Fashion Camp Early Summer Edition

Fashion Denver presents fashion camp’s “SEAMLESS”
Saturday, May 28th 2016
Green Spaces
2590 Walnut Street
Denver, CO 80205

Can’t make this date? Our next camp is Saturday, July 23rd! Click to register for that one!

Fashion Denver fashion camp

At our fashion camps for petite fashionistas between the ages of 5-15, we encourage our campers to express their true individuality! Fashion isn’t about wearing what everybody else is wearing and only wearing brand names! It’s about being true to who you are and loving yourself. We are so excited to host our May 28th fashion camp over Memorial Weekend! This will be a day of creativity, self expression, friendship formations and so much more.

Kindness, Photobooth, Upcycle fashions, Handbags, Gettin’ Dolled Up, and Walkin’ the Runway! That’s what’s in store for our campers…

Kindess Coordination
michael sullivanWe’ll start the day off with designer, producer and performer Michael Sullivan who will lead our campers in a little kindess coordination as we all get to know each other. Michael has been with us in previous fashion camps and his energy and enthusiasm is absolutely delightful! 

We’ll have a photo-booth set up by Boothya and sponsored by shopnon. Our campers will take a photo of themselves and print out as many as they’d like to sketch their outfit onto their image.  After the red carpet runway show, they will take an “after” photo. They can truly see sketch to creation! The fashion sketching is designed to formulate their fashion concepts before they begin designing


Jeremy Williard will be leading the campers on the upcycle adventure with our base being a t-shirt. Grab Dad’s big ol’ tee or bring a few of your favorites that are ready for modification! We’ll be learning how to turn the ol’ tee into a shirt, dress, skirt, blouse or even just a new version of a t-shirt. With this focus, we can narrow down techniques so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Those who want to utilize a sewing machine to make more of a finished product will be able to do so and campers will learn basic sewing techniques that can be applied their upcycled designs. If the camper is too young or doesn’t want to use a sewing machine, we’ll do non-sewing techniques too.


A materials list will be sent out a few weeks prior to camp.

Jeremy is a Denver based tailor and menswear clothing designer. He taught himself how to sew by experimenting with a t-shirt pattern, recycled clothing, and used fabric from thrift stores. With just that experience, Jeremy applied to a local company that creates custom 3-piece suits for men and women and actually got the job! From that incredible opportunity, education and years of dedication, he has mastered the art of constructing menswear. Jeremy’s personal design style is a mash of classic menswear, street, punk, and a dash of glam. His main thoughts on fashion; “Making and altering your own clothes is one of the clearest way to express yourself. Overall, be YOU and people will notice!”


Owen GordonArtist Owen Gordon will lead our campers
on an adventure using recycled materials to make earrings, bracelets, belts, and more! To make this project even more fun, we’ll be disassembling an object and making accessories out of parts and pieces of the object.


Ideas for a billboard handbag

We are proud to announce that we’re partnering up with the Denver County Fair and they will be providing us with last year’s Denver County Fair billboard to use as materials to make a handbag! With pieces cutout from the billboard and duct tape, our campers will make a handbag of any size to go with their upcycled creation. These handbags will be entered in to this year’s Denver County Fair competition for a chance to win a blue ribbon!


This is the billboard we’ll be using….

Vanessa HeartWe’ll do a tutorial on how to pose for the camera and walk the runway with the amazing Vanessa Heart. You don’t have to be 6’1 and size zero to strut your stuff on the runway! This is a positive experience for all of our campers teaching them that be totally authentic is the most beautiful walk you can do!

From our last fashion camp. Dorian Phaero did a fun relay model walk game!


We’ll be working with our amazing stylists, Shanelle Price from Henry’s Salon and Talie Ayers, owner of 3 Little Birds Salon! Our campers will be get their hair and makeup done before they walk the runway in their design!




After all of the hard work, it’s time to showcase our campers designs and watch them strut their stuff! We end the day with a runway fashion show!

Fashion Denver fashion camp

Oh my goodness! We have so much fun at fashion camp and we look forward to providing your mini fashionista with a day that they will never forget!

Fashion Camp May 28th
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