Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Tomorrow!

We are very excited about the Eco-Diaster Fashion Show tomorrow (Feb. 25) at the McNichols Building!

We are teaming up with Warm Cookies of the Revolution to bring you a thought-provoking night of fashion, music and discussions that will hopefully raise questions about our ecological future. The fashion show will showcase the innovative and cutting-edge fashion as imagined by 7 Colorado designers. This unique fashion show will take you through a creative, imaginative and a possibly political ride of how designers envision the future of our earth.

Doors will open at 6:00pm where there will be music provided by DJ Diggs, as well as an “eco-fashion mingler” where the public will get to meet the designers and chat. The night will also include speakers including Deb Henriksen of Equillibrium and DJ Cavem.

Each week we have spotlighted every designer that will be featured in the fashion show! If you haven’t been keeping up with our posts about them, go to the link below and learn more about the designers and the topics that they chose for the show.

We can’t wait to see everyone there tomorrow!


Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Richard Smith

We are excited to announce our final designer that will be joining us for the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Richard Smith!

Richard Smith is an avant garde designer. He taught himself how to design couture and tailor clothing. He mainly focuses on menswear design and clothing. A unique piece of information about Richard is that every show he has been apart of has been for charity. He always looks to help causes through his art.

We got a chance to interview Richard and talk about his topic for the show, “Clones for Pleasure” and what his design process looks like.

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I chose this topic personally to attack some experiences I faced recently head on. A place I used to work at had very shady customers that propositioned people for prostitution. I was constantly harassed and one day decided that I knew my self worth and fled. I never spoke out about it because I didn’t know how to, but this show came up and I wanted to express myself the only way I know how, through art and my muse is fashion.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: My design process was first to express that I myself know that I, on the inside am soft, vulnerable. But on the outside I cage that from everyone. The people who propositioned me only saw what they wanted from me. So I’m doing a metal cage sort of shell and underneath is silk/soft sensual fabric. A harsh cage that makes you focus only on ones “sexual” assets. A song I play during this is “Government Hooker” by lady Gaga because I envision in the future these beautiful women forced into prostitution for only their looks but they have beautiful souls and want self worth and recognition, yet these cages worn makes them believe they are only born to please.

Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?



To find out more about Richard, go to his Facebook page listed above!

Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Simone Ruckman

We’re thrilled to announce yet another designer that will be featured in the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Simone Ruckman.

We are very excited to feature Simone in our show because she is new to the Denver fashion scene. Simone will bring in a fresh look on eco-fashion, as she is only 12-years-old! Do you remember what you were doing when you were 12? Well Simone is turning her dreams into reality and focusing on designing new fashion and advocating for our environment. Here at Fashion Denver, we are all about doing what you love, so all the power to Simone for starting at a young age!

We got a chance to interview Simone’s mom about Simone’s topic, ‘Colonizing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and her design process.

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: She chose this topic because in school she is learning about the effects of plastic in our oceans. The harm it causes to not only the people but the wildlife that calls the ocean its home.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: She is inspired by the images she is researching about. The animals, the ocean, the people, the millions of plastic bags and bottle tops. The color of the ocean and the textures of the plastic and the mounds of trash. Most of all she is inspired by the environmental impact that this causes to all.

Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?

A: New and inspiring 12yr old starting out and currently does not sell items unless contacted through her parents email:


Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Julia Rhoden

Next on our list of featured designers is Julia Rhoden, with Julia Rhoden Designs!

Julia Rhoden, a recent graduate from Colorado State University is just beginning to venture into the industry. She believes that the Denver area has potential to be the next big fashion capitol, as it continues to grow every year. Her work has involved a lot color, unique lines and geometric shapes. She wants to continue to explore ways to incorporate fiber arts and fashion into one.

We got the chance to do a quick interview with Julia to talk about her upcoming designs for the Eco-Fashion Disaster Show, and why she chose her topic, ‘Glaciation: Ice Caps.’

