I am thrilled to co-host Whiteout at Artopia! Right now, when you purchase tickets, you will get $10.00 off general admission when you use the discount code designers!

The countdown is on! Westword Artopia features 25+ local artists, 15+ local bands & Whiteout, Westword’s annual fashion show. Use promo code: DESIGNERS for $10 off GA tix.

Whiteout at Artopia

Call out for 2016 Whiteout designers!

Want to be a part of Whiteout 2016? Denver Westword is holding a contest to choose a local designer to feature at the February 2016 edition of Whiteout. The winner will receive a six-month membership to the Denver Design Incubator to assist in the creation of a full line for Whiteout. #artopiaDEN

Artopia - WhiteOut Fashion Designer FULL-1

Extended Hands of Hope Kickoff Fundraising Event

On Saturday, January 17, we got the privilege to attend the Extended Hands of Hope Kickoff Fundraising Event.  The event was a great way to bring people together to learn more about sex trafficking and the organization. The night helped benefit the first emergency shelter for teen girls rescued out of trafficking in Colorado. It was a night full of excitement and hope.

IMG_5244The night had started out with drinks, food and a silent auction while the talented Hazel Miller band played in the background. The items that were donated for the silent auction were spectacular, there were so many great items to bid for. It was a fantastic start to the night.

Before the fashion show began, there were a few powerful speakers. One of them being Sgt. Daniel Steele of the FBI Lost Innocence Task Force. Sgt. Daniel had talked about the facts of sex trafficking and the fact that even one person being sold into sex trafficking is one too many. He had left the audience with a quote by AlbertIMG_5128 Einstein that stuck with me: “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” It really makes you think about the awesome work Extended Hands is doing, trying to save girls from a life of suffering.  The other speaker, the host of the night, and the woman who started Extended Hands of Hope, Kristen Harness talked about her experience and the reason why she started this non-profit. Her speech was very inspirational, she brought the audience to tears with her words about the sex trafficking industry and the stories she had to share about the children and women who have to experience this struggle. 

The night ended with a stunning fashion show, which showcased the works of Francis Roces of KimonoDragons and Joy Rojanavongse of Prim Era Designs. Both collections were beautiful and were beautifully inspired.

Joy from Prim Era had crafted her collection specifically for this event, she had said that her inspiration for the collection came from her Thai culture, which translated into much of her gold fabrics that she used. She had said that much of the fabrics came from her mom and grandma because they are “fabric hoarders.” The collection consisted of a lot of classic silhouettes, but all crafted in a unique, funky way. The clothes in the collection had a very harmonious vibe to it, the clothes spoke for themselves down the runway. The makeup was also a great expression of the Thai culture, full of gold. It was a great collection, it was full of life and culture.

IMG_5132 IMG_5146

The KimonoDragons collection was also a sight to see walking down the runway. Francis had said that he was inspired by hybriding different cultures and ideas into one collective idea. It’s not about conforming to one culture, it’s about hybriding the culture into an entirely new idea. He was also inspired by kimonos, because of their versatility and how they are able to fit all different body types. The collection was stunning and had a great use of different patterns and fabrics. Seeing the designs come down the runway, you are able to see Francis’ inspiration, and his ability to translate it into his clothing. The patterns and fabric he used were a great way to liven up the designs. The collection was elegant, yet he put a funky twist to every design, it’s fresh and new.

IMG_5190 IMG_5205

The night brought together amazing people for a good cause.  We left the event with a full heart and more knowledge about the cause. It was a great kickoff for Extended Hands of Hope, there was never a dull moment.

Warren Village needs our help!

After spending time with the inspiring women at Warren Village, I want to continue to help this amazing organization as much as possible! This email came across my desk and I wanted to pass along the information and see if there is anything you may be able to contribute to make this day spectacular! Please see Brianna’s message below and contact her directly….

Thank you in advance!
Brandi S. Shigley | Founder of Fashion Denver


I am writing to let you know about an upcoming event benefitting Warren Village parents called “Millionaire’s Pampering”. This event, which will take place on April 11th, has been put on by a dedicated volunteer for the last 20+ years, and the goal is to give our parents a relaxing day of beauty and pampering treatments, free of charge. It’s a day that builds confidence and self-esteem, and makes everyone feel valued and beautiful! The event is entirely coordinated and hosted by volunteers who bring in massage therapists, hair stylists, and beauty professionals to serve 50 parents. 

Warren Village

To make this day really special, we are seeking small gifts and door-prizes. These could range from gift certificates to hair brushes, jewelry to make-up, and everything in between. I know you put on your amazing fashion show each year, and I wondered if you might have any contacts who would be interested in supporting our event with in-kind donations or volunteer services.

 I’d be happy to discuss any of this in further detail, and of course, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions at all!

Brianna Cook | Volunteer Services Manager

Warren Village
1323 Gilpin St.
Denver, CO 80218
303-320-5032-direct office

Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

Wednesday night, Brandi hosted her first Do What You love. Love What You Do workshop of the year. And what better way to kickoff the year than with a phenomenal workshop that helps guide aspiring entrepreneurs to take that first step in doing what they love. The workshop is a great way for these entrepreneurs to take their passion and creative ideas and be able to turn them into a business. Because why not do something you love everyday and be able to make a living off of it? 

As a newcomer, not really knowing what to expect, I came into the workshop with an open mind, I was excited to see what was in store for the rest of the night. We started out the night with a  jam session led by Brandi, this allowed everyone to let loose. It was also a great way to show everyone you are allowed to have a little fun, even when talking about business.

One thing Brandi had us do at the beginning of the night was to have everyone write out their biggest dream and their biggest fear. After looking at everyone’s dreams, a common theme that arose: people want to have the ability to work for image3themselves and be able to have the freedom to create. Looking at everyone’s fears was much different, every single person had a different answer, which ranged from failure to being able to sustain themselves. I liked to be able to see our dreams and fears and find commonality, to realize you’re not alone. 



