person Survivor Fashion Show featuring past Day of Caring models and recent breast cancer survivors. Models include well-known Denver survivors including, Ellen Beller, Jan Gillam, Murphy Huston, Rachel Rabinovich, Tiffany Reed, Dr. Joyce Sedlacek, Paula Ullman, and Lou Ann Van Daele to name a few. Half of the models will be wearing custom looks made by brooks Ltd, a longtime Denver designer, and breast cancer survivor.

The Survivor Fashion Show will feature original music from up and coming artist Kayla Marque. Songs will include Marque’s “Wait to Rust” and others from her new album “Live and Die like this.”

Sue Miller – Day of Caring is Colorado’s first breast cancer organization to form in Colorado. Formed 31 years ago by Sue Miller, the organization has provided education and awareness to over 15,500 individuals through their annual breast cancer conference.

An Evening of Caring is sold out, however tickets are still available to the general public as well as press passes to their Dress Rehearsal on March 11th at 7p.m. at the Embassy Suites Denver Colorado Convention Center. Tickets are available at the door, as well as online at http://dayofcaringcolorado.org/aneveningofcaring/

To learn more about Brooks Ltd., go to her website at http://brooksltd.net/


Native Fashion In The City


Native Max Magazine and Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce join forces to create a one day fashion showcase.

DENVER, CO. – Native Max Magazine, a Native American fashion and lifestyle magazine, and Rocky Mountain Indian Chamber of Commerce have joined forces for a second year in the name of fashion to offer 2nd Annual Native Fashion in the City, scheduled for Friday, March 20 at the Doubletree Hotel, 3203 Quebec St. Denver, CO.

Conceived last year at the Indian Biz Expo annually hosted by the RMICC, the RMICC partnered with Native Max Magazine’s editor-in-chief Kelly Holmes and created Native Fashion in the City as a means of exposing Native designers and their fashion lines to the Denver community. After a successful first year, the RMICC and Native Max Magazine will come together again to host the 2nd annual Native Fashion in the City.

“I’m excited to work with the RMICC again this year. Last year’s Native Fashion in the City event was popular and made a huge splash in the Denver community. We hope to make a bigger impact this year,” said Holmes. “The event definitely brings excitement and curiosity to Native designs. It introduces Native designers to the fashion community of Denver. Collectively we all decided to host another event this year.”

Native Fashion in the City will be held during the RMICC’s annual Indian Biz expo, and will include a fashion show with Native American designers, models, stylists and photographers, along with a meet & greet opportunity for both designers and members of the Denver fashion community who are covering the event.

“We are really thrilled that Native Fashion in the City has sort of evolved into an annual event. This year we’re inviting more members of the Denver fashion community to attend our event and learn about our cultures.”

For more information about the event, go to www.nativemax.com.

About Native Max Magazine: Native Max Magazine is a fashion and lifestyle magazine focused on Native Americans and First Nations members. Native Max Magazine was developed in 2011 by Holmes and was the world’s first Native American publication to focus on Native designers and models. Today, with a fan base of 50,000 from more than 10 countries, the Native-owned and operated publication continues to feature and showcase Native Americans and First Nations members from all over the US and Canada.

Contact Kelly Holmes regarding the event at: kellyholmes@nativemax.com.



Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Tomorrow!

We are very excited about the Eco-Diaster Fashion Show tomorrow (Feb. 25) at the McNichols Building!

We are teaming up with Warm Cookies of the Revolution to bring you a thought-provoking night of fashion, music and discussions that will hopefully raise questions about our ecological future. The fashion show will showcase the innovative and cutting-edge fashion as imagined by 7 Colorado designers. This unique fashion show will take you through a creative, imaginative and a possibly political ride of how designers envision the future of our earth.

Doors will open at 6:00pm where there will be music provided by DJ Diggs, as well as an “eco-fashion mingler” where the public will get to meet the designers and chat. The night will also include speakers including Deb Henriksen of Equillibrium and DJ Cavem.

Each week we have spotlighted every designer that will be featured in the fashion show! If you haven’t been keeping up with our posts about them, go to the link below and learn more about the designers and the topics that they chose for the show.


We can’t wait to see everyone there tomorrow!


Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Richard Smith

We are excited to announce our final designer that will be joining us for the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Richard Smith!

Richard Smith is an avant garde designer. He taught himself how to design couture and tailor clothing. He mainly focuses on menswear design and clothing. A unique piece of information about Richard is that every show he has been apart of has been for charity. He always looks to help causes through his art.

We got a chance to interview Richard and talk about his topic for the show, “Clones for Pleasure” and what his design process looks like.

