What’s sew special about Fashion Camp?

I remember a time in my life, when Barbies were my all time favorite toy. Any store I went to, I’d look for the toy isle searching for the new addition to my Barbie family. There was one thing that made the decision of who would stay and who would be purchased: their outfits. Suddenly, it hit me, Barbies clothes could be made by staples, glue, and old clothes I was too big to fit.barbie

From this moment on, my creative spark began to flow inspiring me to design my own pieces of clothing and jewelry. My experience, has taught me creative expression starts at a very young age.

Kids now a days, I feel, aren’t given opportunities to put their minds to work through physical exercises. With this age of constantly growing technology, kids are focused more on things built in devices instead of progressing in the world around them.  Ages 7 to 11 is a very pivotal time in a child’s life. They begin to experiment with the idea of what their future will hold, create dreams of a life expanded outside of reality, take on new adventures like making friends and understanding what their interest are.

Fashion camp is a perfect place to bring your 7 to 11 year old to have a hands- on- day of creative expression. Boys AND girls welcome, Fashion camp is designed completely around the children’s interest of what looks best to them. A judgement free zone, Fashion camp will be a jam packed day full of designing outfits for your favorite doll, styling their friends in clothes donated from  a local children consignment shop, creating their own paper bag/ purse, and manage a photo shoot of their partner of which they have dressed themselves. glaseess_thumb

Who could say no to a  rich five hour learning experience. Get your kids out into the world and let them encounter the world they want to create.

Journey into Olivia’s World

Pale white tiles guide you through the entrance. Windows enclose around you, bathing your soul with raw sunlight, and a smooth hum of music vibrates your body. Finally, a seat is found as you adjust yourself in this home- like environment, with a hand wrapped around the glass mug of coffee.

I only saw this place as home, my home. Not  as a business, not as a public space for people with unfamiliar faces to meet and sip coffee together, not as my mother’s coffee shop. This area was me.

mljWe called our home the Gypsy House Cafe. After a year long journey to France, London, and my native land, Lebanon, my mother and her twin set action into making their dream into a reality. We were unsure of the location, but there were no amount of challenges that could shoot us down. I was six years old when the place was finished and ready for me to take on the world, while gaining and giving inspiration.

It was this very place, where I received the opportunity to meet a woman I would grow up admiring, and dreaming to work with. Her petite figure, cheerful personality, and wildly creative fashion sense were things that caught my attention immediately. Her name was just as unique; Brandi Shigley. I was eight years old at the time; her bright charisma and energetic communication was something that seemed familiar.

As a kid I had always thought of myself to be shy, until I felt comfortable enough, then that whole shy act flew out the window. It was hard for me to discover a way to break out of my tough shell I often hid behind, due to fear of rejection. But I grew, observed, and learned from people like Brandi Shigley. Watching her come in three or four times a week started to create a spark in me. She was one person I distinctly remember where  conversation was lucid and easy for me to continue on. I looked up to this woman because she was everything I ever dreamed of myself to be.

PicsArt_1435607872512Since that moment, I followed everything Brandi created, designed, hosted, etc… She was like a guiding reflection for me! As time grew, Brandi began to impact me more and more each year. Now we’ve reached ten years of our soul- sistah relationship, and I have finally broken out of my shell. I was granted the opportunity to intern for one person who has inspired me to break free of my own chains.

Being 18, I am starting to realize life is a giant piece of wet clay. With everything we learn, it becomes another indent, curve, whole, lump, etc.. into what the sculpture will look like in the end.

10551071_461729470631142_4977107806170563016_nSociety projects this image of becoming an  “adult” as soon as you turn 18. Your responsibility is to the next future steps in this world, living independently, knowing who you are, and what your destined goal is supposed to be for the REST of your life. Well, I am 18. So far, the only things I know are my name, Olivia Symone, I am a Taurus, I am going to Metro State,  January of 2016, I work at California Pizza Kitchen and I am doing this Internship with Brandi because I love to write and working with anything fashion.

My sculpture sort of looks like a pile of curves and bumps. But I love it. Your age does not define your position in life, you define it. I am comfortable with things I know, things I’m learning, and things I have no idea about. I am not a projector, shining this pre- planed lifestyle on a giant screen for everyone to see. I am just me, living and learning to the rhythm I create for myself.

