Splash has arrived! See you Sunday!

Photo by Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari
Photo by Ashley Kidder of Urban Safari

Wooo hooooo! The moment has arrived! Fashion Denver’s summer market is officially here! We hope to see you THIS SUNDAY at the Rooster & Moon parking lot for a Sunday Funday full of shopping for local fashion. We’ll have 3 fashion shows throughout the day and will kick off the first show with a fashion parade that leaves Studio Salon (1135 Bannock Street) at 12:45pm!  March with us to the fashion fun!

This event is free and open to the public.

Designer Profile: Wari Designs

How did you get started (please share your history here)?

I was left fatherless when I was 8 years old during the violent period that shook my country (Peru). I am the third of 9 siblings and all of us as children, had to work to help our family during those hard times. I have always liked working with my hands – when I was younger I worked on a loom weaving tapestries “tapices”  - an art very typical in my home town of Ayacucho. Later, I worked at a printing press as a typographer and excelled at this job because I was good and fast with my hands.  I also spent some time working as a traditional folk singer and as a radio commentator. Finally, a significant portion of my life I worked as carpenter, running a small business designing and manufacturing furniture. I really consider myself an artist since birth.

10 years ago, I decided to make another dream of mine come true – to get a college degree in Veterinary Medicine since I also love working with animals. I was the first of my siblings to go to college and had to figure out how to support myself while I was in school. I as ended up learning wirework and macramé jewelry, making and selling my art on the street, as many artisans do in South America. It was a job that allowed me to be flexible while I was in school, something that I could do in the evenings and in between classes. Much of my art was self-taught, learned by trying and failing and trying again. I also had some friends that were jewelers and we shared ideas and helped each other out. I started by imitating jewelry I’d seen my sisters wearing and I gave my first few pieces as gifts to friends and family.

 What makes your current collection unique (describe what you are working on)?

Right now I am focusing on fusing of pre-Inca and Inca influences with modern style. In actuality, it is fusion of two styles (modern and ancient), both in terms of physical design and spiritual significance of each stone and symbol.  I am working to understand the properties of stones and how they can help people, and incorporate that into beautiful modern and wearable pieces of art.

What inspires you when you are working on something new?

Whenever I make jewelry, I first imagine how the piece will look when it is finished and then how it will look neck or arm of a woman wearing it. In general, I am inspired by the physical and spiritual beauty of women, and her connection with nature and the universe. In each piece of jewelry that I make, utilize different Pre-Incan and Incan iconographic symbols from my culture fused with the modern world.

Wari Designs

Where do you see the fashion industry going in Denver?

Denver is an up and coming fashion city, with a wonderful cross section between love for home grown local business with exotic international influences More and more, people are dressing bold and finding the wow factor with bright colors, unique cuts and a mix of styles from various cultural influences.

  How are you contributing to the fashion scene in Denver?

Wari Designs is uniquely poised as a business that is both local and international – we bring that bold, exotic style but we make it right here at home. I also think Denver can resonate with our commitment to using stones and natural materials, because Coloradoans are really connected to nature, the mountains and care about the relationship between the physical things that they buy and their connection to their community and environment.

What are you current goals?

Since we are new to Denver, our goal is to grow here as much as possible, but ultimately, we’d love to grow beyond Colorado. We are also working with other artists in Peru to produce fair trade accessories such as purses and belts, and more jewelry. There are so many talented artists in Peru that don’t have anywhere to sell their products and we really want our business to be a positive source of income for my home community. I’d also love to see one of my necklaces on the neck of a movie star :)


 Sol Lingerie Sidewalk Sale Set July 16th – July 20th

WHAT:   SOL’s Sidewalk Sale, July 16th – 20th is full of amazing discounts. With one of the largest tents in Cherry Creek North during its 44th annual Sidewalk Sale, SOL’s tent is one you don’t want to miss!  With deals on your favorite bra designer, Marie Jo, including the famous Daisy bra, as well as other designers including Prima Donna, Lise Charmel, Aubade, Eberjey, Natori, and Hanky Panky, it is the best time of the year to shop!


The annual highlight is the special offer on the most popular underwear in the world, Hanky Panky Thongs!  Every color and every pair are $15.  We know guys love a sale too and for all the SOL Guys out there who are hooked on SAXX, your favorite men’s underwear is on sale for $19.99, all colors and styles.

View select SALE items on line at www.SOLlingerie.com

 WHEN: Wednesday, July 16        10am – 8pm (Open late!)
Thursday, July 17: 10am – 6pm
Friday, July 18: 10am – 6pm
Saturday, July 19:  10am – 6pm  Plus 20% off of all sale merchandise
Sunday, July 20: 10am – 6pm       Plus 20% off + bonus discounts!

Sol Lingerie
248 Detroit Street
Cherry Creek North


It’s Easy to Love Gwen Stefani’s Style – And her L.A.M.B. Collection

Bring it on and Work It!
By Jessie Allen

How can anyone not love Gwen Stefani and her L.A.M..B collection? It’s “everywoman’s” dream line! Her love of fashion, awareness of trends, and connection with females everywhere have merged and melded into a line that is simply irresistible. You won’t be able to stop smiling when you slip into anything in this ultra chic, uber comfy line of apparel that makes you sigh and wonder where it’s been all your life.


