Fashion Denver at 303 Magazine’s White Party

Summer market. Photo by Kenneth Hamblin III. Featuring Marie-Margot

Call out for designers!
303 Magazine’s White Party
Thursday, August 18th  6pm-9pm
The Riviera a the Breakers Resort

$100.00 to participate

With the wonderful success of our mini market SPLASH, we are thrilled to be invited back to 303 Magazine’s adventures at the pool and this time, it’s their WHITE PARTY!

10 designers will be set up around the pool and patios of the Riviera at the Breakers during this exciting evening party celebrating summer. You are invited to set up shop (bring your own 10×10 tent if you have one) and showcase and sell your designs throughout the evening.

Summer market. Photo by Kenneth Hamblin III. Featuring Byasima

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form and we will get back to you upon approval into the market!



Hair By Shanelle!

I met Shanelle on New Year’s when I was emceeing a fashion show and love her style and passion for cutting hair. I recorded my adventure getting my hairs cut today.

I dropped by Henry’s to visit @shanellelyn ❤️. #DenverHairStylist #ShortHairDontCare #Shave

A video posted by FashionDenver (@fashiondenverstyle) on

First time clients receive $50.00 off a cut and color or $10.00 off a haircut! Schedule your appointment with Shanelle at 720-542-3488
450 E 17th Ave.
Denver 80203

The African Fashion Show

The African Fashion Show Recap
By Daniel Saun | Fashion Denver Intern
{See more photos}

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

Authenticity is a term that is used copious amounts of times within the fashion industry. However, is there truly authenticity within the fashion industry today? With consumers eating up fast fashion like it’s their last meal and those that have created womenswear and menswear into a commodity, it is truly hard to find a collection that is genuine. At the African Fashion Show Saturday night, I had the pleasure of experiencing fashion that is as authentic as it can be.

Tribal patterns, vibrant colors, traditional music, and most importantly; culture. Culture is what makes fashion unique and its people are the heart of that culture. From the few fashion shows that I have attended, the African Fashion Show was the liveliest and the most charismatic.

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

As the models walked down the runway representing and owning the native threads from different countries all over Africa including: Rwanda, Uganda, Nigeria, etc., there was an incredible sense of heart and passion that included the audience. In a way, this was more than a fashion show. This was a representation. A representation of how influential and important all cultures from Africa are. This representation also became educational. The dropback for the center stage and the patterns on all the clothing turned into a realization. I never noticed it, but some of my favorite patterns from designers such as Burberry Prorsum and Junya Watanabe all took influence from very traditional African ornaments.  

African Fashion Show
Photo by Dante | Canto X Images / www.

With such monumental motifs that most of the heaviest players in fashion are continuously paying homage to Africa for her designs, it is a cause for celebration and a celebration it became. As the fashion show came to a close, a guest singer sang and the audience danced, sung a long and some even rose from their seats. The atmosphere was uplifting with a great sense of community. Traditional dancing accompanied by the drums carried the spirit and the enthusiasm of the culture all the way to the end.


According to Davie, a gospel reggae singer from Uganda said, “this fashion show was classic and true to the heart of Africa and her people.”
Check out My African Roots FB for more pictures!

Part 2 of pictures

Sizzlin’ 6 Questions with Edith Muyinda

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of emceeing the African Fashion Show headed up by Edith Muyinda of Byasima Couture where we saw fashions from many different countries in Africa. It was an amazing show! Edith will be part of our fashion market this Sunday. Let’s take a look into her world, shall we?

What were your obsessions growing up?


How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

Top / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images /

I have many sisters and sometimes when they were going out, they would have “wardrobe emergencies” in that all of a sudden they did not like their outfits – they would change from dress to dress stillTop / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images / d4nt3.comthey were not happy with how they looked, so I would make adjustments by putting a fold here or adding a piece of material there or make them wear a skirt as a dress – and they loved it! It was fulfilling to see what I had visualized expressed in what they were wearing.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

My daily life is simple and can easily relate to everyday person, so when I design, I take into account the everyday person and try to balance comfort and style in my collections

Top / dress by Byasima Couture. Photo by Dante Canto X Images /

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

I observe people on the train, and streets. I also, research on what is trending on the local, national and international level. I interview people. I review my portfolio to see if there is anything that can inspire me from my previous collection. I meditate on all the above then get inspired to design a new collection.

How has fashion impacted you?

I am fulfilling my dream to express myself as a designer. 

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designer’s perspective?

I love the way Denver is rapidly picking up in the fashion world. Also, I like the fact that fashion scene in Denver is embracing designs and designers from different backgrounds.

Sizzlin’ 6 with featured SPLASH designer Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan, designer behind The Haus, is such a positive designers with a contagious happiness about him. We are thrilled to have him at our SPLASH, our poolside fashion market this Sunday!

What were your obsessions growing up?

Michael Sullivan of HausMy obsessions growing up are still they same to this day. Monster Trucks, classic horror films, horror films in general, Teken, music-art-dance, Sex and the City, Quentin Tarantino Films, muscle cars, science, Disney princesses such as Pocahontas and Snow White, meditation, bananas, Lady Gaga Fashion Magazines, Golden Girls, Frankinstien and his bride, Grace Jones, cheerleading, popcorn and of course, Fashion in all aspects! I still like to think that I am , GROWING, upward.