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I picked my topic because I’m inspired by ice and snow… it can be soft and beautiful or sharp and terrifying. Water is essentially vital to life on earth and should be treasured.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: My design is going to reflect the sharp and terrifying aspect that I can see in snow and ice, the glaciation ice caps are massive and awe inspiring, I’m going to try and bring that in my piece.

unnamed-1 unnamed

Q: Where can we find / purchase your designs?

A: To further view my work, feel free to check out my website, email me at or visit my Facebook page, Julia Rhoden Designs.


Go check out Julia Rhoden on her website and Facebook page (listed above), to learn more about her and see more of her designs!

The Neiman Marcus Spring ’15 Trend Event

Last night, the Fashion Denver team got a chance to attend Neiman Marcus’ Spring 2015 Trend Event. The night was full of delicious goodies, hot new fashion trends and throwback music and styles. IMG_5444

We started the night with delicious “mocktails” that Ace restaurant had provided. We were also provided scrumptious little treats by Yours Truly Cupcakes, who also created an awesome display wall that went perfectly with their desserts. It was a great way to create the perfect ambiance for the night.

IMG_5446 IMG_5449

The fashion show consisted of hot new trends hand picked by Neiman Marcus’ Fashion Director Ken Downing. There were many trends to look out for, and watching them all go down the runway made everyone excited for spring. It also looks like this spring will be an homage to the 70’s, bringing us back to more of a bohemian look.

Here are just some looks that will be trending this Spring:

-The New Bohemian: Jet set meets gypsy in boho blouses and tunics,  distressed denim, embroidery and maxi dresses

IMG_5461 IMG_5452

IMG_5474 IMG_5522

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Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Stephanie Miller

As we get closer to the day, here is another designer that will be featured in our Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Stephanie Miller.

Stephanie Miller is a Colorado native and graduated from Colorado State University in 2013, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Merchandising with a concentrunnamedation in Apparel Design and Production. Her love of sewing started at a young age and really grew during her junior high and high school ages. She wants to aspire to be as good of a seamstress as her grandmother – she can sew anything! Her best advice to Stephanie was to always make sure the hems were neat and as perfect as possible. Stephanie’s designs are inspired by her travels and experiences. For the most part, her designs are feminine and occasionally more abstract. She likes to experiment with different shapes and fabrics, it is a great opportunity for learning. She has an acute attention to detail and a very strong work ethic. Her goal is to push herself wherever she can so she can grow as a designer.

We got a chance to interview Stephanie about the upcoming fashion show and her topic, ‘future/fashion forward/street.’

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I picked the topic of future/fashion forward/street because I loved the idea of the “what if” and could really let my imagination run wild. It really forced me to think outside of the box and to push myself creatively since I tend to design/create in a “safer” box. Who really knows what the future fashion will look like but I definitely wanted the challenge.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: My inspiration for this design process is coming from my travels and what inspired me while traveling. I mainly pulled inspiration from my trip to South America last summer. I was inspired by the people and the way they dressed, as well as seeing the street art and murals. The art was so unique and interesting to look at, even if it didn’t make sense but I still appreciated it none the less.









Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?  

A: I am currently in the process of creating a portfolio website to showcase some of my work.


Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Kotomi Yoshida with studio yoshida

We are happy to announce another designer that will be featured in the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Kotomi Yoshida with studio yoshida.

Kotomi Yoshida was born and grew up in Japan. She graduated college with a studio art degree and came to Denver in 2001. Although she has a degree in academic drawing, she found her niche in fashion design. She describes studio yoshida as “bringing a little Tokyo into Denver.” Kotomi is influenced not only by lifestyle, but also personality. Kotomi labels herself as a re-designer first and foremost.

cong3small blogWe were fortunate to have a short interview with Kotomi and talk about her topic for the show which is ‘Disappearing Geography, Urban Flooding, Change in Humans.’

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: They are all inter-woven to each other. I could not separate those three. Since I was little, we (Japanese) always have had this fear of “is Japan going to sink?” The whole island(s) will sink under water due to the climate change or a big disaster. That is what we always said. So that leads to “disappearing geography” and “urban flooding.” It reminds me of the tsunami disaster we had 4 years ago. I cried so much when that happened… then that leads to “change in humans.” If the environment changes, humans would have to adjust.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: Throughout the research, these are some of the keywords/key-phrases that spoke to me:                                                                                                -Disappearing geography — vanishing language/culture                              -Biosphere 2 — a big failure                                                                                            -Nature no longer controls our evolution                                                              -Artificial selection is stronger than natural selection

Q: Where can we find / purchase your designs?