The workshop was a step-by-step process on what one would need to be able to start their own business.  It was a workshop that covered the beginnings of your business, building your brand, how to communicate and network. This workshop not only went in depth of how to start a business, but this workshop also was a first step to get over your fears. This workshop is also the first step to turning your dreams into a reality and stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue a career that you truly love doing.

I’m not going to get into too many details of the workshop itself because this is the kind of workshop you have to experience for yourself. But, as someone who is still trying to figure out my dreams and fears and what I actually want to do with my life, this workshop opened up my eyes to so many possibilities and that my dreams are attainable.

At this workshop, you will not only be able to learn more about being an entrepreneur, but you will also have the opportunity to meet amazing people, who might be going through the same hardships as yourself. The Do What You Love workshop is a great first step into finding your true happiness.


The next Do What You Love. Love What You Do Workshop will be held in mid March, so please come out and find out what it’s all about!

How Do You Do?

Hello Fashion Denver!

To start off, my name is Alyssa Noguchi and I am extremely excited to announce that I will be Fashion Denver’s spring intern!

A little background about me:

I am twenty-two years of age and was born and raised in Denver. Currently, I am a senior at Colorado State University studying apparel merchandising. I have always loved fashion, when I was little I would always play dress up; even now I still love to “play” dress up. But I didn’t always have my sights set on a career in fashion.994665_10202566092541837_1146752757_n For a good 16 years of my life, I was a dancer. I went to an arts high school, took dance classes every day after school and attended California Institute of the Arts for a semester to try to pursue a career in dance. I would live and breathe dance, it was all I knew for 16 years, until one day I realized that dance was becoming something that I felt that I had to do instead of something that I had a passion of doing. So, I made one of the best decisions of my life: to quit dance and go to school a little closer to home.

I am now at a school that I love, studying some10634079_10205439348131431_3626750693180227068_othing that I truly am passionate about and excited to constantly learn more about. Without knowing it, fashion has always been a constant in my life, I was always styling outfits for dance pieces and I would always doodle design sketches in my free time. Fashion may be a constant in my life, but my personal style is always changing. Dance was a way I used to express myself, but now fashion has become a source for my self-expression, which is why my style is constantly changing.

I have always had a dream of owning my own successful business, and hopefully that dream can turn into a reality. I actually grew up around my family’s business, my whole life has been summer’s of working at the store and getting a behind the scenes look of the hard work it takes to run a small business. Because of my family and their business, I have learned to work hard and not to give up on dreams, however big they might seem.

I am thrilled to spend my last semester with Fashion Denver and to be able to have the opportunity to learn more alongside Brandi. I have great hopes for this spring and can’t wait to learn more and grow through this experience!


Eco-Fashion Show

Call out for our Fashion Challenge at the Eco-Disaster fashion show

Alright designers! We’ve got a pretty fun fashion challenge for you to participate in, if you want to stretch your mind and imagination! Join Fashion Denver and Warm Cookies of the Revolution for an Eco-Disaster fashion show!

Wednesday February 25th 6pm-8pm
Eco-Disaster Fashion Show at Mini Market
The McNichols Building
144 West Colfax
Denver, CO 80202
Application and more details here!

Druid Coke - By Carmelo Varela, found on pinterest
Druid Coke – By Carmelo Varela, found on pinterest

Imagine what our world will look like if we do nothing to combat global climate change. The essential question, of course, is: Whatever shall we wear?! Denver designers (YOU) will create an outfit that will be runway show ready and will challenge us to imagine, critique, and plan for a new way of life that may not be far away.

This is cutting-edge fashion for our ecological future!

There will be 8 designers that will pick a subject from the list below and you will be able to set up a rack or table to sell your designs :)

You can be as creative, imaginative, political, and wild or as simple as you want to be! Get your creative / environmental hats on and be part of this innovative fashion show!

To participate, please email me and I will send you the application! There is no cost to participate. This is a community event to give exposure to issues we may one day be facing….

Continue reading

International ad campaign for NIKON!

Nikon D5500

Back in September I was asked to be in a photoshoot for an international ad campaign for NIKON! What a fun adventure that was! I got to truly be me, wearing my favorite custom designed Marie Margot party dress and work with some amazing people. The Japanese Nikon crew were at the shoot and the amazing Dixie Dixon was the photographer. This entire shoot was styled by Denver wardrobe stylist Tina Gill, founder of Worth While Style!

This campaign just launched yesterday and it is exciting to see where these pictures are turning up :)

Brandi Shigley in the Nikon ad campaign!

Fashion Denver

Designer / Fashion workshop: DWYL

Do what you love. Love what you do.
Wednesday, January 14th
Fashion Denver HQ

You know the handbags that you’ve been making for fun and for friends and you dream about actually getting them out there? Now is the time!! Sign up for our next Do What You Love workshop and you will leave with the motivation, tools, techniques, and nohow to get your dream out into the world!

REGISTER TODAY and receive $10.00 off!

Do What You Love workshop

Denver’s entrepreneur and fashionista, Brandi Shigley offers her workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs. ‘Do What You Love, Love What You Do’ workshops are designed to help people with business ideas take their creativity and passion to new heights by learning how to turn it into a business. Learn the art of channeling creativity into a successful business by getting tips and lessons from this award winning designer and entrepreneur.

“I want to thank you for hosting the Do What You Love seminar last night. Not only do I feel enlightened on the process of starting my own business, I also feel much more inspired/motivated to begin the process of making my dreams happen! I believe that my mom and I are on the right track to building a great business, whatever it is we choose to do.”-Emily


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