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

In 8th grade I was convinced that if I couldn’t do art ( because it was a “pipe dream”), I would be a Forensic Pathologist and that I would study at Arizona State University. Then, I heard your breath starts to smell like the morgue after a while, so that killed that dream, LOL!

I always loved art in all mediums; I didn’t start really designing clothes until I meet my Biology teacher Miss. Keith in 9th grade. She was my muse and model for years after that! Then my other mentor and choir teacher Mr. Christiansen, would let me sew during lunch in one of the choir rehersal rooms. Expressing myself through clothing was how I coped with my inner battle. I was even crowned ‘Best Style’ in my senior yearbook. Its crazy, people really impact your life whether they believe it or not.

The Haus

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

Of course. I think as an artist, what you create reflects how you live and feel at that time. Every collection I design is my interpretation of what I feel society is going through, lacking, how I view we are internally as living beings. It comes from my understanding of what life means or doesn’t mean to me, Its all reflected and what calls to me, not just what I think will sell.

The HausWhat is your research process like before starting a collection?

My inspiration, whether it come from a dream or what I feel the world is telling me, the inspiration sparks, then I start researching.

I endulge and live my inspiration. A collection I designed before I left for California to attend AAU,  was inspired by the character from Dead Silence, ‘ Mary Shaw ‘. It was the death of beauty to me, or how I felt, so the collection was inspired by my interpretation of the death of beauty and her rebirth. I felt like pearls were a great representation of powerful female energy so for two months I wore pearls. When I feel/find an inspiration, I live in it, I breath it, I try to understand it on multiple levels, I study origns so that I can convey it to my Hausbunnies.

How has fashion impacted you? 

Fashion impacts my life everyday, it’s the expression of everyone around me and on Mother Earth. Every emotion I experience and thought process, can be seen on my body, in my collections and in my sketches. Fashion is not just an art form but a therapeutic ideological look into someone else’s, including my own, mind, heart,body and soul.

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

The fashion and art geeks are rising, everyday I see more and individuals expressing themselves through their clothing. Denver is growing, and so are the mindsets of those within the rise of people. 4-5 years from now, the market will expand more for us “business” oriented designers. But until then, local boutiques and shop owners and buyers need to start supporting the “serious ” and goal driven designers here in Denver. What we do is not just for “entertainment “, it is our passions and creativity put into our businesses. If we are to grow into a fashion-forward market,  it is up to the designers, buyers, store owners and locals, to support, fund, and motivate this growth. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and a close mouth, never gets fed.

The Haus

It’s time to make it happen.

Michael Sullivan HAUS Founder | Creative Director

Sizzlin’ 6 with B.Fresh {Featured Splash Designers}

I fell in love with the accessories that the B.Fresh guys make! Their designs are full of color, fun and style! We got a chance to catch up with one of the brains behind B.Fresh, Brian Blake!

B.Fresh will be at our summer market SPLASH this Sunday and we’re asking them 6 sizzlin’ questions!

What were your obsessions growing up?

Lite Brite, Legos, marbles, ninja turtles, Simpsons, basketball, hip hop, and Weird Al!

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

b.freshJon and I both always dressed odd for the times. We had a dress code in high school (khakis, collared shirts, and dress shoes) so in response we both found the loudest most ridiculous items that conformed to the rules but still oozed flavor and personality. I was dubbed ‘skittles’ by some of my classmates because I would find color coordinating shirts and pants. I had matching yellow/blue/red/purple collard shirts and yellow/blue/red/purple khakis. We definitely had a lot of fun with our fashion and spent most of our money at Savers. So in that sense fashion became a part of our identity.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

Absolutely! We’re both very outdoorsy and active and try to live a conscious lifestyle. In fact, many of our designs are tailored to specific ‘lifestyle’ activities. Like the Rocky Mountain High design for instance- it’s comprised of pot leaves, cabins, elk, pine trees etc.. in order to capture our love for the Colorado outdoors.


Another stylistic connection between lifestyle and design would be HipHop music. A lot of our designs are highly of influenced by 90s HipHop, which we partake in recreating in our off time, that project is known as high five HipHop.

High Five Hip Hop
High Five Hip Hop

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

Our research process is really just life experience. Every time we go to a concert, festival, or new city we just take it in and come back with new ideas.

I don’t think Jon and I really consider ourselves ‘designers’. We’re just two guys who got tired of hunting for that perfect thrift score and decided to create our own wardrobes.

How has fashion impacted you? 

b.freshIt has allowed us to break the societal 9-5 chains. Designing coolness and creating a business out of it has been the experience of a lifetime! I wonder if any of our teachers predicted that the two classroom oddballs would one day own and operate a fashion business.