Habitat at the Denver Art Museum

Untitled: Habitat

Denver Art Museum
Hamilton Building, level 3
Friday, June 25th 2015 7pm-9:30pm
Designer challenge display of bags 7:oo-9:00
Designer discussion 7:30-8:00

Admission is free with DAM Membership or $10.00 for non-members


Join Fashion Denver and the Denver Art Museum at Untitled as we present Habitat, a designer challenge! Inspired by the The Art of Bark Cloth  exhibit at the DAM, designers have been asked to design what “habitat” means to them and with full creative freedom, each designer will express this on canvas. With this artwork on canvas, designers will then make a handbag with the canvas. Friday night, all of the designers will be at the barkcloth exhibit with their bags on display and a designer discussion will take place at 7:30 where guests can learn about what inspired the design of each bag, designer’s habitat, and more!

Featured designers:
Deb Henriksen | Equilibrium
Olivia McLean | ViVi
Sunrose Ironshell | Warrior Status
Sarah Secrist | LoHi Bags
Brandi Shigley | b.shigley designs

Also! We’ll be holding a #DamWhat’sInMyBag contest where guests can instagram the contents of their bag along with the hashtag. We’ll pick a winner at 9:30 in the main atrium of the DAM and whoever has the most interesting assortment of items in their bag will win a fun little surprise!

We hope to see you there!

Dress Drive a Success!

We had an amazing Sunday this past Sunday as we raised money and shared our Colorado talent at our Sunshine Daydream Dress Drive.

Over 150+ dresses were made and will be shipped out to Haiti (through the non-profit organization Love A Child)  and the Philippines (my orphanage that I stayed at as a baby, the RSCC in Quezon City). We were also able to raise over $1500 for Love A Child! $1500 will go so far in Haiti!

Thank you designers, Studio Salon, the Urban Angels for partnering up on this event with us! 20150614_090043


Here we are rolling 150+ dresses down to Studio Salon for our Dress Drive!


Andrea, owner of Studio Salon and her fiance, made a donation to this surfer dress designed by Deb Henriksen of Equilibrium! This dress is going to the Philippines!

Designer, Elizabeth Adair helped us set up and she also designed this adorable dress that’s going to Haiti!


We had such a fun morning! Thank you again!! xoxoxoxo

Well hello spring!

Hello there from the Fashion Denver World HQ here in the Golden Triangle of Denver, Colorado! It’s been a busy past few months!

My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City
My orphanage, the RSCC in Quezon City

My trip to the Philippines was truly a life changing adventure. Visiting my orphanage from which I came from had such a lasting impact on me and to be able to connect my world here with Fashion Denver and to my world in the Philippines is such a blessing.  The Sunshine Daydream event is the start of connecting these 2 important aspects of my life! Make a dress, donate a dress, and add a splash of color to a child’s life with your creativity! To learn more about the dress drive, click here!


10634079_10205439348131431_3626750693180227068_oWe said a teary “See ya later” to our fabulous intern Alyssa who spent the spring with us from Colorado State University. Alyssa graduated last week and is off to set sail in the world! We know she will go far. We love you Alyssa! Thank you for spending the spring with us!


As the summer months unfold before our very eyes, endless possibilities of fun events come to mind. We are in the works of planning a Fashion Denver field day! Yep, you heard it right.. good ol’ fashioned field day! Complete with the 50-yard dash, 3 legged race, egg in the spoon race, and so much more! Date and location are being tossed around right now!  Instead of doing a summer market, we’re thinking of doing mini markets set at different locations around Denver and maybe even one right here in front of our HQ!

Please come on back to our website as these events unfold!



Spring Fashion Market Designers: Catwalk Clawz

As we are nearing closer and closer to Enchantment, we are bringing you more designers that will join us on the Byers-Evans front law on Sunday! We are pleased to announce that Catwalk Clawz will be among the many designers joining us for Enchantment!

Everyone loves shoes! The right shoes make us look good and feel better about ourselves. But, if we don’t walk with confidence in them 1429734607because their slippery soles make us unsure, then all is lost.

That’s how Catwalk Clawz came into play. Catwalk Clawz add traction to the soles of your pretty shoes for more stability on any surface, so you can walk easier and not worry about embarrassing moments of slipping and possibly falling.

Catwalk Clawz are also cut into an adorable design to add style to the bottom of your shoes and prevent the soles from wearing out too quickly. Never sacrifice style again searching for shoes with tread. Buy the shoes you love and add your Catwalk Clawz! Own YOUR catwalk!

To learn more about the company, visit their website at http://www.catwalkclawz.com/index.html.


Spring Fashion Market Designers: Broccoliandcrystals

We are thrilled to announce that Broccoliandcrystals will be apart of Enchantment this Sunday! They are a one-of-a-kind company that gives back to the community while creating adorable designs.