A: Please like studioyoshida on Facebook! You can also go to our Etsy site:



Go to the studioyoshida Facebook page at and the blog page at to learn more!


Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Edith Muyinda with Byasima Couture

We are excited to announce the next designer that will be apart of our Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show, Edith Muyinda who is apart of Byasima Couture!

fb26fe5a87ebb4c902fd3d611f79b77dByasima Couture collection comprises of custom-made attire to fit. They specialize in special occasion attire which include wedding dresses, prom dresses, cocktail dresses and many more. For Byasima, fashion and design has always been her passion. Her purpose is to become a designer of beautiful gowns. In 2013, Byasima began on a journey to create many collections for special occasions.

We got a chance to do a quick interview with  Edith Muyinda to learn more about her topic, the ‘new luxuries with non synthetic clothes,’ and to learn more about her design process.

Q: Why did you pick the topic that you picked?

A: I chose “new luxuries and non-synthetic clothes” as my topic because I am interested in promoting sustainable environment friendly products. I chose to use the barkcloth because it is a natural fabric, a non synthetic material that does not need chemicals to be processed. It’s an eco-friendly, self sustaining product that is self rejuvenating. The barkcloth is a deep, rich earth tone material with a quiet elegance that gives comfort and makes one reflect on preserving our environment.

In Uganda, the bark cloth has been used for Centuries. Currently, you will find the barkcloth used for special occasions such as the coronations for the Buganda Kingdom royal family, cultural gatherings, funerals, and as a canvas for artwork.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: I am inspired by working with a natural eco-friendly fabric. The fabric (barkcloth) is harvested from the inner bark of the Mutuba tree. I am inspired by the fact that the bark renewal process is a natural evolution. My creation is inspired by the intricate workmanship of the skilled craftsmen who, using wooden mallets of different sizes, painstakingly put together the harvested bark of the Mutuba tree to create the delicate texture that can be many meters in length and width.

Using the bark cloth, I have designed a dress that embodies a balance of the eco-system. The soft, rich earth tone fabric has been elegantly enhanced with all natural and eco-friendly items such as seeds, shells, wooden buttons, jute and sisal.


Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?

A: My designs can be purchased at Byasima Couture, for inquiries please contact the designer on the website: 


You can learn more about Byasima Couture at                                      www.

Eco-Disaster Fashion Show Designers – Deb Henriksen with Equillibrium

Equillibrium is the first designer featured in our Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show Designer installation!

Equillibrium is a lifestyle street wear brand specializing in apparel, handbags, and accessories for both Men and Women. The designs and products created use the idea of triple bottom lineEQ_JimHoward_copy_grande principles: people, planet, and profit. The founder and creater, Deb Henriksen, has a background that is rich in urban root through her skateboarding, city roots in high fashion, and sustainability roots in green building and Environmental Health. It’s through this homogenous mixture is what inspires Equillibrium’s style. Compared to their competitors, Equillibrium is a brand that stands out. With 10 plus years of  solid reputation, Equillibrium has influenced consumers, colleagues, and the apparel industry to become more conscious of the process and become less wasteful in general.

Below is just a short interview with Deb Henriksen, creator and founder of Equillibrium, and a little detail about why  she chose to have her collection topic be Mass Animal Extinction for the Eco-Fashion Disaster Fashion Show.

Q: Why did you pick the topic you picked?

A: The broad spectrum of topics that can create drastic changes in the environment resulting in mass animal extinction.

Q: Can you give us a little sneak peak into your design process for your eco-disaster selection?

A: Well, I think my background in Environmental Health and knowledge of potential hazards in the environment will be applied well in this project.

Q: Where can we find/purchase your designs?

A:  (list of stock on the website)


You can learn more about Equillibrium on their website


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