What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Denver has a lot to offer the fashion world. We’re all operating in a unique time for creatives here in Denver. As natives, a lot of what we’re doing at b fresh wouldn’t have been possible when we were kids. In our adult life we’ve experienced a huge population growth which has led to a boisterous artistic community. My one critique of some of the fashion that comes out of Denver would be to take it easy on the Colorado flag. It’s an easy sale but as designers, we acknowledge that most of it takes little to no effort to produce. At least recreate the flag in a way no one else is doing it. My biggest celebration of Denver fashion, our community is awesome at supporting local! We started out slanging hats under a bridge (no seriously) and are still in awe at some of our hardcore followers. It’s awesome! What’s even more awesome is seeing Denver brands represented in other states.

Special Advance Screening of The Neon Demon

Special Advance Screening of The Neon Demon
Tuesday, June 21st 7pm
Alamo Drafthouse Littleton
7301 S. Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, CO 80120

Fashion Denver friends! You are cordially invited to a special advance screening of The Neon Demon!

When aspiring model Jesse moves to Los Angeles, her youth and vitality are devoured by a group of beauty-obsessed women who will use any means necessary to get what she has in The Neon Demon, the new horror thriller from Nicolas Winding Refn.

The Neon Demon stars Elle Fanning (Maleficent, Super 8), Jena Malone (Inherent Vice, The Hunger Games series), Bella Heathcote (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Dark Shadows), Abbey Lee (Gods of Egypt, Max Max: Fury Road), Karl Glusman (Love, Stonewall), Keanu Reeves (John Wick, The Matrix series), Christina Hendricks (“Mad Men,” Drive), Desmond Harrington (“Dexter,” The Dark Knight Rises), Alessandro Nivola (A Most Violent Year, American Hustle), and Charles Baker (“Breaking Bad,” Wild).

CLICK HERE >> to download your admit-two pass. (While supplies last, passes admit up to 2. Passes do not guarantee admission as theater is overbooked). ARRIVE EARLY for ticket exchange. #TheNeonDemon in theaters June 24th 

A trip with the Urban Angels

We are honored to work with The Urban Angels on their amazing dress drive! We delivered 55 dresses that were handmade by these amazing women! We stopped by to check out The Action Center and all the amazing ways they serve those in need in the Jefferson County area.

It takes at least 80 volunteers daily to run this facility. Places like #Walmart, #WholeFoods, #TraderJoes, and #Sprouts donate to The Action Center so families can get healthy food, clothes, and household items.

Please donate! They are in need of children’s clothing and men’s clothing! 

Fashion Camp May Edition Photobooth Recap

We had such a wonderful fashion camp last month! One of the fun components of our last fashion camp was working with Ilya Kushnir and his company ‪#‎BoothYa‬! C.Stephan of 4:42 Studios conceptualized the idea to have the campers take photos of themselves in the photobooth and then trace their photo so they could design their fashion piece onto their sketch. Fun ensued throughout the day! A HUGE thank you to non for your generous donation in making this idea happen!


Our next fashion camp is happening Saturday July 23rd! Click for details!

Sizzlin’ 6 questions with Splash Designer Denise Dailey

Denise Dailey, brains behind Prompt Flare Designs and OCH Couture will be joining us at SPLASH, our summer fashion market powered by 303 Magazine! Join us June 26th for an afternoon of fashion fun by the pool!

 Denise DaileyWhat were your obsessions growing up?

Color! I would color coordinate everything about my clothes and accessories… I loved matching everything together. I also loved transforming my jacket into my personalized style by applying studs and jewels and wearing my aunt’s brooches .

How did fashion become the symbol for your creative expression?

As a portrait sculpture artist, adding colorful flowers for the hair naturally evolved into wearable art- Hair made from fabric, tulle, ribbon and other materials made for a runway statement maker. And is still evolving with our belts,purses and earrings.

Do you see a stylistic connection between the things you do in your daily life that is reflected into your collections? 

Definitely! I see inspiration for styles in plants, bushes, flowers and trees. I see humorous t-shirts made from life’s moments. I love looking at purses and the way women use them. I get inspired thinking about ways to design and add better functionality.

Denise Dailey

What is your research process like before starting a collection?

I like looking at what the runways are doing and what people are wearing – I draw inspiration from everyone. Generally once an idea strikes, I hurriedly get it onto paper. I show it to my family, friends and team to gauge their response. I’ll look to see what’s already out there and if someone’s already running with it… I check Pinterest, magazines, google and social media and if it seems like there’s a need, I go with it.

How has fashion impacted you? 

I love the freedom of expression. Fashion has given me validation to be a little out of the box, which excites me to create. I am constantly stimulated with ideas.


What is your opinion on the fashion scene in Denver from a designers perspective?

Being a Denver native, I have to say that we were always really cool with our own different style. Then it kind of petered out to more of a coastal thing to be fashionable. In 2011, I would have said that I felt I had to be coastal. Today, I feel the Denver scene is young and becoming more and more fashion-forward with all the different cultures and personalities. It reminds me of old expressive times of the late 70’s and 80’s. I feel Denver’s fashion industry is taking off in a big way and this is the place to be for a designer.

Denise Dailey

Supporting Colorado designers since 2004 through production of fashion markets, fashion shows, and business development

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