Gwen Stefani has taken fashion way beyond a new level… more like to a new universe. Her blend of old, new, retro, current, cool, and funky brings hope to those who have been afraid to “mix it up.” Do you like a blend of hard and soft? Check! Want a little masculine to go with your feminine? It’s there. How about a merger of vintage and new? Oh yeah! You’ve got it with L.A.M.B.! Gwen has you covered from head to toe with a look that lets you be yourself.

How about letting out your inner rock star? Gwen has you covered! Seriously, no one has to be a wallflower in Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B. line of apparel. She’s living–and dancing–proof that eclectic is hip and cool… and totally irresistible.

Making a fashion statement clearly comes easy to Gwen, and she’s not afraid to show and share it with the world. Women and girls of all ages – from ‘tweens and teens to moms and grandmas – can rock the look without worry.

The combinations are endless. With colorful tops, jackets, dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits, and jackets, you’ll always have something to wear, no matter what the occasion may be. Mix it up and match it up for a combination that screams, “I have arrived, and so have you… so let’s hang out!” Sisters, unite in this fabulous and oh-so-wonderful line of female apparel.

Prom attire and services needed

This came across our desk and we had to spread the word! Prom is such a fun time to experience! Let’s contribute to positive memories with Devereux Colorado!

Designers, stylists, makeup artists!!! Can you help?

Devereux Colorado is hosting it’s first Prom Night for high school age clients. 

PromWe are a national non-profit organization in existence for over 100 years serving as a preferred mental health provider with centers around the United States. Here at Devereux Colorado at the Cleo Wallace Center our 50 years of service is committed to our Colorado children as well as students from around the country who reside at our center to receive mental health services and an education.

This year in working with the Flobots organization and Youth on Record Program our collaboration   compelled us to provide and host an experience in the Prom tradition. This event planned for Friday, June 27 at the Devereux Colorado site and  is an exciting and positive opportunity for our clients.

Our students have never had this experience or opportunities in life that are considered common milestones growing up. Making this experience a reality is exciting.

We have school year round and since our term has ended with many positive success stories and achievements in our client population this just seems like the year to celebrate and perhaps begin a tradition of celebration and opportunity for our clients.

To help us complete this endeavor we are seeking young ladies dresses and shoes  along with young men’s  formal coats/trousers/shoes/ties  for our students to wear at their Prom.

Services or supplies in the make-up and/ or hair styling realm for the ladies is needed as well.

Thanks so much for considering supporting our event for the students

Kurt Braginetz Principal
303 438-2284

Fashion Camp

Fashion Camp

Saturday, August 9th 2014
Fashion Denver Headquarters
1070 Bannock Street
Must pre-register. Space is limited. Fashion Camp

We are so excited to bring to you FASHION CAMP! Proudly produced with Tricia Hoke, co-founder of The Cotery, this 1 day camp is created for kids 7-13 who want to step into the world of fashion.

What’s in it for our mini designers?

  • Campers will learn from Brandi Shigley, founder of Fashion Denver, about the importance of creating a brand for their own fashion line. They will design their own logo that will be added into their handbag and skirt that will be made later in the afternoon.
  • Be part of 321 Chic body positive fashion show and get tips from stylist Heather Okimoto on how to style a model. Our campers will get to style a fellow camper and showcase the look they put together in our mini fashion show happening that afternoon.
  • Tricia Hoke, co-founder of The Cotery, will teach the campers about fashion sketching and each camper will sketch and create a handbag and skirt. No sewing machine required for this.
  • Kathy Bacon, host of Fashion Forward Radio will interview each of the campers! Campers will get a file of their interview!

Each mini designer will get a fashion fun pack with all of the supplies for the activities for the day. Please pack a lunch, however, we will provide snacks (graham crackers and juice).

For questions, please contact us at 303-842-7298

Camp options
Camper’s Name(s):

No Fear Here

scoop (1)

Last week at Fashion Denver we had the pleasure of speaking with Brian Scoop Nemeth, a local designer that could be summed up by two words: inspiring and courageous.

Brian is a young man who, in spite of having Aspergers/Autism, is giving it his all when it comes to becoming a designer. He has researched his market, sketched out several design and has utilized a seamstress to create his first sample, all of which has led up to a little number called the ONEderkini (wonder kini).

The ONEderkini is a bathing suit that combines comfort and support with a touch of skin showing. Like the ONEderkini, Brian is inspirational and original. He is a great example for all who are aspiring to do something great; each one of us has individual obstacles but it is important to give it 100% when trying to do what you and love what you do. Keep an eye out for Brian’s indiegogo campaign link, a campaign which will allow you to donate to help Brian keep going!

Supporting Colorado designers since 2004 through production of fashion markets, fashion shows, and business development

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