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I chose this topic personally to attack some experiences I faced recently head on. A place I used to work at had very shady customers that propositioned people for prostitution. I was constantly harassed and one day decided that I knew my self worth and fled. I never spoke out about it because I didn’t know how to, but this show came up and I wanted to express myself the only way I know how, through art and my muse is fashion.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: My design process was first to express that I myself know that I, on the inside am soft, vulnerable. But on the outside I cage that from everyone. The people who propositioned me only saw what they wanted from me. So I’m doing a metal cage sort of shell and underneath is silk/soft sensual fabric. A harsh cage that makes you focus only on ones “sexual” assets. A song I play during this is “Government Hooker” by lady Gaga because I envision in the future these beautiful women forced into prostitution for only their looks but they have beautiful souls and want self worth and recognition, yet these cages worn makes them believe they are only born to please.

Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?




To find out more about Richard, go to his Facebook page listed above!

Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Simone Ruckman

We’re thrilled to announce yet another designer that will be featured in the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Simone Ruckman.

We are very excited to feature Simone in our show because she is new to the Denver fashion scene. Simone will bring in a fresh look on eco-fashion, as she is only 12-years-old! Do you remember what you were doing when you were 12? Well Simone is turning her dreams into reality and focusing on designing new fashion and advocating for our environment. Here at Fashion Denver, we are all about doing what you love, so all the power to Simone for starting at a young age!

We got a chance to interview Simone’s mom about Simone’s topic, ‘Colonizing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and her design process.

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: She chose this topic because in school she is learning about the effects of plastic in our oceans. The harm it causes to not only the people but the wildlife that calls the ocean its home.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: She is inspired by the images she is researching about. The animals, the ocean, the people, the millions of plastic bags and bottle tops. The color of the ocean and the textures of the plastic and the mounds of trash. Most of all she is inspired by the environmental impact that this causes to all.

Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?

A: New and inspiring 12yr old starting out and currently does not sell items unless contacted through her parents email: brennasunshine@gmail.com


Byers-Evans House Museum

CALL OUT FOR DESIGNERS: Spring fashion market

Wooooo hooooooo!!!! We are thrilled to announce that our spring fashion market will be held at the breathtaking and historical piece of Denver… The Byers-Evans House Museum located on the corner of 13th and Bannock, right behind the Denver Art Museum!

The Byers-Evans House Museum

If you can imagine the lawn and gardens and throughout the courtyard will be filled with 25 Colorado designers and fashion businesses for a fashion day of fun! We’ll have croquet, tea and tea sandwiches, live entertainment, and spring fashion!

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, my inspiration comes from the outdoor scenes at the grand castle! I know the Byers and Evans families would be thrilled to see such beautiful fashions on their lawn and in their courtyard!

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Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Julia Rhoden

Next on our list of featured designers is Julia Rhoden, with Julia Rhoden Designs!

Julia Rhoden, a recent graduate from Colorado State University is just beginning to venture into the industry. She believes that the Denver area has potential to be the next big fashion capitol, as it continues to grow every year. Her work has involved a lot color, unique lines and geometric shapes. She wants to continue to explore ways to incorporate fiber arts and fashion into one.

We got the chance to do a quick interview with Julia to talk about her upcoming designs for the Eco-Fashion Disaster Show, and why she chose her topic, ‘Glaciation: Ice Caps.’

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I picked my topic because I’m inspired by ice and snow… it can be soft and beautiful or sharp and terrifying. Water is essentially vital to life on earth and should be treasured.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: My design is going to reflect the sharp and terrifying aspect that I can see in snow and ice, the glaciation ice caps are massive and awe inspiring, I’m going to try and bring that in my piece.

unnamed-1 unnamed

Q: Where can we find / purchase your designs?

A: To further view my work, feel free to check out my website www.jrhodendesign.com, email me at jrhodendesign@gmail.com or visit my Facebook page, Julia Rhoden Designs.


Go check out Julia Rhoden on her website and Facebook page (listed above), to learn more about her and see more of her designs!

The Neiman Marcus Spring ’15 Trend Event

Last night, the Fashion Denver team got a chance to attend Neiman Marcus’ Spring 2015 Trend Event. The night was full of delicious goodies, hot new fashion trends and throwback music and styles. IMG_5444

We started the night with delicious “mocktails” that Ace restaurant had provided. We were also provided scrumptious little treats by Yours Truly Cupcakes, who also created an awesome display wall that went perfectly with their desserts. It was a great way to create the perfect ambiance for the night.

IMG_5446 IMG_5449

The fashion show consisted of hot new trends hand picked by Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director Ken Downing. There were many trends to look out for, and watching them all go down the runway made everyone excited for spring. It also looks like this spring will be an homage to the 70’s, bringing us back to more of a bohemian look.

Here are just some looks that will be trending this Spring:

-The New Bohemian: Jet set meets gypsy in boho blouses and tunics,  distressed denim, embroidery and maxi dresses

IMG_5461 IMG_5452

IMG_5474 IMG_5522

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