The brand Broccoliandcrystals is a vegan clothing line by Aura Lavender, specifically designed for color therapy. Parts of the profits made from the company are donated to charities. Described in one word, “vegan” is the essence of the brand. The materials they use are vegan yarns like cotton, or organic bamboo cotton blends, and fabrics like cotton, linen, and peace silk.

Aura Lavender has been designing since 2011. Aura felt a calling to share her passion for color therapy and its health benefits for the mind, body, and soul. She believes conscious color therapy brings results. She is mostly a self-taught fashion designer. Ever since her mother taught her how to hand sew at the age of 5, she has studied sewing in grade school and through a workshop along the way. Lena, one of her sister-in-laws taught her how to knit and crochet at age 8. However, her greatest teachers were YouTube and books.

unnamedWhat shaped her experience as an artist was her love for making doll clothes as a child. When in high school, she decided to design on a larger scale. In 2013, she became a pescetarian and gradually shifted to a more vegan lifestyle. She discovered color therapy around the same time and began to incorporate veganism and color therapy into her designs.

Her clothing offers the visitor an opportunity to consciously do color therapy in their own lives, which therefore leads to desired results in their mindful, emotional, spiritual, physical lives. The right color makes us look young and reawakens our vitality. Color therapy can enrich our everyday living experience.

If you would like to learn more about the company and would like to preview their designs, visit their website at http://www.broccoliandcrystals.com/.

Volunteers for Fashion Denver’s spring market

Want to connect with our local fashion community while having a fun time in the yard of the gorgeous Byers-Evans house museum? Volunteer at our spring fashion market happening this Sunday!
Fill out the following form and be part of our team!


Piper Cub Joins The Denver Music Scene

It all started in line, waiting for drinks at the Big Wonderful in the Rino district of Denver. While waiting in this exceedingly long line for drinks, one jitterbug, Brandi Shigley, yells out “I hope no one minds if I dance!” While the dancing party of one develops, another jitterbug comes up next to her and joins in, which so happens to be Daniel Morgan. This is the very moment when Brandi and Daniel became instant friends.

Screen shot 2015-05-12 at 4.28.53 PMFrom the moment they met, they instantly began playing music for hours. Both are extremely passionate about playing out to different mixtures of people and both decided they should start a band. This is where Piper Cub developed, through the love of music, dance and people.

The name Piper Cub came from Brandi’s memories of flying with her dad. 6 months ago, Shigley wanted to change her musical name to Piper Cub Gonzales (Gonzales is Shigley’s birth name). When deciding what to name their band, they both agreed that it would be a great time to put Piper Cub into motion.


Both Brandi and Daniel’s vibe and voices are very complimentary to each other. While learning how they’re sounds intertwine, they are also learning more about each other along the way. “It’s fun because I’ve never started a band with someone I don’t really know at all. The adventure of making music together while getting to know one another is really exciting!” states Brandi.

Since Piper Cub is so new, they are still developing their sound. However, they both agree that it feels like indie-folk- pop with beach inspirations.  It is a fun mix of sound that will be unique and comfortable to listen to.

Brandi has been playing music in her own band B.Sue since 2008 and Daniel has played music across the country, most recently in the desert town of Tucson, Arizona.

“Playing in Piper Cub has been an incredibly organic experience, one that is evolving each day into something truly special and representative of who we are as individuals,” says Morgan.

Their first show is on First Friday, June 5th at Bannock Street Garage. They’re putting their setlist together which includes new music and the revision of some of their individual music that they’ve put out from their previous band life. This is a show you don’t want to miss!


Spring Fashion Market Designers: The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan

You’re in for a treat today because are announcing another designer that will take part in the market on Sunday! We are thrilled to have The Haus of Von Leeche join us on the Byers-Evans lawn!

The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan is a design Haus that produces the artwork of young artists of multiple art mediums.

Founded by the Von Leeche & Sullivan designers, unnamed-1Michael Sullivan and Lindsay Von Leeche, the design Haus features designs and artworks of all it’s artist. This includes clothing design, modeling, photography, graphic design, jewelry design, makeup, styling, music, cinematography, sculpting, and millinery design works. The company is also introducing a holistic entity in the company.

Collectively, The Haus of Von Leeche & Sullivan produces a designer collection of women’s and men’s wear every season that showcases and embodies the Haus as a whole.

If you would like to learn more about the designers and preview some of the designs, visit their website at http://www.vonleecheandsullivan.com/

unnamed-4                        unnamed-3




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